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Confessions of a Law School Grad LOOKING FOR A JOB

I am seriously beginning to feel like a machine.  At least in law school I knew that I was working tremendously hard.  I may have hated it, but at least that means I still managed to maintain my feelings and emotions during law school.  I suppose that's a plus.

Who knew that the process of applying for jobs would be the part of my life that would make me feel like I'm losing a small piece of my humanity daily?  Law school sounds so prestigious when people hear about it.  It's EXPECTED (or at least it used to be) that when students graduate from law school, they get jobs somewhat easily.

I spend so much time searching for law firms, trying to find law firms that are actually hiring, perfecting my resume for the 8,000th time, and writing personal cover letters that will likely go unread.  At the beginning, I didn't mind it and I still felt like a human.  However, a few months have passed now and my take on this has dramatically changed.

Unfortunately, the job search pro…

Want to Work in Writing

I just wanted to share with my readers that I am looking to do something more with my creative writing.  I love to write my own work, but something else I am really passionate about is helping people to enhance their writing.  I personally would love to be on a writing team for a television show or movie.   Even though these thoughts are scattered, my main point is that I want to do something real with my writing.  I want to be able to make a career out of it.  I have TONS of experience helping students and entrepreneurs perfect their writing.  I am able to cater to specific needs.  I just need to figure out how to implement this passion of mine into a reality.  If anyone who happens to be reading this has any ideas for me, feel VERY free to leave them in the comments.