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PLL Theory: Toby is Charles/ Big A, CeCe is Red Coat/ A, Melissa is Uber A: A PLL Novel

I haven't posted in awhile, so I am sharing a PLL theory that I worked really hard putting together. I'd appreciate reblogs if you have tumblr, or other types of sharing so that more people can check it out too. It includes a LOT of PLL characters; the ones in the title play the biggest role, but they have help from people like Wren, Wilden and MORE.

Here it is: Click here for the theory!

Don't miss this one. I'll be forcing myself to get back on the tv+ broken laws topic, but for now I hope you enjoy my other writing!

PLL: The Motive Behind The Game: Jason & CeCe

LONG (I warned you): PLL Theory: The Motive Behind The Game: Jason & CeCe

When Jason found out from Emily that CeCe said that she thought that Wilden got Ali pregnant and then killed Ali, then learned that CeCe lied and said she did not know Wilden, he started speculating about something interesting. His IMMEDIATE suspicion was that CeCe had her "own thing going on" with Wilden. Emily asks him why CeCe would lie, why she'd want to protect him. Jason does not buy that CeCe wanted to protect him at all; he says that CeCe was probably protecting HERSELF.

then he wonders if CeCe had plans to meet up with him on the night Ali disappeared, which at the time Jason refers to as "the night Ali died." It's interesting that his mind goes there immediately, without Emily saying anything remotely negative about CeCe. Then we see the infamous flashback of Drunk Jason on that night. He says he saw Melissa and CeCe arguing and in the flashback, that IS CeCe's voice…