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Do Not Disturb

Here's a poem that I wrote:

Do Not Disturb

Do not disturb, demands the sign
A girl hangs on her locked door
Like it's her choice to be confined
A story she believes no more.

A bare room, her locked door hides
With secrets scattered on the floor
Pieces of pain can shatter her pride
Aches from loneliness have no cure.

So she keeps them to herself
Her secrets on the ground
Telling them to no one else
Tales never to be found.

But how would the story go
If she let the sign come down?
She doesn't need an ending though
There's nobody around.

Nobody's knocking either way
Deep down she knows it, too
Still she hangs that sign each day
Mocking everything that's true.

She likes the quiet, she insists
Wearing her headphones on her ear
Alone by choice, she's so convinced
She doesn't want anyone here.

The lock makes her feel secure
And the sign's just like a crown
For nobody can ignore
She who never makes a sound.