Theory/Comment on the A-Team, their lack of Communication, and Why Anyone can be "A" in Pretty Little Liars

First of all, I want everyone who reads this blog to know that I've recently started another blog that I think you might be interested in as well.  It is a TV Recaps & the Law website that essentially recaps episodes of TV shows AND includes detailed information about the broken laws in the episodes.  I started with Pretty Little Liars (surprise, surprise), but will be adding more shows.  Come check out the main page here.  The most recent entry is on PLL episode 5, "Reality Bites Me."

NOW, onto my rant about the A Team: 

Did anybody else think it was odd that in the season 3 finale, when Spencer was on the A-Team, it was implied to us that when members of the A-Team communicate with each other, they still sign their texts as "A?" 

We saw Spencer text Toby to meet her at the Grille, and she signed that message from "A." Toby showed up to the Grille expecting Mona, which suggests that he's received similar messages from Mona in the past. 

I feel like this leaves SO much room for abuse. If this is the way the A-Team members communicate, it's no wonder we don't know who's on the team. Do they even know who's on the team? Anybody can buy one of those phones that sends anonymous texts (we've seen the girls do it to Ian in earlier episodes), and therefore anyone can send one of the known A-Team members a text message and sign it "A." Is that all it takes to mess them up? If so, it would be easy for anyone who learned this information to mess with/threaten etc anybody they wanted via text messages and sign those text messages as "A" to guarantee that nobody would suspect them. 

That could be how, if there are two teams, the second one came to exist. Maybe the other team consists of people who have received texts from "A." If that's true, it's possible that some of them might suspect that the PLLs sent them texts from "A." 

The way they showed the scene with Spencer and Toby, anyone in the entire town could become "A" if they wanted to. In fact, I think I'll go to Rosewood now, buy a black hoodie and a prepaid phone and take care of business, lol. It seems so absurd to me.


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