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Frozen Love

snow flakes in the sky makes it cold, but just outside in the heart heat hides
so don't fear the cold though frozen, love can be felt and melt in the soul

A Quick One Before You Go

Do you have to leave?
Words you never think you'll say 'Til it's time to go
Time wandered so slow  But today crashed in with speed To take you away
There's no way I thought I'd be grabbing on your sleeve Begging you to stay --
I'll open your door And make sure you don't get caught Setting yourself free. 

Secret Dream -- Yes I write Haikus sometimes & sometimes when I do,they rhyme

I woke from a dream
Spoke not a word while awake Hushed hope never breaks.
It's easy to win With no team blocking your aim; Dreams are just like games.

Do Not Disturb

Here's a poem that I wrote:

Do Not Disturb

Do not disturb, demands the sign
A girl hangs on her locked door
Like it's her choice to be confined
A story she believes no more.

A bare room, her locked door hides
With secrets scattered on the floor
Pieces of pain can shatter her pride
Aches from loneliness have no cure.

So she keeps them to herself
Her secrets on the ground
Telling them to no one else
Tales never to be found.

But how would the story go
If she let the sign come down?
She doesn't need an ending though
There's nobody around.

Nobody's knocking either way
Deep down she knows it, too
Still she hangs that sign each day
Mocking everything that's true.

She likes the quiet, she insists
Wearing her headphones on her ear
Alone by choice, she's so convinced
She doesn't want anyone here.

The lock makes her feel secure
And the sign's just like a crown
For nobody can ignore
She who never makes a sound.

Finding it Again

This is a work in progress... Sometimes I use music to help me write.  When I do this, I'll listen to songs of all different types of genres played on shuffle & I'll take something from each song in order to create my work.  I might add more to this one; so far I only used 4 songs.

Finding It Again

Is it a doctor that I need?  Will magic prescriptions set me free and make me feel alive?
Or I could search the cinema forever until I'm revived.
No one can take away the treasure that defines me;
for my favorite movie will always remind me.
And if I don't find it on the movie screen,
I'll hear it in the tambourine
that plays my senses back to me 'til I'm once again awake
Nothing will shock me enough to stop me from dancing to my escape.
So even when I'm at my worst, I always know that love comes first and never really leaves.
Nothing is gone just based upon what somebody else believes.

To a daring guy I knew...

I wrote something for a daring guy I knew who chose to leave this world too soon...

The first time I saw you I had no clue what you could be
The first time I saw you I had no clue what you'd do to me.
Then when I heard your voice
you were shouting so loudly,
you gave me no choice
but to hear you; I still hear you now.
If I shut my eyes I can still see your face
so clear;
It's as if you were here,
even though you've gone off to a better place
It's as though you're next to me laughing
as you drag me
into our crazed secret days
You'd pretend to be scared and make fun of the looks on my face.

Come give me another dare
'cause you always were prepared to keep me safe.

Remember when we went jet skiing and you called
it jet falling 'cause we couldn't stand up straight?
You told me life was like a balance beam;
falling wasn't as scary as it seems,
& that the scariest part was the wait.

I swear I can still hear you
though I'm nowhere near you
You …

Your Game

I know you're wondering if your aim has worsened as you toss knives
at my back to play your game.
Don't you worry: you've stayed the same.
I just haven't lost my life to your attacks because I've changed.
But you were too busy standing here polishing your spears
to keep track of your target
And now you wonder, "where is she?" Wishing I hadn't disappeared
I'd return if I hadn't gotten so far yet.
I bet you didn't even know how fast I could run
Even though you've seen me race before,
You had a blast making fun of my legs
back at the high school track, well now they're out the door.
So I ask you nicely not to beg
for me to turn around and get burned
'Cause now I've learned the rules to your game.
And though you have the tools to render me a fool
you can't force me to play.
I bet you never thought I'd read the instructions
As if your plots and pranks have taught me nothing.
Guess I've shot down some of your e…

The Invisible Teardrop

This is for a good friend of mine who I lost too soon. I just realized I've never posted it anywhere.

The ocean hides the teardrop that you never showed to me
Sometimes I try to visit you by going to the sea
The water seems endless as waves crash to the shore
And separate drops join into one splash and I can't find them anymore
And so I am reminded of how you always hid your tears
Behind forced smiles and claims that you hadn't cried in years.
And so today I dig through the sand continuing my search
I'd give anything to dry that tear that tore you from this Earth.
Your war with this world has come to an end, but you've left so much here with me
And wherever you are, I hope it's peaceful. Peaceful like the sea.

Let Me Save You Part 2 (another poem made with the use of Andrew McMahon titles)

This one's for you... You know who you are.

I was a hostage with a restless dream to wake up and explore
You traveled 'round the globes and maps just to open my locked doors.
You unraveled my racing thoughts, casting lines into my mind
Unlike the people running at full speed, leaving me behind.
You found me as a broken bird who could never watch the sky
You're the astronaut who released me and taught me how to fly
I lived but a little piece of life until you rescued me
I knew nothing of American love 'til you let me see
all the thrills I was deprived of 'til your life with me you shared
You took me dancing with a gun and I wasn't even scared.
You said "I want to save you." Well, your wish has come true
I'm ready for the world now 'cause I can spin through it with you.

painted personalities

if makeup could modify attitude
& not just appearance
if a paintbrush and a palette
could manufacture perseverance
if lipstick could lead lips
into genuine smiles and laughs
if crying could be stopped
with just cosmetic crafts
if concealer could obscure
all of the blemishes in pride
the plagues of personality flaws
would be so simple to hide.
but altering pigments
can't overshadow pain
emotion cannot be eclipsed
by the shimmer of a stain.