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Job Hunting Has Become Ridiculous

It’s been ages since I’ve posted in this blog and I thought I would share something I just shared with my LinkedIn network. Since this blog is also meant to be a place for me to put my thoughts out there. I keep reading articles about atrocious practices by interviewers lately and I find it so disappointing. I am keeping faith that some companies do not find it acceptable to (unfortunately not an exhaustive list) laugh in candidates faces, tell them that their experience is not experience at all, yet they have not graduated recently enough to be considered for entry positions either, and insult them to the point of declaring that a monkey could have performed their most recent positions. I also can’t leave out possibly the worst variation, which I just learned existed last night, saying NOTHING AT ALL. Apparently it is now the new normal to “interview” candidates via one-way video. This means that the candidates are given a list of questions and are to film a video and send it to …