PLL: Dr. Wren and Mr. Hyde -- Two Contradictory Theories: Wren is a Good Guy and Wren is a Bad Guy

**I would like to explain why from now on, I am using quotation marks around the word "theory."  I should have been doing this the whole time, but at least I'm starting now.  My style of writing "theories," is not necessarily writing something that I think/predict would actually WIND UP happening in the shows; I write ideas that COULD happen, that I believe to be creative, and would make sense with the plot lines. 

I would love to write for TV some day, and the way I write is sort of a baby-step towards writing spec scripts.**

Now, for the "theories" : 

The following "theories" involve Wren working with another character; in the first one, he's against the girls and in the second one he is on their side.


Wren's Partner In Crime

Before discussing WHY I Wren could be the bad guy, I'm going to discuss who I think he is helping, what that person did and why it happened. This "theory" revolves around a premise that Mrs. DiLaurentis is the person who killed Alison, and Wren is now helping her cover her tracks.  Fear not, I will explain this crazy idea: Mrs. DiLaurentis could have been the person who killed Alison, and she might have done it by accident.  How and why? 

(1)  In the most recent episode, 4x10, "The Mirror Has Three Faces," we learned that Mrs. DiLaurentis despised Ali and CeCe's disturbing friendship.  In the flashback between Mrs. DiLaurentis and Alison in his episode, Mrs. DiLaurentis, Mrs. D referred to CeCe and Alison's friendship as "toxic,"  She continued on to make it clear to Ali that the latest stunt she and CeCe pulled would be the last "GAME" that they play. 

The Radley prank in the flashback was a harsh prank; jokes like that could destroy a family.  CeCe could have done a lot of things to Ali and her family that we don't know about.  CeCe has a lot of secrets; it's likely a lot of them have yet to be revealed.

Side note:  It's interesting that Mrs. DiLaurentis used the word "game," as "the game" has become an ongoing theme in the show.)

 Mrs. DiLaurentis was enraged in the flashback of the Radley prank.  If this type of behavior continued, her anger could have built up enough to give her motive to kill CeCe Drake.  Mrs. D hated her, wanted her gone and wanted her to have nothing to do with her family.  What does Mrs. D's motive to kill CeCe have to do with Alison's death? 

(2) We once saw a flashback of Ali and Mrs. DiLaurentis-- the one where Ali was holding her breath like a crazy person-- where Ali made a snide remark about Mrs. DiLaurentis having a drinking habit/problem.

Maybe Mrs. DiLaurentis wanted to kill CeCe because of the damage that she was causing to her family, but she got DRUNK that night, thought CeCe was Ali, and accidentally KILLED ALI.  We already know that on the night Ali disappeared, Jason was so drunk that he mistook CeCe for Ali. If Jason could get drunk and make that error, so could Mrs. DiLaurentis.  

When Hanna asked her if she had seen Ali's dead body when it was found.  Mrs. DiLaurentis SNAPPED at Hanna that all she needed to see was that yellow blouse.  The reaction was emotionally charged, even for a mother grieving the loss of her daughter.

 Maybe this reaction had a double meaning.  In yet another flashback, we saw Ali badgering her mother about a yellow blouse.  It appears that she won the argument; Ali was wearing a yellow blouse on the night she disappeared... and so was CeCe.  All Mrs. D needed to see was that yellow blouse... to realize that she got the WRONG girl and that she killed her own daughter.

She seemed deeply disturbed when she made the comment about the yellow blouse to Hanna.  If that blouse was part of the reason that Mrs. D thought Ali was CeCe, she likely hates talking about it.  That could be the reason that she screamed at Hanna when she asked about Ali's remains.

Back to Episode 4x10 and What This Has To Do With Wren

Maybe Wren is helping Mrs. DiLaurentis.  He could have something against CeCe, something that we don't know about yet.  That could even be why he told Spencer that CeCe had been visiting Mona.  Plus, if CeCe knows that Mrs. DiLaurentis meant to kill her but killed Ali by mistake, she must be absolutely terrified of Mrs. DiLaurentis.  Mrs. D (and Wren) could be forcing her to do some of their dirty work/ framing her and all sorts of Rosewood-esque shady behavior.  CeCe probably thinks that if she doesn't do exactly what Mrs. D wants, she will get killed.  This could explain why it seems like everybody and their grandma is name-dropping CeCe Drake whenever anything goes wrong in the show.   

We saw Wren talking to somebody on the phone in this episode-- seemingly the person who is involved in screwing over Veronica Hastings in Ashley Marin's trial.  Something stood out in that conversation though; he made a snarky remark about "dodging the bullet" when saying that Veronica Hastings was almost his mother-in-law.  That implies that whoever he is working with doesn't like Veronica Hastings... If Mrs. DiLaurentis was willing to sleep with Veronica's husband, I doubt that she likes her.  

Wren as A Good Guy

Wren has been portrayed as such a creep lately, that it would be an interesting plot twist if Wren is a   GOOD guy trying to get RID of "A."  In 4x10, When Hanna went to see him, immediately after, he called somebody and said "We have a problem. I'll take care of my end, you take care of yours."  It's easy to assume this phone call involved a bad motive, but that might not be the case.  

The next thing we saw Wren do (maybe what he was referring to as "his end") was to go see Veronica Hastings.  Later in the episode, we saw Wren watching Hanna and Caleb.   Had Hanna not interrupted, Caleb was going to talk to Veronica Hastings, TOO.  He was planning on telling her that "A" is back.  Caleb and Wren could be secretly working together to get rid of "A."  

Also, both Wren and Caleb were trying to talk to Veronica about the same topic:  "A."  Mona was "A," and Wren approached Veronica to talk about Mona and warn her about what Mona planned to do. Caleb was planning on telling Veronica that "A" was back.  Perhaps that was Caleb's "end of the deal" that Wren mentioned.  

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Livia said…
WOW, amazing thoughts you've got there. You could tottaly be a writter.
Unknown said…
Great great points! Wow I never thought of this! This could as also be the person Jena is so afraid of. And explain why all the ppl who saw Ali on the night she died are turning up dead! Mrs. D meant be trying to cover her tracks and getting Cece to help..this may not have anything to do with A which I've always thought, it's too completely different games ... That keep getting in each others way
Aly said…
oooh Rachelle I like that part about Jenna... Especially b/c she temporarily got her sight back; maybe Mrs. D thinks she had it the whole time now.

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