PLL Shadow Play... If I May -- Special Rhyming Recap of PLL 4x19

The most recent episode of "Pretty Little Liars" was a themed, film noir special that took place in Spencer's mind. Since I don't hold anyone accountable for what they do in their dreams, instead of writing about the broken laws, I did my own version of a special recap. It rhymes. :)

Shadow Play... if I May

It starts like any other day
That episode  of Shadow Play
The girls find the stolen diary fast
in a drawer in Ezra Fitz's class!
Mona arrives when the girls left
She still scares them all to death.

Then Ezra and Aria speak
A conversation scary and deep
They talk about Aria's writing
She finds her villain so exciting.

But Spencer's mind cannot stay still
Because she takes too many pills.
Her mind makes time go back so far
We break into a film noir.

Toby confronts Spencer about addiction
The scene is tense with lots of friction.
Emily asks Paige about her ex
Paige is more engaged in what comes next.

Hanna takes a secret walk
It's Mona who she tries to stalk
But Mona's always one step ahead
So she catches Hanna instead.

Tailing "A" while wearing heels?
Failing! Hanna, are you for real?
She ends up in apartment 3B
Keeping Mona and Ezra company
Until Spencer comes to save her
From Ezra and his weird behavior.

It's Ezra's turn to spill a secret
When Toby hears it he can't believe it.
Alison DiLaurentis lives!
And Toby's girl knows where she is!

At Spencer's, a portrait of Ali appears
No one knows how it got here.
Then Ali arrives, taunting Spencer with laughter
Yelling at her to solve the mystery faster.
She evilly cackles in Spencer's face
Then pills go flying all over the place.
When the last one goes down the drain
Spencer tries to fish them out in vain

And someone's watching Spencer go insane
This someone wants Spencer in pain-
And uses the garbage disposal as a weapon
Almost chops off her arm, but stops when Toby steps in. 
He saves her... Oh, but he's armed with questions
But Spencer does not want to teach this lesson
And drag him into this Alison mess
Toby already has enough stress.

Aria and Ezra toast to their sophistication
Drinking champagne in their own celebration.
Remember, we're still trapped in Spencer's thoughts
The wild and scary ones; she's got a lot.
And during this drug induced dream
Spencer watches a Paige and Emily sex scene.

Hanna works the phones to get answers
She wants to find Ali and this is her chance to.
And find her she does; our girl is a sleuth!
So the liars go find her; it's time for the truth.
But Alison's ready with her own remark
'Cause she knows that Aria's still in the dark
About Ezra, since her friends have no guts
"Tell her!" cries Alison. "Tell her, you must!"

Seeing their fear, Alison sighs
"I'll tell Aria myself," she decides.
Before she can, a bullet bursts inside
And startled and scared, the girls run and hide.
Then all too conveniently, Ezra arrives
And calls out to Aria: "Don't believe your friends' lies!"

Aria walks towards him; she follows his voice
Ignores her friends' warnings that it's the wrong choice.
But when she gets there, it's not Ezra she finds
It's Toby, who hit Ezra hard, but only one time.
Alison's nowhere to be found once again
Toby offers a ride to Spencer and her friends
And rants about the Ali's diary during the drive
"Look at the pages," he screams with rage,
"No, not the journal, the actual page!"

All at once, reality and colors return
Spencer has a clue that she learned.
She gets the book and looks at a page
Some of Alison's words have been changed!
Time to tell Aria about Ezra; Alison's correct,
Finally the girls head over to confess

Ready to open their mouths and let it slip,
But Aria's busy with someone else's lips.
They see Aria deep in a passionate kiss
In love with her villain, Ezra Fitz!


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