PLL: Why Lucas and Noel might be working together as "A" STARTING FROM THE BEGINNING

**This post now includes theories coming from the entire season 1 (Episodes 1-22)! This post is separated into sections according to which episodes I came up with the theories. I know this is VERY long, so I thought that would make it easier.

Edit: PLEASE SEE THE LAST PARAGRAPH IN THE NOTES FROM EPISODE 12***. It is in bold and italics just like the writing here and it's something I just noticed.


**NOEL and LUCAS as “A” theory

From Episode 1: Pilot

**LUCAS and NOEL are not in Aria’s English class, so either he or Noel could have sent Aria the text message that she received in her first English class with Mr. Fitz. If Lucas was friends with Mona in the past, a possibility that was implied in the Halloween episode through sympathetic glances between the two and a shared lunch table, then Mona may have told him about Aria’s dad’s affair. I still think that even if Mona is not A, that there’s a reason she was featured in the flashback where Ali and Aria discovered Byron kissing Meredith. Although Mona turned around sadly, she could have turned back and followed them seconds later. Or she could have been lingering nearby and overheard the conversation between Ali and Aria after they caught Byron.

**Additionally, I spotted and took a screen shot of somebody creeping on Aria’s driveway by her shed in the first episode. This indicates that Aria might have been being followed, perhaps by Noel or Lucas (whoever it was, it looked like it was a guy in a blue shirt). Perhaps the person followed Aria to the bar and saw what transpired between her and Ezra. If I had to choose who out of the duo was the one to follow Aria, I would choose Lucas. My reasoning for that is that Mike was going to lacrosse practice while Aria was at that bar, and Noel was probably at the tryouts. Lucas, on the other hand, definitely does not play lacrosse and he has plenty of free time.

**Lucas also in a later episode told Hanna straight out that he lumped all of Alison’s crew together as an evil “posse.” He could have started his “A” project (which I think he is working on with Noel) before discovering how down to earth Hanna has become (since the girls started receiving the messages before Lucas and Hanna became friends).

**As for the Hanna getting hit by the car, I don’t think Lucas would have done that to her, but maybe Noel would have. A functions on holding secrets over the girls, and since A has already revealed Byron’s affair, Aria only had one other secret: her relationship with Ezra. Since Noel saw Aria and Ezra kissing, and Hanna saw him write “I see you” on Ezra’s car, Noel could have easily have seen Hanna as well. Not wanting to give up the last power that he (and Lucas) had over Aria as “A,” Noel might have had to take drastic measures to make sure that nobody else learned Aria’s secret. --Since people have since found out about the Aria/Ezra relationship, people have noticed that “A” has not done much of anything to Aria when compared to the horrible stunts that A has pulled on Aria’s other friends. The recent letter to Byron was probably the last thing A had on Aria. Additionally, we recently saw Noel yanking on Aria’s legs in a “non attack.” He seemed really angry. While part of that anger might be because of Caleb’s sleuthing, some of it might be frustration that anything he has done as “A” to ruin Aria’s life has not worked out the way he had hoped.

Noel and Ali were friends, at least before they had some sort of falling out which has yet to be completely explained. It’s possible that Ali straight out told Noel about Emily kissing her. How “A” knew about the kiss between Emily and Maya, I cannot give a definite explanation, but no matter who “A” is, I would not be able to explain this knowledge. This applies to a lot of the things that “A” knows about the girls’ lives.

Ian was shown at Noel’s Halloween party which indicates that he was possibly friends with Noel’s older brother. He was also in the NAT club with Jenna, who was linked to Noel both, in the Halloween episode and the more recent episodes. Ian could have told one of them about his kiss with Spencer.

**Regarding how “A” gets some of the facts, I also think that it was very important that we saw that Ali kept a diary. Somebody probably got their hands on that diary. While Maya is an easy guess because she moved into Ali’s house, she didn’t seem interested in keeping any of the stuff she found; when she met Emily, she said that she could take anything that she wanted. Of course that could have been an act, but maybe not. Lucas or Noel could have somehow gotten their hands on the diary.

--Additionally to my own opinion that Ali keeping a diary is important, producers of the show have also indicated the same.

**Also, in the Halloween episode, AND with our recent knowledge that Ali received not only an “A” text on Halloween but also a very nasty note from “A,” we need to consider some facts. If Ali’s “A” is the same “A” that is now harassing her friends, then “A” needs to be someone who had problems with Ali BEFORE that party. We need to remember that “nothing is as it seems in Rosewood,” so even if Noel appeared to be Ali’s friend, it could have been an act. Additionally though, Lucas is one of two people that had enough issues with Ali prior to the Halloween party to want to send her notes like that. (the other person is Mona). Remember, Noel and Ali made that plan to prank the girls. Maybe Noel’s real reason for inviting Ali’s friends for the party was so that he could make a secret scheme with Lucas. Once Noel knew that the girls would be at his party, he could have agreed to participate in Ali’s plan, then told Lucas about it. OR, if Noel WAS Ali’s real friend at the time, Lucas could have overheard Noel and Ali making the plan by following them or having some type of surveillance. Maybe once he knew about the plan, he made sure that Noel would not be able to meet Ali at the spooky house and gone in his place. Maybe originally Lucas was the only “A” and then he recruited Noel later on when Noel and Ali stopped getting along. Either way is possible.

From Episode 2: The Jenna Thing

“A” text: “Dead girls walking--A”
Since Noel had an interest or at least was acting like he had an interest in Aria, maybe he is the one who sent the “dead girls walking” text message and maybe that is the reason Aria was the only one out of the four girls to receive that text message even though all four girls were called to the principal’s office on the loudspeaker.

--Also, for those who think the notes signed by "-A" and "--A" are two different people, I will point out that this is the first "A" text of the show to be signed with two dashes. SO FAR IF THIS IS THE CASE, I THINK THAT NOEL IS --A AND LUCAS IS -A. Most of the --A texts so far apply mostly to Aria, and I believe that Aria is Noel's most important target to him.

It is possible that Noel was friends w/ Jenna when “The Jenna Thing” happened. We learn later on in the series through a flashback that he and Ali eventually stopped being friends. Just because we saw it in a later episode does not mean that their falling out didn’t take place earlier. Maybe Noel already was no longer friends w/ Ali at the time of the Jenna thing, and we did see him flirting with Jenna in the Halloween episode. In the flashback where we see Ali and Noel not getting along (from what I remember, I haven’t rewatched that one yet), it is strongly implied that they weren’t getting along BEFORE that flashback. Ali somehow caused the breakup between him and his then girlfriend, but the way Noel addressed Ali made it look like he and Ali had been fighting before that day. And I definitely think we were shown that flashback for a reason OTHER than showing us that Ali broke Noel and his girlfriend up "as a favor to Aria."

Re: The Flashback where Ali gives the girls the bracelets

It’s possible that either Noel or Lucas or both were spying on the girls when they got the bracelets. Maybe they even followed Ali when she originally purchased them; we have not been given a flashback to Ali actually purchasing the bracelets. If she was being followed, then whoever was following her would know exactly where she had purchased the bracelets. Later on when the fake bracelets come up, the bead lady said that the person had “interesting eyes.” There have been VARIOUS mentions of Noel’s eyes. Mona called them hypnotizing in a recent episode and when Spencer saw that Noel was with Jenna, she said “now Noel is A’s eyes.” It’s possible that there are more references to his eyes, but I have not yet rewatched enough episodes to know for sure.

Aria’s “A” text:
“When students kiss teachers, someone gets HURT. That’s a promise I’ll keep… --A “

If Noel, for whatever reason, ulterior motive or genuine, wants to date Aria, it makes sense that he would be pissed off that Aria is hooking up with her English teacher instead of him. Also (again not up to this episode yet in rewatching) in the episode where Noel wrote “I see you” on Ezra’s car, whenever he confessed to Aria that it was him who wrote it, he could have easily been lying about that night being the first time he learned about Aria and Ezra’s relationship. As Mona said, lying is like second nature for him.

From Episode 3: To Kill A Mocking Girl

Flashback to Ali and Hanna-- Ali telling Hanna to ask Sean to go to a party… Noel Kahn’s party to be exact.

Perhaps this flashback has more than one purpose. The obvious one is to show Hanna’s insecurity and how Ali was “the only reason” Sean hung out with Hanna. But it also could have served to remind us that Noel and Sean were good friends. Perhaps that’s how Noel as “A” knew who really broke up with who in Hanna and Sean’s relationship. Sean could have confided in Noel about what happened.

When the pictures (of Emily and Maya) were printed out, the printer being used looked like a fancy, high tech piece of equipment. Kind of like something Lucas would own and kind of NOT like something the average person in Rosewood would own. In the episode where Hanna comments on the camera that Lucas has, he points out that she (and by she, he probably meant most people around Rosewood) considers pointing a cell phone taking a picture. The only other person I could think of who would own a printer like that would be Jason, but he had not moved back into his old house yet at this point and thus did not likely have his surveillance equipment in the shed yet.

From Episode 4: Can you hear me now?

Re: flyer that says “Ding, dong the bitch is dead.” (Take note that this was NOT signed by “A.” Whether or not that matters, I am not sure)

This seems like something Lucas would write, especially now that we know that he destroyed Ali’s memorial. If he had no problem vandalizing a memorial that people worked hard to make, I’m sure he’d also have no problem writing an offensive comment on the flyer that was created to search for Ali. In fact, it would make sense for his character to have written that.

Who the hell could’ve put those pics in Emily’s chem book?
Thinking back, perhaps Lucas could have done this. Maybe Emily’s was one of the lockers that Lucas got a picture of for the yearbook, and if he is the one who stole the pictures as I theorized, maybe he slipped the pictures into Emily’s chem book during the photoshoot of Emily’s locker.
(For the yearbook, Lucas had pictures of the insides of a LOT of people's lockers)

Re: THe person who took the video of the girls from Spencer's closet

I don’t know how he could’ve gotten into Spencer’s house, but since we know that whoever this is was using a video camera, it could again have been Lucas. Also, if someone hates a person with a passion the way Lucas hated Ali, maybe he did notice details about Ali like what color lipstick she wore. Maybe he hated her enough to look for anything he could possibly use against her or her posse. It’s also possible that Noel knew this information from back in the days when he and Ali were friends.


Maybe it’s Lucas, and maybe Noel knew what went on between Wren and Spencer from spying or perhaps Melissa told Noel’s older brother what happened and then Noel and Lucas started following Spencer. I feel like they would not have pointed out the fact that Noel has an older brother for no apparent reason.

“I don’t need you anymore” on the radio dedicated to Hanna from her best friend A

Anybody could call a song request into a radio station. This includes Noel and Lucas.

Noel could have written the note to Ella. If I’m right about him finding out in some way or another about the affair, maybe he wanted Aria to be in a vulnerable state so that it would be easier to get her to open up to him. He did specifically mention Aria’s parents splitting up in the episode where he, Aria, Hanna and Sean went on a double date. He claimed Hanna told him, and maybe she did, but maybe he already knew because he wrote that letter.

From Episode 5: Reality Bites Me

Hanna gets the text from A : “Ever wonder what’s going on when your back is turned? -A” and the attachment of the video w/ them

Aria finds the lipstick in Spencer’s closet where it appears the video was shot, and I thought I saw someone lurking in her room earlier last episode
Again, could have been Lucas who took the video because he is very likely to own a video camera. While some might claim that the video was taken with a cell phone and it could have been anyone, other videos that we have seen taken (i.e. The video of Spencer and Wren) were clearly taken with a regular video camera and not a phone. The videos in the Halloween episode are another example.

Hanna gets an IM : ThisisA: “Now I know TWO secrets. Hanna got dissed...and Emily got KISSED! -A” then attachment w/ Em kissing Maya pic

This could easily be the work of Lucas and Noel together. Noel might know about Hanna getting dissed at his party because Sean could have told him, and Lucas could have been the one who stole the pictures of Emily and Maya.

From Episode 6: There's No Place Like Homecoming

Lions and Tigers and bitches, oh my. There’s no place like homecoming. See ya there. -A fortune.

If I’m correct about Lucas being the one who wrote “Ding Dong the Bitch is Dead,” then maybe he has a thing for Wizard of Oz and wrote this one too. How he, or anyone for that matter, could gain access to the fortune cookies at a Chinese food restaurant is beyond me.

Mona calls Lucas hermie and specifically says “isn’t that what Alison called him?”

The fact that Mona treats Lucas the way Alison did coupled with the fact that Alison’s friends, Hanna included, remind him of Alison, could be enough to make Lucas be “A.”

Maybe the fortune teller at Homecoming was referring to the fact that Hanna spends a large chunk of homecoming night with Lucas. He is the one who drives her to the office so she can get Toby’s file and then he drives her back to Homecoming. We’ve also seen darkness, violence, and vengeance with him. And maybe it was the “lovers” card because even if Hanna doesn’t feel the same way, we know that Lucas has feelings for Hanna.

WTF is up w/ the city of Rosewood spray paint thing that presumably “A” did? Makes NO sense

But it is the type of thing someone with Noel Kahn’s personality would do just to get a rise out of people and freak them out.
--Maybe he somehow knew Ezra was leaving town to go to NY. Maybe he blackmailed him. The two people who were nowhere to be found in Rosewood immediately after the spray paint incident were Ezra and Toby.

From: Episode 7: The Homecoming Hangover

Lucas tells Hanna that he used to be afraid of Hanna and her posse, says “Alison was just straight up evil.”

A or someone fishing Toby’s file out of the water

Maybe Lucas knew more than Hanna thought about the reason he was driving her to her office and then back to the school… Maybe he is the one who fished the file out of the water to gain more information to use as “A.”

From Episode 8: Please Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone

Lucas says that people “open right up” as long as they think it’s all about them regarding the yearbook. Maybe he knows more secrets then we’re aware of?

“I could help you make a couple bucks if you want me to” --Lucas (alluding to the money issues later?)

Noel wanted to bring Aria to a concert in this episode. Maybe he really wanted to date her, but it's also possible that he wanted to make himself look less suspicious and/or gather more information.

Hanna’s flashback showed one example of Alison being incredibly cruel to Lucas (at the beach when Ali tells him to go scare the fish), and all of Ali’s friends were with her that day, so he probably associates that behavior with all of the girls.

Weird how NICE Noel seems to Aria on this date, all concerned about if she’s mad at him. Did he really want to date her or did he have ulterior motives? Considering the way Noel treats Aria and her friends now, there is a drastic difference in his attitude when looking back.

Noel is sitting right behind the girls at the memorial. Maybe he’s “watching like Tom Sawyer as he promised?”

At the end of “Please do Talk About Me When I’m Gone” (episode 8), someone who we now know is Lucas destroys Ali’s memorial and it zooms in on one of the pieces.

When everyone found out it was Lucas who did it, that’s when people “realized” that not everything that appears to be done by “A” is done by “A.” But how do we know that applies to this? People were so quick to assume that this was one of the instances where it wasn’t A. Maybe this isn’t one of those times and people were wrong and Lucas IS A. Just throwing it out there even though he has alibis for some of the episodes where “A” things happened b/c of Ian in the bell tower.-- Even though LUCAS has an alibi for that night, Noel does not, and was in fact seen in the crowd surrounding the church. There is no particular reason to have had Noel in that scene, but if he is involved in “A,” then his presence makes perfect sense.

Also let’s think about the Halloween episode. I’m going to copy and paste what my friend Mary just said:

“especially because of the halloween ep
now that you mention it
noel was supposed to go fuck with Ali but lucas did instead”

*Also, when Lucas showed up at Hanna’s house during Hanna and Aria’s double date, even though they were at Hanna’s house, NOEL was the one to answer the door and he awkwardly brought Lucas into the house. Maybe there was something more to that scene and we didn’t catch it. Maybe it was a subtle clue rather than an odd coincidence.

*also note: Lucas and Mona knew each other, they showed them sitting at the same lunch table in the halloween episode, yet in the homecoming episode, Lucas INTRODUCED himself to Mona. Sort of weird.

****ANOTHER INTERESTING FACT = Another instance where everyone assumed that something that could have been “A” was not “A,” was when Noel wrote “I See You” on the car. People are assuming that just because Lucas and Noel confessed to doing these things, that, that means they are not “A.” This is not necessarily true. It could be the complete opposite. If Noel and Lucas were working as “A,” maybe they decided that they would look less suspicious if they confessed to certain things that they had done.

From Episode 9: The Perfect Storm


Lucas is the one who destroyed the memorial and he could’ve easily still been lingering around when Emily discovered what had happened. It makes sense that this text would be from him (or Noel sending it on his behalf). It's likely Lucas had Noel do the texting because he was very preoccupied that night.

Lucas was using his phone a lot while everyone was in the library. Although his reasoning was that he was keeping track of the bidding on Hanna’s leather jacket, he was typing a lot more than necessary if that’s all he was really doing with his phone. I think he could have been forwarding Noel messages to send the girls from "A."

Noel could’ve somehow found out (maybe from Ali or from her diary) about Emily’s letter. Maybe Ali kept that letter in a diary or something and either Noel or Lucas got their hands on it. It’s as plausible of a theory as how anybody else could’ve known about and gotten their hands on the letter. I think that in terms of what happened at the library, Noel is the one who put the letter in the book and sent Emily the text. Lucas did the dirty work the night before this episode took place, so I think Noel did most of the work in this episode.

Perhaps the reason that Emily seems to be the one getting tortured the most by "A" in this episode is because Lucas is worried that Emily might have seen him wreck the memorial. We've seen the wrath of "A" in other episodes when he is worried about getting caught. When "A" thought Hanna knew his identity, Hanna got hit by a car.

Noel “secretly” plays guitar. Noel made a point to tell Aria that he “secretly” plays the guitar. That comment changed the situation so that it wasn’t your typical “guy trying to impress a girl with his guitar” type scenario. Maybe telling Aria about his “secret guitar playing” was a tactic to get Aria to tell him some of her secrets. This could have been one of his ways of trying to lure her in.

When Ezra interrupts Aria and Noel about to kiss:

Noel doesn’t really look like he believes Aria when she says that she just has “to ask Mr. Fitz a few homework questions.” The look on his face indicated that he know more than he was letting on. This was corroborated when he asked Aria, “is everything ok with Mr. Fitz?” afterwards. Looking back now with more knowledge about Noel’s character, it seems like he was trying to subtly taunt Aria about Ezra.

Lucas walks right by as Noel and Aria are talking and Noel is saying, “you have an incredible voice, we should do that again.” It almost seemed like he was walking more quickly than usual, so as to not be seen too close to Noel in public. If they are secretly working together as “A,” the two would make an extra effort not to be seen together.

How did Wilden have those photos of Emily sitting at Ali’s memorial? Did HE take them, or did Lucas take them and send them anonymously? We know that Lucas was at the memorial that night too, since he is the one who destroyed it. If Wilden received the pictures he had from an anonymous source, it could have been Lucas trying to frame Emily.

Now that Lucas is helping Hanna sell bags and her leather jacket, he knows more about her and her belongings.

Lucas tried to stop Hanna before she left the school. The immediate, go-to assumption would be that he was going to confess to Hanna about destroying the memorial, but maybe he was going to tell her a bigger secret.

From Episode 10: Keep Your Friends Close

I spotted Noel walking really quickly by as Mona gave the girls the invitation to Camp Mona. That explains how he was able to text the girls at the perfect time, right when they received the invitations. Also, it’s interesting that he said he was the prize, because we find out later in the episode that he WAS there and “had a plan to scare” the people at the party. (I have a screen shot of him walking by and him later in the episode proving that it was definitely Noel who walked by. He walked by so fast that I wasn’t 100% sure until I did it that way). (Text from A was: Text sent to all 4 girls : “CAMP MONA’S A SCAVENGER HUNT AND I’M THE PRIZE. COME AND FIND ME, BITCHES. --A”) again 2 dashes which I said I thought was Noel, IF the dashes matter.

Mona is mad at Hanna in this episode. “A” tends to take advantage of people when they are vulnerable.

Note that Ezra mentions that Noel plays football. You have to be strong to play on a football team. Noel is athletic and has enough strength to have been the one who pushed Ian in the bell tower episode.

When Noel comes to Aria’s locker acting concerned that she was called to the office, it looked like he was in a rush to catch her while she was still at her locker. It seems like he already knew what she was going to find in there.
It’s interesting that the first time all of the girls were called to the office, Aria got a “dead girls walking” text message from “A,” and this time she got Noel Kahn showing up at her locker.


Noel says “A wants you to read page 22” and doesn’t seem at all curious or confused as to who “A” is, or why "A" wants Aria to read a poem written by her English teacher. He does, however, look bewildered when Aria slams her locker shut and storms off with the book. Maybe Noel wanted to test out if Aria was really over Ezra and he’s pissed off that she reacted that way.

Noel is standing right behind Mona when she has the fight with Hanna in the hallway. Almost as if he’s making sure it goes the way he wants it to.

Now that we know that Noel and Mona knew each other for longer than we originally thought, Noel could have asked Mona to uninvite Hanna from her party. Maybe Lucas and Noel had a lot of “A” plans for Camp Mona, and Lucas didn’t want Hanna to be there since he has recently started liking Hanna. Maybe he asked Noel to make sure Hanna wouldn’t be at that party, and this was Noel’s way of trying to make that happen for his partner in crime. It’s also very convenient that Mona decided to blow up in Hanna’s face right in front of Aria’s locker so Noel had an excuse to be there and hear the fight without looking creepy.

Noel was also still standing there when he heard Hanna say that she was still going on the scavenger hunt. That gives him a reason to already look out for Hanna hiding somewhere during the party. Maybe that’s why he knew to look in the woods for her, but he found her too late. He probably didn’t think Aria would be careless enough to make out with Ezra in Ezra’s car while knowing that her friend was in the woods spying on everything that happened that night. He probably also wasn’t expecting to be played by Aria, so that could explain why he really wanted to be the only one who knew about what was going on with Ezra. Hanna knowing the secret would mess up his ability to use that secret as ammunition against Aria as “A.”
**That reason is of course in addition to him clearly not wanting the girls knowing that he is a part of "A."

Noel very clearly hears Aria yelling at Ezra saying “I’ve moved on. You should too.” He even makes his appearance known by asking “What’s going on here?” Then he stared Ezra down before going after Aria in the hallway. Maybe he really thought that Aria and Ezra were done for good after this fight and was caught off guard when he saw Aria with Ezra during Camp Mona.

Noel was friends with Ben, so maybe he sent the pictures of Emily and Maya to Emily’s mom to get revenge on Emily for Ben.

ARIA is the one to get the text “you found my bracelet, now come find me. Good luck bitches.”

Interesting that she is the one to get the text and then she doesn’t go look for the bracelet because Mona decides that it’s Emily and Aria’s turn to have their hair done.

Toby’s arrest. We now know that Jenna is the one who called the police on him. So how did she know where Toby was going to be and when? Did she somehow hear his conversation with Emily? Now that we know that Jenna and Noel are together, or whatever they are, we don’t know how long they have been friends. Emily and Toby were talking in the woods, and Noel later admits to Aria that he was in the woods that night. He could have heard them and told Jenna about it. After all, if Noel sent the “thanks for getting Toby out of my way” text, he probably isn’t too pleased to see that Toby came back. Also, if Jenna was another girl on Noel’s list of girls he wanted, he probably wasn’t too happy to hear that she is in love with Toby.

A good reason why Noel went looking for Aria: If he was watching the girls on their hunt for “A,” he already saw that Aria did not go on the first mission (to the bracelet) and she also didn’t go to Wright’s playground with Emily and Spencer. He probably wanted to see where the hell she was.

I didn’t realize how close the playground was to where Aria and Ezra were. It makes sense that the swing was still swinging when the girls got there. Noel could’ve ran off right before they got there to go find Aria. It would take less than a minute to get from the playground to Ezra’s car.

Noel BOLTED from the scene after writing “I see you.” I think he was writing that message for Aria AND Hanna. Before he wrote “I see you” he was at the side of the car facing Hanna, then he turned around and looked in the car. THEN he went to the rear window to start writing.

“I know who ‘A’ is. Heading to the parking lot” -Hanna’s text to the girls

Noel had already ran off before Hanna texted the girls. He had a head start to get that car and hit Hanna. It’s a harsh move, but… “she knew too much.”

There is someone else running in the woods at the time Hanna is hit. Maybe Noel texted Lucas what he was about to do and Lucas came to try to stop him but he was too late.

ARIA is the one to get the “she knew too much” text, and I definitely think it’s significant that it was sent to her and not the other girls. Noel was PISSED at her after what he just saw. And it was “She knew too much. --A” As I’ve said, if there is a difference, I think Noel is the one doing two dashes.

From Episode 11: Moments Later

“A” ditched the car very quickly and then ran through the woods near the parking lot. That’s probably why Noel was seen in the bushes; that’s probably the farthest he could get after ditching the car before police were already at the scene. If he was seen FLEEING from the area, it would have made him look suspicious, so he probably chose to stick around in the bushes instead of running home. He was wearing all black and had his hood on, like “A.”

I think that the reason Lucas spent so much time with Hanna in the hospital (he skipped school, etc) is because he felt guilty that he is partially responsible for Hanna getting hit by the car.

Lucas could’ve gotten a chance to somehow see what was in Ashley’s purse while he was at the hospital (the money that she stole). She made a point of telling Hanna that he had been there before she woke up and asking who he was.

This would be my favorite clue out of anything from the entire show if my theory is correct. It came straight out of Hanna’s mouth: “NOEL KAHN IS A.” Of course the audience is led to believe otherwise later, but I think this would be the greatest slap in the face ever if Noel is really “A.” Out of all of the other suspects the girls had, I have never heard it phrased this way on the show after this one time.

“I saw him in the woods and he left an “A” message --Hanna

It’s true that the “I See You” note was not signed by “A,” but that could be because it was a time sensitive issue, or because Noel planned on confessing to Aria about writing that message but did not want to admit to being “A.”

Hanna points out how messed up Aria’s behavior was: “You were seeing a teacher when I fixed you up with Noel?” Sorry but Aria shouldn’t have been two-timing Noel. He has the right to be angry. Ezra at least knew that Aria had been seeing Noel.

“OMG I fixed you up with Noel.” --Hanna. Well, she, you did… But only sort of. Noel bribed Hanna to fix Aria up with him with concert tickets that she really wanted. He could have had the whole thing planned out and figured that Aria would be more likely to say yes to him if one of her close friends was suggesting it.

Perfect timing, Noel arrives at the hospital with a gift for Hanna right when the girls were just discussing him being “A.”

Noel tells Aria that he “heard it was a hit and run,” then proceeds to lie to her about being there that night (he was clearly shown in the bushes at the scene and winds up admitting to it). He could’ve been lying about “hearing” about the hit and run. He even looks a little shaken up. Hitting girls with cars is a dirty job.

Noel is friends with Sean, so that’s another easy excuse for him to already know about the hit-and-run. He tells Aria that Sean told him about the hit-and-run, but he also says that he was with Sean all night, which was a lie. That doesn’t exactly make ANY of his story to Aria seem credible. He doesn’t admit to being there at all until a later scene. As Aria said, “he lied to me about being there.” Mona wasn’t the first person to notice Noel’s lying skills.

I have always found the teddy bear that Noel got Hanna creepy. Both he and Lucas got her stuffed animals and I think one or both might have a camera inside. This would explain how “A” knew where to look for the money in Hanna’s house. Interesting that they made a point to show that Noel and Lucas were the ones to get her stuffed animals while Sean got flowers. If I remember correctly, this is brought up again in the next episode when someone asks Hanna if a stuffed animal is from Sean and she clarifies that it’s from Lucas. Stuffed animals must have been an MO for my “A” suspects.

Lucas went to see Hanna while she was sleeping. He was able to sneak in even though “visiting hours ended two hours” before. “A” needs to have good sneaking around skills and Lucas clearly does. Also, he was never even NEAR ballsy enough to try to kiss Hanna. Something drastic must have happened to give him that bravery; something like his involvement in her getting hit by a car. Also originally even Hanna was creeped out by Noel’s teddy bear and she turned it completely away from her, but when Lucas was there, it was at an angle where if there was a camera, it’d be able to catch everything.

Noel asked Aria “who told you that I was at the camp ground?” Almost as if he was wondering if Hanna told Aria… Making sure his status as “A” was still a secret.

Noel really wanted Ezra gone and in jail. He wanted to “help” Aria. At the time, he seemed sincere, but now we have seen a change in his personality. Or maybe he really was evil the whole time and we didn’t notice. He probably didn’t want anyone to be able to control Aria, or any of the girls, except for him and his partner in crime. Maybe that’s why “A” is trying to mess up all of the girls’ relationships.

I find it interesting that Hanna thinks Ali met up with NOEL the night she disappeared. It could be just because Hanna thinks Noel is “A,” but perhaps she isn’t that far off.

It’s interesting that Aria was pretty much using Noel and Hanna winds up eventually using Lucas to get her mother’s money back. Two boys that got used by two of the Liars. It’s no wonder they might be “A.” I think (I haven’t rewatched this episode yet, but I have an idea) that the person bribing Hanna with the money was Noel, and that he was trying to get Lucas to realize that Hanna wasn’t the good girl that Lucas thought she was. Noel needed Lucas to hate all of the girls again; he couldn’t have a partner with a soft spot for one of the girls.

Emily: “What about you and Noel?”
Aria: “There isn’t a me and Noel. There never really was.”
Emily: “Does he know that?”
He’s definitely figuring it out quickly and getting progressively angrier…

Lucas brought Hanna every different flavor of yogurt at the hospital and he’s ditching school. He must feel really guilty about what he let happen to her.

When Lucas brought the yogurt, it does not appear that A left the message on Hanna’s cast yet…

Lucas explains that he was able to miss so much school b/c he told the office that he was doing community service. When Hanna asks him if they believed him, he explained, “I have a very believable face.” So now both of my “A” suspects have exhibited their lying abilities.

Lucas gets pissed off VERY quickly as soon as Hanna said that it surprised her that he kissed her. He seemed very distraught that him kissing her was so “outside the realm of probability.”

He leaves as soon as Hanna says that she just wants him as a friend. Lucas already knew that Hanna didn’t like him as anything more than a friend though. It almost seems like he’s fishing for a reason not to like her, to be angry at her. It seems like he’s searching for a reason not to feel so guilty about what happened to her. He even says that he’s not ok with Hanna not wanting to date him. This is odd behavior, but not for “A.”

The Alison loves Ian tree is gone. #WTF After Noel’s run in with Aria, he has yet to be seen in this episode, and he would have had plenty of time to chop down the tree. Depending on how much time has passed since Lucas left Hanna in the hospital, both of them could have had that time to do it together. If not, we must recall that the “looking for me in all the wrong places” note that led the girls to find that tree was not signed by “A.” I still think that this was the work of “A,” but it’s possible that it was a job for the NAT club.

Ezra stayed at school really late that night. This is somewhat normal behavior for a teacher. LESS normal is the fact that Noel knew Ezra was staying late and was creeping at the school. That’s A-like behavior.

When Hanna asked why “A” showed the girls the tree and then took it away, Emily said it’s like “A” had a split personality. Or maybe it’s like “A” is two people, and one of them, Noel, led them to the tree, and the other, Lucas, chopped down the tree in anger because he was frustrated about being rejected by Hanna and didn’t feel that the girls deserved any clues. After Emily points out the “split personality” idea, Spencer says “we’ve been thinking that maybe we’re dealing with more than one person.” I clearly agree with her.

When the girls visit Hanna at the end of the episode, the “A” message is there. I think Lucas wrote this. Mona had already apologized to Hanna for the fight that they had, so there would be no need to apologize again on her cast. I don’t think that Noel is remorseful for any of his actions, but maybe Lucas, even though he was rejected, still felt a little bit guilty and wrote that note. It’s interesting that this one says “SORRY ABOUT LOSING MY TEMPER MY BAD LOVE, -A” This is the first time we have seen “A” sign something with “love,” and it’s also the same episode where Lucas confessed that he had feelings for Hanna.

Although at the end of the episode, it appears that the tree is being burned on Hastings’ property, Hanna and Caleb later make it clear that the Hastings’ don’t necessarily notice when all of their property is being used, especially if it’s after labor day, which it is in this episode. So just because the fireplaces match does not mean that Melissa and Ian are involved in this. It’s possible, but not fact. Noel is very social, so he’d be likely to know about the availability of the property. Also, maybe he wanted to cover his ass in case anyone ever discovered where the tree was burned. If Noel or Lucas did this, they’ve created a situation where the easy guess would be to blame Melissa and/or Ian. Additionally, in later episodes, we now know that Lucas is shown seeming like he “knows his way” around the Hastings’ property. Perhaps that’s because he’s done some “A” jobs there, even as early as in season 1.

Within two episodes, both Lucas and Noel got rejected by one of the girls. But back when I first saw the episodes, and I'm willing to bet this applies to many other people too, I did not think about the two rejections in context with each other. To me, they were completely separate. But looking at it from the point of view of believing Noel and Lucas are working together as "A," that is some very interesting timing leading to two very pissed off boys. It's also interesting that both Noel and Lucas displayed their lying skills in the SAME episode in the ways I stated above. Maybe the writers had those two characters lying in the same episode for a reason. Another possible subtle clue.

From Episode 12: Salt Meets Wound

They made a point to show that Lucas got Hanna a stuffed panda. I still think as I said before that something is up with the stuffed animals that Hanna received, something like a hidden camera. That makes me very intrigued by the fact that Noel and Lucas are the two people who got her stuffed animals.

They ALSO made a point to show that BOTH of the stuffed animals were in the kitchen at the time when Hanna discovered the money in the lasagna box. If Noel and Lucas’s “gifts” were really props for hidden cameras, that explains how “A” knew the exact time to send Hanna the text about it. I have a screen cap of the moment when Hanna found the money in the lasagna box and the bear that Noel brought Hanna is in the background. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. In the immediate scene following, when the girls walked back into the kitchen, Hanna had wheeled herself RIGHT in front of the stuffed panda that Lucas got her, too.

Hanna’s text from “A”: “Like Mommy, like daughter. Can you run from the law on those legs? --A”

“A” timed the text that Hanna receives perfectly. The text is sent immediately upon her friends leaving. It seems like “A” deliberately did that because Hanna would be thinking, “The only people that were in this house when I found the money were my friends and I really don’t think any of them saw,” or something along those lines.
It’s from “--A,” which I have hypothesized is Noel. This makes sense, because Noel stands out as a character who makes wise-ass remarks, so this is something that he would likely say. An example of one of his recent wise-ass remarks (to show that I’m not just creating character traits out of the blue to support my theory) is “No returns, no exchanges,” when Mona goes to give him the necklace that he got her back.

Note that everything written above regarding episode 12 happened before the theme song even played. That’s a lot of clues for less than 4 minutes.

I just spotted Noel lurking around while Aria and Emily were talking and I just want to point out that he seems to be lurking around for a LOT of their conversations and a lot of events in their lives.

I find it odd that Noel smiled and waved at Aria. He has mad it clear that he is upset with her and about the Ezra situation. It seems like the smile and the wave were Noel’s way of saying “I still know your secret.” That’s very A-like behavior.

Even Aria points out that she thinks Noel had known about her relationship with Ezra “for a while now,” which indicates that she thinks he knew BEFORE he saw them in the car. Funny, I thought the only person who knew about their relationship before Noel found out was “A.” This supports my theory that Noel is “A,” (at least one of them).

I think Noel must have given Mona the idea to have a welcome home party for Hanna. It is very convenient that someone (presumably “A”) was able to steal the money in the same episode that Hanna even found out where the money was hidden. It would have been too obvious and incriminating if Noel had thrown the party himself, so he probably had Mona do it.

Noel to Ezra: “I think I know enough to get a better grade than this.” / “you don’t want me to bring the principal into this, do you?”

Noel was threatening Ezra with his secret when he asked him to change the grade on the paper, another thing that fits in with A’s behavior. Maybe the fact that he wrote an “A,” on a paper was his way of signing this threat as “A” without giving himself away. **Thanks to my friend Mary for pointing out the “signing it as “A” part of this. The way he wrote the “A” even sort of looked like there were dashes before the “A.”

**It interests me that Noel discussed the idea of bringing the principal into this. Maybe he did and we don’t know it. Maybe when the principal “caught” Noel with the answers to the exams in his locker, that was his “bringing the principal into it,” and he did it because he didn’t want the girls to think that he is “A.”

Jenna walks in while Ezra is telling Aria that Noel “isn’t who Aria thinks he is.” There’s no telling how long Jenna was standing there, and it’s likely she overheard their entire conversation. This is further supported when she says, “Sorry to interrupt.” If she and Noel were friendly (as indicated in the Halloween episode and the fact that they are now dating), Jenna could have told Noel what she heard, making Noel realize that he had to do something drastic so the girls would no longer suspect him (potential explanation for the exam answers in his locker).

The camera focuses on both Noel and Lucas when they walk into Hanna’s party specifically. Noel has a grin on his face and Hanna is creeped out by him. Lucas has a sneaky “I’m up to no good” type look, and he’s staring at something in back of him. Right after we see Lucas walk in, the next scene is Noel opening the cabinet where the lasagna box w/ the money is. He retrieves cups, but I believe he and Lucas both already know where the money is and that Noel stole it later on.

Who invited Lucas to the party? I’d be surprised if Mona invited him, seeing as she refers to him as “hermie.” Unless Noel asked her to invite him.

Re: Lucas’s ridiculous behavior at the party

Lucas was already acting like a jerk BEFORE he started drinking; he was acting that way from the second that he walked into the party. I don’t even think that he was really that drunk; I think his behavior was staged by him and Noel. Lucas is acting outrageously weird and drawing attention to himself. This could easily create a diversion so that Noel would have time to steal the money. Lucas had only had a few sips of alcohol at the time that he instigated an incredibly juvenile fight with Sean. When Lucas did his “Me tarzan, you Jane Austin” stunt, Noel was not in that scene. Maybe he was over by the cabinet.

Suddenly after Lucas did that, the next time we see Noel, he’s heading towards the direction where Sean was standing. But he was coming from a whole different area, meaning that he was not anywhere near them when Lucas was acting that way. Noel could’ve been stealing the money at that time. He spent most of the rest of the party with Sean, so I think they showed us that he wasn’t with him when Lucas was being weird intentionally.

Noel to Aria: “Haven’t you ever worked hard and thought you deserved something better than what you got?” What is he referring to? Maybe the way Ali treated him in the past?

Noel doesn’t answer Aria’s question when she asks if he has an old grudge against her and her friends

Spencer’s A text:
Point, set, match! -xo A

1 dash, Lucas probably sent it. He knows a lot about technology and probably could’ve retrieved the information needed to send Alex’s tennis application electronically.

The next time Lucas starts acting weird towards Sean, Noel IS with him. Noel probably had Lucas act weird after he stole the money and when he WAS with Sean, so nobody would think it was weird that Noel wasn’t with his friends the first time Lucas didn’t. While the girls are suspicious of Noel right now, they are not suspicious of Lucas, so he needs to take the heat off of his “A” partner. Judging by the look on Sean’s face after Lucas made some remark about Sean “licking Hanna’s face,” it worked. Noel looks completely normal compared to Lucas, and nobody would suspect him of stealing the money.

Mona says “I think hermie the hermaphrodite needs a jumbo coffee,” which again begs the question of why she bothered to invite Lucas to the party. I’m convinced that was done as a favor for Noel.

When Sean starts a fight with Lucas, NOEL is the one to break up the fight. This makes him look like the one trying to keep everything peaceful. Additionally, under my theory, Lucas was behaving erratically so that Noel could steal the money, so Noel wouldn’t want Lucas to get beaten up because of him. Outloud though, Noel insulted Lucas while he was breaking up the fight. He couldn’t have anyone suspect his REAL reason for breaking up the fight, so he had to keep up the appearance that he doesn’t think highly of Lucas. Noel probably gave some sort of signal to Lucas that the job was done, so that Lucas would know that it was ok to leave. This would explain why Lucas leaves soon after this, right after Hanna speaks to him outside.

Lucas tells Hanna that she’s no different from Alison, which is a huge insult coming from Lucas.

Within two episodes of each other, Noel and Lucas BOTH confess to doing things that appeared to be done by “A.” They also BOTH said that they should have done worse than what they did. When Noel admits to writing “I see you” on Ezra’s car, he says “I should have thrown a rock.” Lucas says, “Considering what that bitch did to me, I should’ve done way worse to her” right before confessing that he destroyed the memorial. Noel and Lucas likely staged their confessions so that people would not suspect them of being “A.”

Lucas seems to know his way around everywhere perfectly. He knows that it will take him “eleven” minutes to walk home from Hanna’s house. He also says “Don’t make me like you, it’s too hard,” to Hanna. The immediate assumption would be that he meant it was too hard because the feeling wasn’t mutual, but maybe it’s “too hard” because after all he’s done to Hanna and her friends as “A.” He wouldn’t be able to live with the guilt of being “A” and liking Hanna; he needs to keep hating her. Most people likely felt sympathetic towards Lucas after this scene instead of suspecting him.

It’s funny that Sean tells Hanna that she shouldn’t be alone with Lucas because “that kid is cracked.” and during the same conversation, Hanna tells him that “anyone can surprise you,” while referring to Noel. Maybe they’re both warning each other about “A,” and they don’t even know it. The camera then zooms in on Noel and Mona. Mona just DID surprise Hanna with a surprise party. Maybe we should be looking for more surprises from the two of them.

Aria to Spencer: “Stop. We don’t know that Noel is that person.” Interesting wording. Aria was referring to “A,” but maybe it’s a subtle hint to the audience that Noel didn’t send that particular text message to Spencer, Lucas did.

Noel approaches Aria and Spencer when they were just talking about him being “A.” He’s trying to get upstairs. This is another instance of him being in the background during a serious conversation between the girls.

When Hanna is scared and thinks there is somebody in her house, the camera zooms in on the stuffed bear that Lucas got her. This could be another hint.
When Hanna’s mom walks in, the camera ALSO zooms in on the bear that NOEL got her. I don’t think this is a coincidence.

I also don’t think it’s a coincidence that both bears are shown in the scene where Hanna initially discovers the money in the lasagna box AND in the scene where Ashley discovers that the money is no longer in the lasagna box.

Hanna’s note from “A” in her pill bottle:

Lucas said that it would be “too hard to like Hanna,” so maybe he (as “A”) makes Hanna dance with him for money to prove that Hanna would use him to get her money back.

Also, from what I remember, when Lucas calls the crisis line, he says that he felt powerful at first. If he wrote that “if you do what I say” note to Hanna, that would certainly have given him power over her.

** Just noticed this one... This could either be really big, or really meaningless, but I hope this clue means something. When Lucas was talking to Hanna, he said "I'VE DECIDED TO GO FROM HONOR ROLL TO TOILET ROLL." We were told by director, Norman Buckley that this episode would contain a major "A" clue but it would only make sense in retrospect. Well in the following episode, "A" puts the money for Hanna on the paper towel roll in the bathroom. Toilet roll? Possible major but subtle clue. Norman Buckley also said the clue "right in front everyone's nose" which Lucas's behavior was, as were the stuffed animals from both Lucas and Noel**

From Episode 13: Know Your Frenemies

Noel probably told Mike about Ezra dating one of his students and that he was going to tell the principal so that it would get back to Aria. Maybe he wanted her to have one last warning.

Noel snuck up on Ezra out of nowhere. He probably learned to be so sneaky and quiet like that from being “A.”

Noel: “I’m an observant guy. I see things other people may not notice.”
-- "A" is observant like that too.

Hanna finds money on the mirror of her locker. Maybe Lucas did this also. Under this theory, I think Lucas did most of the "A" tasks involving lockers.

The note from “A” that she gets is from “A” with one dash: “GO TO 21 MAIN ST. ASK FOR HEFTY HANNA’S ORDER. -A”
--Hanna told Lucas about Ali’s nickname for her and maybe he is using it against her after years of resenting Ali for the nickname that she gave him.

When Hanna gets the text from “A” at Lucky Leons, it’s from “A” with 2 dashes and then Noel happens to be standing there the whole time she’s eating the cupcakes.

Text: “Want the Money? Sit there and eat every one. --A”

Noel arrives at the scene just as Hanna is reading that text.

During this scene, Noel is staring directly at Hanna. He probably made sure his friends would be there so Hanna would definitely be humiliated.

Hanna’s flashback to Ali catching her binge-eating. Ali could have told Noel about this or written about it in her diary.

Ali doesn’t look very sincere in the flashback. Ali: “you don’t have to feel this way. I can show you how to get rid of it.”

Hanna’s text: “You know how to get rid of it. --A” Hanna gets that immediately after she finishes the cup cakes and it’s Ali’s exact words. The use of those words is "A" subtly instructing Hanna to go into the bathroom, b/c Ali showed her how to "get rid of it" by throwing up. If Noel somehow found out about this, this is definitely something he would do to torment someone. We see how cruel he can be in future episodes.

When Aria comes and sits with Hanna, Noel is STILL standing near them lingering around. Hanna says “I really hate ‘A’” and she and Aria both stare at Noel. Why has he been there the entire time? It’s so creepy.

“OINK OINK - A” on the paper towel. I have no idea how this was done, but I think Lucas did it. Noel was probably looking out while Lucas did it and that’s why Noel was there the whole time.

Noel goes to bother Ezra about his paper again.
Ezra gives him the same grade --> Noel: “do you know what this means?” At first Ezra ignores him, then Noel, for the first time showing a TEMPER, flips out, grabs Ezra and says “I’M TALKING TO YOU!”

The exam answers were “randomly found” in Noel’s locker right when Ezra was about to resign. Noel is VERY loud when he says “somebody set me up, ok?” almost like he’s making sure he’s heard by everyone.

I’m pretty sure Noel ASKED Lucas to put the answers in his locker so that he would no longer look guilty for being “A,” and maybe Aria would think that Ezra set Noel up and get mad at him.

Text to all 4 girls: “A is for Alison, not Amateur.” not signed by A.

Aria: “A saved my relationship”
Refers to “A” as a Frenemy

If Noel’s plan was for the girls to stop thinking that he was “A” by framing himself, it worked instantly. When Hanna says, “A tried to kill me.” Spencer says, “yeah because A thought you saw her. A clearly knows now that you didn’t.” It took the girls about 2 minutes or less to stop suspecting Noel. Also, maybe Noel knew that Aria would see this as “A” saving her relationship and she would figure that Noel would never save her relationship with Ezra. Yeah, he’s in some trouble at school, but he’s covered when it comes to people thinking that he’s “A.”

Ian has a lot of comic books… Hanna says “evidence of geekdom but not a crime.” Who else on the show has a lot of comic books? Lucas. I wonder if they know each other. Farfetched I know, but what would be the point in showing us that Ian has a ton of comic books for no reason?

ARIA, again only ARIA gets a text from “A.” “Don’t say I never gave you anything, turn on your computer. A” (she reads it outloud so I don’t know how many dashes there were.) --> video of Ali and Ian
-- I find it interesting when Aria is the only one to get texts like that. Aria wasn't even at her house, she was at Spencer's and they wound up using Spencer's computer to get the video, yet Aria received the text and not Spencer. I still think this is because Aria is Noel's main target, now especially.

From Episode 14: Careful What u Wish 4

Emily says that the last time they second guessed “A,” they ended up with a jealous freak who was just looking for a better grade (meaning Noel). Maybe they were wrong. And this was a good way of subtly bringing Noel Kahn as “A” to the audience’s attention again without making anyone think that he actually is “A.”

Aria kept an intense journal while she was in Iceland. “There might be a really good story in there somewhere.”--Simone Maybe “A” learned some of Aria’s secrets by finding that journal. Ali wasn’t the only one who kept a journal, and I’d bet Noel would love to read Aria’s journal. Otherwise it seems sort of unnecessary for them to mention Aria’s journal, which I had forgotten about until I rewatched this episode.

Interesting that the camera zooms in on Lucas and Caleb passing by each other in one of Caleb’s first scene. Maybe it’s foreshadowing how bitter Lucas will be when Hanna does get a new boyfriend and it’s not him. More motive for Lucas to think of more evil schemes. Also, Lucas went and got Caleb presumably to be a “good friend because Hanna deserved to be happy.” Or did he go and get Caleb to come back to Rosewood so that people wouldn’t suspect him? If nice, sweet Lucas was good enough to go get Caleb to return to Rosewood for Hanna, he couldn’t be “A” right? Or maybe he just knew the girls would think that way and be less suspicious of him. Also, maybe he knew the thing with Ian and the bell tower was happening that day and he wanted to be out of town for that (the scene could have been more planned out than it appeared and one of the A’s could have found out about what Ian was going to do).

During gym, the laptop was in Spencer’s gym locker. Emily immediately assumes that Ian got in b/c the coaches have the combos even though Spencer said “no one else has that combo.” If I’m right about Lucas being behind all of the things that have happened with lockers, maybe he somehow had the combination.

Sean is texting/using his phone when Hanna is trying to get a job at a store. Maybe he is texting Noel?

Right after Sean was texting, Hanna gets a text from “A” (with 2 dashes, so I think it’s Noel, which makes the possibility of Sean texting Noel make sense): “Wanna keep Mommy out of prison? I’ve got a job for you. --A.” I am NOT saying that Sean is in on the “A,” thing, just that he is good friends with Noel and might have told him that he was waiting for Hanna while she was trying to get a job.

Lucas is seen staring at Hanna, next to a high tech camera thing that I can’t even properly identify b/c it’s so high-tech, and he has a concerned look on his face. At least it looks like a concerned look to me. (screen shot) This happens a second time and Lucas is definitely staring directly at her and he looks worried about something.

Hanna’s text from A: “Job description: Heartbreaker. $200 for each dance with Lucas. --A” Interesting that Hanna receives this text right after the camera has zoomed in on Lucas staring at her two times. Maybe he was staring wondering if Noel had sent Hanna the text yet.

Lucas looks upset while dancing with Hanna, almost as if he already knows that she’s using him for money… Money that he helped Noel steal.

Maybe Noel was worried that his partner in crime was getting soft and starting to care about Hanna again so he wanted to make a reason for Lucas to get mad at Hanna. At the same time, Lucas could’ve wanted to break Hanna and Sean up so that he could have a chance with her and “he thinks Hanna deserves a better boyfriend.” This way, Noel could’ve told Lucas about the whole plan and made it seem like it was for his benefit so that he’d agree to it.

Emily says about Lucas: “you know he worships you and you’re never going to look at him that way.” Then Emily says “Alison did the same thing to me.” Almost as if “A” wants Hanna to behave like Ali so she can remember how Ali and her friends treated people and why someone might want revenge. Emily: “it makes you feel POWERFUL, huh?” When Lucas called the crisis hotline, he said that whatever he had been doing made him feel powerful at first. Maybe he and Noel wanted to see it would be like to be as powerful as Ali and to have such unbreakable control over all of her friends.

Lucas has a disgusted look on his face when Hanna said she had to go with her friends. Almost a “my little plan didn’t work” kind of face.

Then, Hanna finds the money in her POCKET, where Lucas could’ve reached into at any point while they were dancing, or slipped it into her coat pocket if that part of her outfit was checked. There clearly wasn’t good security on the coat check; Aria was able to just get Ian’s key, no questions asked. Lucas would be even less specific to be around coat check since he was working at the dance.

From Episode 15: If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again.

Lucas walks by the girls RIGHT WHEN THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT ARIA GOING ON THE DATE TO THE MUSEUM WITH EZRA. Creepy. Maybe that’s how “A” found out about it. I have a screen shot of that. None of the girls noticed him there. Also, he walked from one direction and then turned back and walked back from where he came from. Almost like he walked there just to listen to them. Noel is suspended, but after Hanna using him, Lucas probably understands how Noel felt with Aria.

Hanna gets the note from A in a happy mothers’ day card that says “I NEED MONEY!” on the front coming from the mom. It’s in a LOCKER again which makes me think of Lucas. Note says: “WANNA HELP MAMA GET $$$? SHOW ARIA’S MOM WHAT HER KID’S BEEN HIDING. -A” Maybe Lucas feels guilty about helping Noel steal the money, but still wants to help Noel by trying to mess up Ezra and Aria’s relationship. This wouldn’t be the first time Lucas has “helped Hanna make a couple bucks,” as I mentioned when he was helping her sell her bags online. Maybe there are subtle similarities between the way “A” treats the girls in person (not as “A”) and the way “A” treats the girls under the “A” persona. Maybe when Lucas helped Hanna with money the first time, it was the nice version of his behavior of having power over Hanna regarding money and this is the mean “A” version.

When Hanna is fighting with the gym teacher who gave her detention and SCREAMING that she has to talk to Mrs. Montgomery, I didn’t notice this the first time I watched, but Lucas is standing RIGHT there within like 2 centimeters of them and he has a huge smile on his face. Maybe that’s because since Lucas heard Hanna freaking out like this, he knew that she had gone through with his demand for Hanna to get that ticket to the art show to Ella.

Bead Lady: “You have interesting eyes dear… the eyes are the window to the soul.” Noel’s eyes have been referenced numerous times in this show. Additionally, when the bead lady hands “A” the cup of tea, she is facing and talking straight ahead as if that’s where A’s face is. That means that if that’s where A’s face was, when “A” reached his arm to get the tea, it was his left hand he was using. We’ve seen previously when Noel was changing the C to the A on his essay that Noel is left handed. (Thanks to ATM for recently reminding me about that)

From Episode 16: Je Suis Une Amie

Hanna’s text from “A”: “Caleb’s quiet, but how R U gonna shut ME up? --A”
It makes sense for this text to be from A with 2 dashes because under this theory, that’s Noel, who is now trying to get Aria in a fight with her friend. Messing with her relationship didn’t work, so this is the second choice. It also makes sense that Lucas would want to mess with Hanna’s friendships, so this is perfect for both of them.

Aria’s text from “A”: “Almost got you busted. Wanna know how? Ask Hanna! --A”
When Aria gets that text and looks around afterwards, Lucas is shown in the background. If you pause it you can get a clear look. Lucas could’ve told Noel exactly when to send the text.

Also, I find it interesting that the only people to get “A” texts in this episode are Aria and Hanna, the main targets for both of my “A” suspects.

Aria even mentions my point when she says, “A is smart, trying to pin us against each other,” to Hanna.

From Episode 17: The New Normal

Aria emphasizes AGAIN, “A could’ve given that ticket to my mom, but they made you do it just to make it hurt more.” Interesting use of THEY, implying that “A” is more than one person perhaps? But even more importantly, who would want Aria and Hanna in a fight? Noel and Lucas.

Spencer’s text from “A” : “Jenna is gonna be soooo pissed --A”
We don’t know how long Noel has been friendly with Jenna, but the Halloween episode and events currently happening hint that it’s been awhile. Noel knows that Jenna hates those girls, so it would make sense for him to send a text like this.

When Emily is talking to Hanna about being careful about Caleb, she brings up the fact that Hanna set Aria up with Noel. Even though the girls have ruled Noel out as “A,” I haven’t, so I find it interesting that Hanna says “Noel Kahn had everyone fooled.” Maybe he still has them fooled now.

Creepy guy at Hanna’s door: “Are you ‘A’?” supposedly got a call about an infestation in the basement
--Lucas would not likely appreciate the fact that a guy was sleeping in Hanna’s house, and in a recent episode, Noel said that maybe Caleb was “out with the rest of the garbage.” Knowing that Noel said that now makes it interesting that “A” referred to Caleb as an infestation in the basement.

From Episode 18: The Badass Seed

Jenna wanting to compose music (flute) for the play. “I’m fascinated by the nature of evil”

I find it interesting that Jenna showed up on THAT particular day to ask about composing music. Now that we know that Noel is connected to both Jenna and Mona, I wonder if Noel had a plan to trick the girls with the trophy and Mona and Jenna helped orchestrate it. Under my theory, I believe that Jenna is the link between the NAT club and A. This idea is supported by the fact that “A” was definitely involved in the trophy prank (“A” texts the girls about it eventually), but the prank was related to Ali’s murder, which is the NAT club’s main focus. It makes sense, especially when considering that we now know that Jenna had an agenda to frame the girls for Ali’s murder. We also saw Ian give Jenna a bag in this episode, and now we know that Jenna and Ian were both a part of the NAT club. Looking back, Jenna had a devious-looking smirk on her face when she was talking to Ian. She probably sweet-talked him to get whatever was in that bag even though she was going to use it against him. She probably just told him that she needed it to mess with the girls in some way, and he probably didn't care if he was temporarily framed, because he DIDN'T kill Ali. Jenna and Ian weren’t exactly getting along in the video we saw of the NAT club meeting in Ali’s room. Ian probably thought he was making a plan with Jenna, but Jenna most likely had selfish ideas in mind. (We know that Jenna and Garrett wind up actually framing Ian). I think Mona and Jenna both help Noel and Lucas but that they each have individual ulterior motives. Mona likely helps because of how horribly the girls treated her, and Jenna is probably using Noel as a pawn to get revenge and resolve unfinished NAT club business.

I think that Mona plants the trophy in the room as a favor to Noel.

The camera focuses for the second time in this episode on Mona staring at her phone as if she’s doing something really important with it. Maybe she’s texting back and forth with Noel about planting the trophy. After all, we know she loves “scheming.”

Although a lot of people thought that Ian planted the trophy because he randomly walked into the room where they were meeting about the play, but I still maintain that Mona was involved in this. This was a crossover of NAT and A. Mona is helping A and NAT is using A to their advantage. This is displayed by Mona and Jenna both having an involvement with Noel.

I also noticed that when Mona was sitting on the couch, she looked fidgety and nervous, almost as if she was impatiently waiting for something. Then, she looks at her phone, suddenly stands up, no longer looks nervous, and walks to the corner of the room where she is off to herself. Ian walked in the room literally the SECOND after Mona stood up, perhaps creating a distraction so that Mona could plant the trophy.

Mona is creepily standing behind the girls and staring at them when they are talking about Ian and the frat party.

Ali is the one who got the girls the fake IDs; this is deliberately shown to us in the flashback at the frat party, and in the episode where Mona wants to “flush Noel Kahn out of her system,” Mona mentions that she has an “ID from an old friend.” Then right after, they see Noel with Jenna, which for the audience, is yet another reminder that both of those girls are linked to Noel. For whatever reason, this suddenly reminded me of the Halloween episode when Mona was talking to Ali at NOEL’S party. Ali: “Do I know you?” Mona: “No, but you will.” Since we know that Ali and Mona never became friends makes me think that Mona was already in on Noel and Lucas’ plan at the time of the Halloween episode.

All 4 girls get an “A” text. Anyone who was at school could have seen the girls with the police. Even though Noel wasn’t in school that day, Mona and Lucas were NOT suspended and they could have told Noel that the plan worked.
“ ‘Rat’ me out, your blood’s next. --A”
Again, if Noel is “A,” it’s clever that he made a plot against the girls that would take place at school even though he was suspended. The girls would not suspect him of being a part of it because he wasn’t even there. SmArt move.

From Epiosde 19: A Person Of Interest

It is clear that “A” found out that Spencer had a clue regarding “214” and uses it to create a setup/trap. You’d think Spencer would have learned a lesson after the rat blood incident, but no.

Cue in the flute music coming from room 214

“A” is purposely putting things in the room to make Jenna look suspicious. Jenna used “A” to her advantage in the previous episode where “A” set the girls up to look incredibly suspicious to the police, so now “A” is using Jenna to his advantage. It’s almost like “A” is shaking hands with the NAT club. Jenna could have given that bag and a flute recording to Noel, or Mona could have possibly obtained the recording from her involvement in the play and given it to Noel.

The whispered conversation between Ezra and Jenna:

Whoever texted Aria clearly wasn’t there, but somehow knew what Aria just walked in on. This would be a perfect way for Noel to use Jenna not only to screw with Spencer but with Aria too, and we know that Noel disapproves of Ezra and Aria’s relationship.

Aria’s “A” text: The LOVER and the SCORNED are now BFFs. Scared yet? You will be. --A”

I wonder if there’s anything significant about which words are in caps. LOVER, SCORNED, BFFS (and of course A)
This is a long shot, but I’m reminded of the flashback where Ali broke Noel and his girlfriend up. Noel was a scorned lover because of Ali and her BFFs (Ali made a point to say “WE DID THIS”). Maybe this was some sort of coded message, like, lover + scorned + bffs led to A.

Spencer has a creepy app on her phone that makes her phone into a listening device. If she has that, imagine what kind of apps “A” must have… and we did see Noel helping Maya out with an app on her phone. Interesting.

Ice in the bag: “YOU’RE GETTING COLDER. -A” self explanatory why “A” would send that one, A just punk’d Spencer.

Text the girls get “Breaking News, bitches. Spencer Hastings, now a person of interest in my death. A” (don’t know about the dashes b/c this one was read out loud), BUT it sounds like something Lucas would say. When he was fighting with Hanna, he started off with “Newsflash, princess.” Also, “A” had some sort of video surveillance since “A” was seen watching the girls on TV, and that is something that I believe Lucas is capable of.

From Episode 20: Someone to Watch Over Me

Not very many "A" clues in this episode until the ending. This is the second episode in a row where an "A" ending has reminded me of something that Lucas would do:

Scene at the end: HANNA in a red heart, person in black gloves crushing it into pieces
We have already seen Lucas break things into pieces before (Ali’s memorial), and now Hanna has broken his heart by not wanting to be with him.
“A” probably knew that Jenna had hired Caleb and used it to his advantage.
I’m not even sure if we ever saw Hanna actually receive this. This was a scene where a lot of the audience was made to believe Jenna was involved in “A,” but I think this scene is a display of Lucas getting his revenge. He and Noel must have somehow known about what Jenna did and found out that Hanna found out. We see in the next episode that Mona knows about Hanna and Caleb being over immediately, so she could have easily been the one to tell them.

Later in the show we see Mona being exceptionally rude to Lucas especially regarding the Caleb situation, AND we see Lucas repairing the Hanna/Caleb relationship, and I think both of those things are in the show to trick the audience.

From Episode 21: Monsters In The End

Jenna hears everything and probably overheard Spencer and Toby making plans to meet at the festival. This info could’ve gotten back to Noel. We know that Jenna has always had this weird obsession with Toby, so she’d probably help out anyone who wanted to screw Spencer over.

When Mona is setting up at the festival with Hanna, she is shown using her phone a lot. I still think she helps Noel do some of his “A” deeds, and this is right near the time that we find out that she has been seeing Noel. It’s not this episode, but I believe it’s the one after.

Emily’s “A” text: “Poor Em, You definitely have a type: Love me, life for me. -A.”
“A” is tormenting the girls in the way Ali used to torment people. Since Lucas was one of the people who got it the worst from Ali, he’d probably know how to imitate the behavior. Also, Lucas is likely still out for revenge for what Hanna did to him at the dance. It’s interesting that EMILY was the one to point out to Hanna that she acted like Ali that night and now she is the one receiving this text from A.

A lot of people assumed Ian wrote this at the time, but that’s way too obvious and he definitely didn’t do it. It is a very angry message, and we know that Lucas has a temper. He could have written this. At this point in the show, nobody would ever suspect that it was him, which would make it the perfect crime. He doesn’t have an alibi, and this is the type of event that Lucas might attend to get pictures for yearbook.

Regarding the end scene with someone taking Ezra’s key, that could have been anything. It could have been Garrett because he’s a creepy cop, it could have been “A,” or it could have been Ezra moving his own key because he’s creeped out that a cop was just at his apartment.
IF it was “A,” my theory is that Lucas is behind the “A” incident involving Spencer at the festival and Noel is behind the stolen key. We know that Noel really dislikes Ezra, and maybe he figured that he could use the key against the girls in the future.

From Episode 22: For Whom The Bell Tolls

Lucas is listening behind Hanna and Mona when they’re talking about Caleb.

Hanna to Lucas: “You’re not going to be mad at me forever are you? Lucas: “probably.” So according to that conversation, Lucas is STILL mad at Hanna when he goes to get Caleb. Even when she leaves her phone in the cafeteria, Lucas gives the phone to EMILY to give to Hanna because he doesn’t want to do it himself. Yet he goes to get Caleb “as a favor to Hanna.” Or to make himself look less guilty.

Right after the scene between Hanna and Lucas, the camera awkwardly zooms in on Jenna for an excessive amount of time while creepy music is playing. It’s almost as if the writers and producers wanted to briefly plant the conversation between Hanna and Lucas in our heads, then immediately have the audience focus on something else.

When Lucas was listening in on Mona’s conversation with Caleb on Hanna’s phone, I did NOT even see him there until she noticed him. He REALLY is good at sneaking around. Being “A” entails a lot of sneaking around.

Lucas: “I see no combination of you and I that forms we”
Well maybe there is one and he doesn’t know it, if Mona has been helping Noel.

Mona: “This is your chance, Lucas. Are you going to man up or not?” Maybe this is the comment that gives Lucas the idea to go get Caleb, but NOT for the reasons that we thought. We thought that he was doing Hanna a favor, but maybe he realized that everyone would probably expect him to try to get Hanna to date him again, so he did the absolute opposite. He did something that the girls would think “A” would never do. Except maybe “A” did do it. “A” saved Aria’s relationship with Ezra after all, and the girls were surprised by that. Maybe this is “A” saving Hanna and Caleb’s relationship.

Right after Emily gives Hanna her phone and says that Lucas is the one who found it, Hanna responds by saying “How did things get so screwed up?” The writers have said that when we find out who “A” is it will make perfect sense and that we will look back on things that characters have said and think “it was right there all along.” Maybe this is one of those instances.

Caleb: Why are you doing this?
Lucas: because Hanna deserves to be happy

This whole Lucas going to get Caleb scene seemed SO nice and sweet at the time and simultaneously gave Lucas the alibi he needed to not be the one who pushed Ian. Nobody ever stopped to think that Lucas could still be in the “A” running and that he had help, and that the other guy WAS in Rosewood when Ian got pushed. That paired with the fact that Noel Kahn who has not been in the last few episodes is randomly seen in the crowd towards the end after Ian had been pushed, makes Lucas AND Noel seem suspicious to me. Most people probably assumed when we saw Noel in the crowd that it was just that, him randomly being in the crowd. But he didn’t have to be in this episode. There was no reason that he was necessary to this episode and that his presence was required in that scene. There’s absolutely NO reason unless he is a part of “A.” If Lucas had been out of town and Noel wasn’t in the episode, then both of them would have been ruled out, but since Noel was in Rosewood, they’re both still fair game if they’re in this together. Collectively, one out of the two of them has been in every episode that the producers/writers of the show confirmed that “A” is seen.

ARIA gets an “A” text. She even points out herself that the message is for ALL of them, yet she is the only person who received the text message. And once again, a text message that only Aria received is written in the style that I have theorized to be Noel’s. Right when we randomly see him in an episode after being gone for awhile, too!

“Buckle up, Bitches. Nothing is as it seems. --A”
Nothing is as it seems. “Buckle up” references a car. Lucas and Caleb are in a car right now at this time in the episode because Lucas has “so kindly” went to get Caleb. Or that’s what IT SEEMS LIKE. But “Nothing is as it seems.” Lucas may not be as innocent as he seems and this text might be a clue.

Re: Logan Reed

Since JENNA (we now know) is the one who called Logan Reed to be a messenger and supposedly bring Ian’s money to the girls, where did that money come from? Ian had no clue (I don’t think) that anybody sent a messenger for him, so the money wasn’t his. Cops don’t make that much money and Toby and Jenna’s family is not rich; Toby is always trying to get jobs so he can afford to do what he wants. We also know that Jenna offered Caleb a LOT of cash to spy on Hanna. Where is she getting this money from? Maybe she made an agreement with Noel and/or Lucas to help them with some of their endeavors if they paid her in return. It’s possible that some of this money is the money that I believe Noel stole from Ashley with Lucas’s help.

Mostly everybody in the crowd seems to be extras. Noel was deliberately shown in this scene. The extras would have been perfectly sufficient with their whispered conversations (“why would they lie?” etc). Noel has a very serious look on his face and is sporting a black hoodie.

Right after the camera zooms away from Noel and towards the girls, they get a text message. : “It’s not over until I say it is. Sleep tight while you still can bitches. A” (read outloud, I don’t know about the dashes). This is interesting juxtaposition (zooming in on Noel and then immediately zooming in on the girls when they receive the text message). This time, the girls aren't the ones who see Noel lurking around, the audience has taken over that job. However, after everything that just happened in the church, it is unlikely that many people's minds were on the fact that Noel was randomly in the crowd even though he wasn't in any other part of this episode nor the previous few episodes. Besides, the girls ruled him out as an "A" suspect a long time ago. However, I see a message loud and clear: Noel Kahn has no alibi for that night. He was right there at the Church. Last time we saw him in a situation like that, we know that he was guilty of at least something (writing "I see you" on Ezra's car), and possibly being the person who hit Hanna with the car.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a wrap for season 1 rewatches. I can't believe I managed to put this together before A Day.

**I have not gotten up to the Halloween episode in my rewatching process, but I’m wondering what Mona and Lucas were doing at Noel Kahn’s Halloween party. They don’t seem like the type of people Noel would invite, especially given his friendship with Ali at the time. Lucas said in the Homecoming episode that the only reason he attended was to take Yearbook photos, so he doesn’t exactly seem like the Halloween party type even if Noel had invited him for some reason. I think that Lucas was there because he is “A” with Noel, and I think that they may have needed some favors from Mona along the way.

**I am obviously not up to this part yet in my rewatching process, but regarding the vandalism, hidden camera, and the fact that Dr. Sullivan knows who "A" is: Lucas and Noel could have broken in to the office together. Noel is more likely to make a spelling error in the word "nosy" (after all, he did get a “C” on his English essay), so Noel probably did the painting part of the job. We have already seen Lucas violently break something before (Ali's memorial), so he probably did most of the destruction of Dr. Sullivan's office and perhaps Noel was a lookout for him. Lucas is more likely to know how to obtain and use a hidden camera, so it's likely that, that was his doing. Lastly, the reason Dr. Sullivan might know who "A" is: Lucas is likely to see a therapist, as we have seen him seek help for his problems before when he called a crisis hotline. Perhaps he was calling the crisis hotline because his therapist has left town. **

**Also, maybe Noel was dating Mona because he needed eyes in the girls' English class. For example, that could be how he could've known about Emily and Spencer fighting in class and Emily circling "yes" on the chalkboard after "A" texted Emily asking if she wanted to make a deal. **

**Maybe Noel planned out all of the girls he wanted/needed to date. That would justify the "Thanks for getting Toby out of my way" text from "A," b/c if he wanted to date Jenna, having Toby out of the way would be ideal.

**another thing that I have not rewatched yet but came to my head regarding Noel: While many of A’s texts and actions seem like they are being performed by a woman, i.e. Some of the language in the text messages, (calling the girls bitches, etc), during Truth Up night, Noel made it very clear that he knows the ins and outs of the ways girls fight. In his “bad boys got nothing on mean girls” speech, he made it clear that he knows what happens when girls are fighting with people and he knows the mean ways in which girls tend to behave while fighting.


Anonymous said…
OMG dear , you are a good writer. can you help out on my assignments . Help means writing 2500 word Essays =P ..JK
Aly said…
haha 2500 words is nothing :)
Anonymous said…
Wow, your theory is so impressive.

I used to suspect Melissa, Aria, Lucas and Noel. Not both; but, once at time, at each episode, i've changed my mind.

I'm pretty sure that Noel was involved in the "cd thing" at the fashion show
Anonymous said…
I wonder what do you think about the last episode ? Your theory so makes sense.Killing Ian is okay but try to kill Jenna ? This so scary even for A. Also Noel was dating with Jenna .
Aly said…
@ Anonymous asking me what I think of the most recent episode: I actually don't think "A" is the one who tried to kill Jenna. ;) I DO think "A" is the one who dropped of the bag of Ali's stuff and that "A" might have Maya, but I do not think "A" was the one to try to kill Jenna.
Jadian7755 said…
Interesting...very close to my theory but I think Hannah is the main A! She is all in on it. She acts innocent but is A. Before you say "no way" think about it...She wanted to be just like Allison and was picked on the most. She had the eating disorder and could have mental issues as well. I think Hannah is very manipulative and uses the fact that Lucas likes her to make him do the "dirty" work. Now she is getting Mona to help out too because they are friends. Hannah wasn't supposed to be hit by the car that was an accident. Maybe Lucas accidentally hit her but she is still A. the Fortune teller was talking about Hannah and Lucas being the Bad couple. Hannah took Caleb to Spencer's lake house which Spencer knew nothing about. Later the dolls at the lake house? That was Hannah and Lucas. Hannah had Lucas go to the greenhouse to meet with Emily but he dropped the phone. He calls the hotline where Emily answers and says that he messed up. He realizes that Emily was the person he was talking to on the hotline, freaks out and tries to tell Hannah on the boat. Hannah pretends like Lucas was attacking her but tips the boat over. Very manipulative, like she's innocent. Then Hannah and Lucas come up with a lie that he has a gambling issue, don't think so. Hannah destroys Caleb's flashdrive in the blender to "protect" Caleb from A but really she doesn't want to get caught. Come on! Really?! If Caleb can find out who A is wouldn't you want to know? Then her mom wants to take her phone and give it to the police offiecer and Hannah refuses and throws her phone in the sink! Hello?! The police officer can trace the text and find out where they are coming from. She again didn't want to get caught. Then in the most recent episode, Spencer points out to Hannah, why she was lurking in the plants outside Spencer's house. Hannah says, cause she was trying to figure out how to tell Spencer about Toby. YEah sure, no way, she was listening to Spencer and her mom talk! There's more but just something to think about. HANNAH IS A!!
Aly said…
I definitely think that Hanna has behaved in a shady manor but I just can't get convinced that she's "A." Maybe she found out that "A" was Lucas and has been keeping it to herself to protect him & make sure that nobody else finds out. ??
Heather said…
You do realize that Marlene King has stated in a previous interview that we meet/see -A in the pilot episode and neither Lucas or Noel are in the pilot?
Anonymous said…
I have to agree with Heather. Mar has clearly stated that there are a few episodes that "A" was definitely in. She said, the Pilot, the Halloween special, and one other. But like Heather said, Noel and Lucas show up after the Pilot, so it can't be them! But really detailed theories! Clearly you're "A" die-hard fan like I am. :)

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