Poem constructed with Andrew McMahon song titles

Let Me Save You...

I know you don't want to be rescued
And I'm no heroine but I want to save you.
I'm ready to watch you unravel
On a bad day. I'll help you travel
If you need a holiday from real.
I'll be the astronaut who takes you
Up into space to see every star
Like the time I took you for a spin
after I woke up in a car.
The roads were painted dark blue--
The mixed tape that I made for you
Sat inside the pocket of my jeans
And we slipped into the airwaves
as you told me all your dreams.
I was calm; you were a hurricane
Until I told you, "you can breathe."
This broken heart might feel bruised
But it's not what it seems.
Go ahead, roll down the window
So you can see the lights and buzz
'Cause when I've reached the last straw
Good news will meet me at my window
I'll break myself to help you
So let's sit and watch the sky
Look at me and the moon
And I won't make you cry.

*Originally posted on this blog on 1/4/07, but it's one of my favorites so I wanted to move it up.*


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