PLL-- The OTHER Jenna Thing... Why Jenna Might Fear The One Who Tried To Kill Her Worst Enemy

This is a PLL theory that explores Jenna's behavior and points out that she might be afraid of the same person who initially attacked Alison on the night of her disappearance. Read on to find out why Jenna cares so much about what happened to her sworn enemy- a mean girl who BLINDED her.  It also delves into Jenna's involvement with the NAT club, her friendship with Wilden, and how all of this could relate to Alison's disappearance.  Read on to find out why the same person might want Jenna AND Alison dead.

I think that when Jenna got her vision back & therefore realized Garrett DIDN'T kill Ali, she must have started figuring out that Alison was alive... B/c it's really unlikely that Garrett would "kill" her, then she'd REALLY die in the same exact spot.. SO, I think ever since then, she's been freaking out b/c she thinks that the person who tried to kill Ali killed Garrett b/c he ruined their plan when he saved her... & that person might be assuming that JENNA was involved in helping screw the plan up also, since she was Garrett's girlfriend at the time... SO she might think that person is after her.. & that's why she has been freaking out and talking about that she should've told the cops about Alison etc etc .. and could be why she's afraid of Melissa and CeCe, if she thinks one of them is the one who buried Alison originally..

Then, when Wilden was on the halloween train, he freaked out and was like "GARRETT IS GOING TO TELL THEM EVERYTHING" and then boom, Garrett was dead.. and people at the time assumed that whoever killed Garrett didn't want him to reveal WHO killed Ali... but maybe Garrett was killed b/c someone was afraid that he was going to tell that story, and it would be a huge clue to the girls that Alison is NOT dead... and that's the story that Wilden didn't want getting out.. I think Wilden might have known Alison was alive the entire time.. & Jenna might have figured this out... she was friends w/ him and was TERRIFIED when he died. Jenna HAD to have been using Garrett this entire time if she's being truthful that "Darren was a friend of [hers]."

It's clear Wilden and Garrett were not on the same side EVER. So why did BOTH of them have such an interest in page 5 of Alison's "autopsy report?"  Garrett wanted page 5 gone because it linked him to a crime scene in a murder investigation -- the very investigation Wilden has been obsessively slaving over ever since the pilot of this show. If Wilden knew, and helped keep secret, that Alison was alive, he would need to cover this up; he'd need Alison's faked death to remain a secret. If something on page 5 contained enough information to implicate Garrett for a murder he didn't commit, it could have also contained information that would expose Wilden. He  could have wanted that page to go missing. Garrett could have inadvertently done him a favor by stealing it. If Garrett had been convicted of killing Alison, it'd be unlikely that people would suspect that Alison was alive.

--In a past episode Garrett also reminded Spencer that they were SO close to pinning the murder on her & her friends & she could've been the one in jail instead of him. This isn't a game of freakin' CLUE; you can't just throw people in prison for murdering someone if your evidence is complete bullshit. But back to the main point: Detective Wilden was close to pinning this murder on the girls. He even conveniently had access to the security camera picture of the PLLs attempting to steal the autopsy report. Wilden might very well have pinned it on the girls if Jenna didn't turn in page 5 and render Garrett an easier target.

** We also can't forget that Garrett died before he could reveal a major part of his story; he had promised Spencer to tell her who dug up Alison's body. If Wilden knew that Alison was alive, he would NOT have wanted Alison's grave dug up -- this could have also hinted to the girls that Alison was not dead.

** To support this: as the head detective on the case, Wilden would've been privy to the information that Veronica told Ashley... that the prosecution planned on exhuming Alison's body. Jenna has also ADMITTED to being involved in "that night" Ali's body was dug up.

--Murder cases are serious. Why would Wilden jump to such rash conclusions when it came to identifying the perpetrator? Maybe it's because if Wilden wanted people to believe that somebody killed Alison, then he NEEDED to pin the murder on someone.

**Yes, Grunwald saved Ali, but Ali's attacker doesn't necessarily know that. It's doubtful that anyone would suspect that it was Grunwald. It is MUCH more likely that Ali's attacker thinks that Garrett let her live, and thought that Jenna was involved in letting Alison live. It would make sense for Jenna to fear this person, even more-so after Garrett was killed.

**Even more support: Jenna did make her terrifying to Emily about how everyone who saw Alison that night is "waking up dead." Maybe that's because the person who buried Ali the first time thinks that those people were involved in saving Alison's life... And we can't forget that somebody IS actively trying to kill Jenna; somebody attempted to burn and drown her.

Supposedly Jenna is afraid of Melissa and CeCe -- (Mona said she's scared of Melissa & Shana said she's scared of CeCe) the only people who were at Ali's house that night who haven't been put in lethal danger or killed. Jenna could be scared of them because she thinks one of them or both tried to kill Ali that night and they believe she helped mess it up. Maybe now that Jenna knows that Alison didn't die, she is piecing together who saw Ali that night as well, and trying to figure out which one of them buried Ali. Let's think about the NAT club and their girlfriends... At this point, Ian and Garrett are dead, somebody tried to kill Jason & somebody tried to burn Jenna to death in a fire. Wilden's dead (and according to Jenna, Garrett said Wilden saw Ali that night too).... Out of everyone in that group of people who saw Ali, Melissa and CeCe are the only ones whose lives haven't been put in grave danger...If Jenna realizes this, maybe she thinks that Melissa and/or CeCe are behind it.. hence being afraid of them.

--Especially when it comes to Melissa: Considering that Ian died while he was married to Melissa, and Garrett died after Melissa dated him, Jenna could think Melissa dated those guys to get close to them and then have them killed without becoming a suspect.

--This could also explain the possible agendas behind Jenna's relationships.
* Garrett pretended to kill Alison and lied to Jenna. Then Alison got buried in the same area. When Jenna got her sight back, she left Garrett and started dating Noel. Maybe Jenna figured out that there was a plan for Ali to fake her death and suspected that Noel was involved in that so she started dating him to dig for information.
*If I were Jenna and I found out that somebody (Garrett) pretended to kill Ali and then Ali later was "coincidentally" buried in the SAME spot, it'd put up HUGE red flags for me. This could also explain why Jenna was still pretending to be blind at the beginning of her relationship with Noel-- as she said, when people think you're blind they get careless. Jenna could have been counting on this carelessness; it could have been her plan to find clues while nobody knew she was looking-- literally.
I also think Ali killed Wilden. If he knew the whole time Ali was alive, maybe Ali killed him because his behavior has been getting too sloppy and making it obvious to some people that she might not be dead. For example, if Wilden killed Garrett, now that Jenna can see, she was probably 100% sure that Ali is alive.

--Mona also made a bizarre remark to Aria about the footprints at the Wilden crime scene; she pointedly mentioned that they were heels, JUST LIKE THE ONES ALISON USED TO WEAR. Was this just a random comment or a subtle clue?

We also can't forget about the night of the fire. Maybe Jenna hit Toby that night so that he'd be knocked out and WOULDN'T SEE ALISON, so he wouldn't be in danger under the theory that everyone who finds out Ali is alive is in danger. This could have been her weird, drastic way of protecting Toby.
--That could explain why, if she is the person who hit Toby, she asked Emily in a later episode to apologize to Toby and say that she never meant to hurt him. If she hit him and knocked him unconscious, it's hard to believe that she didn't want to hurt him, UNLESS, he would have been put in danger if he were awake to see something that happened next, something that someone didn't want people knowing... And what happened next? ALISON showed up.

* Melissa knew about Spencer/Mona's plan, and maybe Jenna thought that the person who showed up there would be the same person who she thinks is after her; she could have been trying to find out who it was.. "Those bitches are going to be at the lodge on Friday, do YOU understand?" Then when Alison was the person who showed up, Jenna could have thought 1 of 2 things.. 1) Alison is the person who is after her or 2) Jenna likely knows that the person who failed at killing Ali is looking for her to try to finish the job... or at least looking to confirm that Ali is alive... And who happened to be investigating that possibility? Melissa -- someone who Jenna fears.

Jenna probably isn't really "after the girls" the way anyone thinks, but really is scared for her own life.. This means she can't trust anyone until she figures out for sure who originally buried Ali. After all, why ELSE would Jenna care so much about whether or not Alison is alive? We've overheard conversations where she regretted not telling the police "what she knew about Alison." Alison was Jenna's enemy -- unless she has a self-serving motive, why would Jenna care at ALL what happened to Alison? Could it be because finding out who tried to kill Alison would also help Jenna find out who has been threatening her life?


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