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Finding it Again

This is a work in progress... Sometimes I use music to help me write.  When I do this, I'll listen to songs of all different types of genres played on shuffle & I'll take something from each song in order to create my work.  I might add more to this one; so far I only used 4 songs.

Finding It Again

Is it a doctor that I need?  Will magic prescriptions set me free and make me feel alive?
Or I could search the cinema forever until I'm revived.
No one can take away the treasure that defines me;
for my favorite movie will always remind me.
And if I don't find it on the movie screen,
I'll hear it in the tambourine
that plays my senses back to me 'til I'm once again awake
Nothing will shock me enough to stop me from dancing to my escape.
So even when I'm at my worst, I always know that love comes first and never really leaves.
Nothing is gone just based upon what somebody else believes.