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A Quick One Before You Go

Do you have to leave?
Words you never think you'll say 'Til it's time to go
Time wandered so slow  But today crashed in with speed To take you away
There's no way I thought I'd be grabbing on your sleeve Begging you to stay --
I'll open your door And make sure you don't get caught Setting yourself free. 

Secret Dream -- Yes I write Haikus sometimes & sometimes when I do,they rhyme

I woke from a dream
Spoke not a word while awake Hushed hope never breaks.
It's easy to win With no team blocking your aim; Dreams are just like games.

PLL Love ShAck BABy

Hey guys,
Please check out my update in my TV + Broken Laws blog on episode 4x15, "Love ShAck BAby!" It also mentions the laws that were broken in the premiere of season 4B.

Let me know also as always if you have any requests that you'd like me to write about in here!


Mona and Alison: Could Two Enemies Have Started the A-Team on PLL?

This is a "theory" that I've had in mind  for awhile now, so I figured I'd write it down so everybody knows what I'm referring to when I say that I believe that Alison and Mona are working together. It all started for me when we saw Mona's flashback where she ran into Ali/Vivian Darkbloom in Brookhaven. This flashback happened in "Unmasked," during a conversation between Mona and Spencer. Read on to find out why I believe this conversation could be more important than we realize.  It's long, but I promise it's worth it. :)

An "A" For Our Favorite PLL English Teacher, Ezra Fitz: Based on PLL 4x14, Who's In The Box?

This is a theory based on the conversation Mona and Ezra had in Pretty Little Liars, Episode 4x14, "Who's In The Box?".  It supports an idea that I've believed for a very long time now: that Mona and Alison are secretly working together. I compiled my reasons for this and made a separate post. Please check it out here! The following theory will explain why I think Mona's conversation with Ezra could have been a hint that Mona IS working with Alison and that she believes that Ezra is "the one Alison fears the most." Read on to see why Mona's anger that the girls are shutting her out could have led to her seeking out answers on her own, and how that could have led to her suspicions of Ezra.

Do Not Disturb

Here's a poem that I wrote:

Do Not Disturb

Do not disturb, demands the sign
A girl hangs on her locked door
Like it's her choice to be confined
A story she believes no more.

A bare room, her locked door hides
With secrets scattered on the floor
Pieces of pain can shatter her pride
Aches from loneliness have no cure.

So she keeps them to herself
Her secrets on the ground
Telling them to no one else
Tales never to be found.

But how would the story go
If she let the sign come down?
She doesn't need an ending though
There's nobody around.

Nobody's knocking either way
Deep down she knows it, too
Still she hangs that sign each day
Mocking everything that's true.

She likes the quiet, she insists
Wearing her headphones on her ear
Alone by choice, she's so convinced
She doesn't want anyone here.

The lock makes her feel secure
And the sign's just like a crown
For nobody can ignore
She who never makes a sound.

PLL-- The OTHER Jenna Thing... Why Jenna Might Fear The One Who Tried To Kill Her Worst Enemy

This is a PLL theory that explores Jenna's behavior and points out that she might be afraid of the same person who initially attacked Alison on the night of her disappearance. Read on to find out why Jenna cares so much about what happened to her sworn enemy- a mean girl who BLINDED her.  It also delves into Jenna's involvement with the NAT club, her friendship with Wilden, and how all of this could relate to Alison's disappearance.  Read on to find out why the same person might want Jenna AND Alison dead.