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No Words

It's the one word I can never say
It does not yet exist
The pounds my tongue seems to weigh
When I try to describe this
Could knock me to the floor
So hard I'd leave it cracked
But all the pain I would adore
No injury even has an impact
Now that I have you.
My lips can barely conjure a quiver
So no one has a clue
For I have no phrases to deliver
So I attempt using love as its label
But my heart leaps in protest
A brief pause to make myself stable
I still have nothing to suggest.
And so I allow myself to succumb
I just let myself yield
To words that may never come
But could not be more real.

Photo Form

your pictures loom over me
can't fight their gaze
always-- when my eyes are open or closed
it's just like the worst type of maze
I'm trapped by your face but it's trapped by a frame.
Our feelings hit the frame and froze
stranded, soaked up in the storm
love remains at least in photo form.