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Votes/ suggestions needed

This is regarding my tv and broken laws blog which I know some of you read:

Here is a list of shows that have been suggested the most times for me to add to my broken laws blog. I am going to watch them and see what I think, because I need to like them to write about them, but PLEASE comment with a vote for one on this list OR a show that's not on this list that you think should be. NOTE: I am not planning to add another abc family show at this time because I want to expand my audience. I need your help with this decision! Thank you. :) 

Sons of anarchy
The following
House of cards 
The wire
The 100 (never heard of this one)

Comment with your votes/ a show you think I missed!

~PLL Aria PArt of "A" teAm - Based on Camp Mona & events shortly after: THEORY/CLUES

**EDIT: Thanks to fan, Cathy Patton for pointing out that Aria was with the girls when Hanna was hit by the car. I have changed this theory around a bit to make it work with Ezra behind the wheel instead, or Mona because she was taking orders from Ezra.**

At Camp Mona, when Hanna was trying to figure out who "A" was, she saw Aria and Ezra. Noel saw them as well. Aria must have known, before Hanna revealed this to the girls, that Hanna saw Aria and Ezra, because this would have been easy to figure out thanks to Hanna's calls to Aria right when Noel was writing "I See You" on Ezra's car. It should have been obvious to Aria that Hanna saw what
 happened between her and Ezra, and at this point Aria was still keeping everything with Ezra a huge secret.

How Mona can be ORIGINAL A and NOT Ali's A- Ali's A Team PLL Theory

This theory will explore the possibility that Mona WAS the ORIGINAL "A" but NOT Alison's "A." It would mean that some of Ali's stories in the finale "A Is For Answers" were lies, but the show IS called Pretty Little LIARS. This theory involves Alison having an "A" team that protects her against the other A Team. Let me know what you think!

Mona in UnmAsked- "You had to earn it.. The right to be a part of it." Maybe one A team was trying to protect Alison and was up against the other A team trying to kill Ali. The only thing we saw Mona do to "earn the right to be a part of" the A-team AND have it make sense that it's been confirmed that Mona was the original "A," would be saving Ali's life.

Mona saved Ali's life & earned her right to be on the team. She could have made Ali run away so other "A" thought she was dead to avoid having to deal with fighting against the other "A"…