Your Game

I know you're wondering if your aim has worsened as you toss knives
at my back to play your game.
Don't you worry: you've stayed the same.
I just haven't lost my life to your attacks because I've changed.
But you were too busy standing here polishing your spears
to keep track of your target
And now you wonder, "where is she?" Wishing I hadn't disappeared
I'd return if I hadn't gotten so far yet.
I bet you didn't even know how fast I could run
Even though you've seen me race before,
You had a blast making fun of my legs
back at the high school track, well now they're out the door.
So I ask you nicely not to beg
for me to turn around and get burned
'Cause now I've learned the rules to your game.
And though you have the tools to render me a fool
you can't force me to play.
I bet you never thought I'd read the instructions
As if your plots and pranks have taught me nothing.
Guess I've shot down some of your entertainment
'cause I've found it hard to play a game
if you don't have the pieces.
So have fun playing chess
But it'll be a mess when your king releases
all of your pawns and you're all that's left.
Sometimes even the ones with the worst luck
can find a four leaf clover
And now I know that I'm not cursed or stuck
and now your game is over.
And I watch from afar at you with your mouths ajar
shocked at the strength of my skin
For you talked so much and went to all those lengths
Just to make a game that I'd win.


Anonymous said…
I just wanted to tell you that this is a REALLY GOOD poem. I found it a the perfect time for me, so thank you!
Aly said…
Thank you!!

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