PLL -- Are The Pointless Characters REALLY as Pointless as we think? (Probably, but this is how I'd make them important)

PLL Theory-- Maybe these "pointless characters" aren't so pointless after all.

1) Did Duncan REALLY think Aria was Ali just b/c she was wearing a red coat? OR did he somehow get tipped off that the girls have the coat and use that as a way to talk to the girls?

 Remember the reason we met Duncan? It was because of that guy Jonah who was trying to help find out who "A" was/ who was sending the texts to "Vivian"  -- Jonah initially gave Spencer and Aria an address that led to that creepy area where that scary old man was.  This REALLY isn't Jonah's problem anymore, but he took the initiative to call Aria and tell her that he traced another burner phone to the area RIGHT WHERE THEY MET DUNCAN?

 Is that a coincidence? OR: (2 options I've thought of so far) : 1) Duncan wanted to talk to the girls/Aria and needed an excuse to meet them etc.  He could've paid off Jonah to make that phone call to Aria. OR 2) Jonah's call was genuine, and the reason the burner phone was traced to the area where they met Duncan is because he WAS the one sending the texts. --Also it is interesting that Jonah and Duncan BOTH supposedly didn't know that Vivian/Ali had died.

--side note: It's interesting that Jonah did NOT know that Vivian=Ali and instead Ali as Vivian said that "her friend Alison" was receiving those texts.. Meanwhile Duncan KNEW her real name and used it as a "test" to see if Aria was really who she said she was.  DID Ali really tell Duncan her real name? OR had she been lying the whole time about who she was, and Duncan figured it out somehow -- maybe put 2& 2 together if he knew about Ali's story to Jonah.  If Ali lied to him about her identity & he was in love w/ her, that could create motive.  He SPECIFICALLY asked Aria "Is Aria your real name?" Maybe he thinks that the girls are going to try to play him like Ali did --hence why the girls are now being tortured. --

2) If CeCe and Duncan DO know each other, are they working together, or are they against each other? I'm asking this b/c the writers are beginning to make CeCe the obvious answer to the "who is A" question & usually when they do that, the opposite is true... In which case, someone is going through a lot of trouble to frame CeCe.

I discuss a newer character, Nigel, blaming CeCe for MORE bad behavior in my tv+ broken laws blog in my entry on episode 4x08.

3) Some people have said (and I'm not sure if the writers just use the same phone number every time someone writes down a phone number or if this would mean anything) that the phone number that Ali gave to Mona in the Halloween flashback is the same number that was in Ali's red coat.  When the girls called that number, Jonah told them that it "nearly cost him a girlfriend" and to never call it again.

It DOES make sense for the phone number to be the same, because when Mona saw Ali, Ali was wearing that red coat and she was in the same town where Duncan was.  So whose phone number was that?  Who was the angry girlfriend that insisted that "nobody here knows anyone named Vivian?"  Someone who thinks the girls are getting too close to finding the truth?  CeCe?

4) Ali gave Mona that phone number after Mona said that she wanted to be popular... You'd think Ali would've given her OWN phone number to Mona in that case... but why would Ali carry around her own phone number in her coat pocket?  You have a theory that Ali was planning to fake her own death... Maybe whoever Jonah's girlfriend/the owner of that cell phone # is was helping her with the plan & freaked out when she realized that the girls had her phone number... Nobody told Jonah (I don't think) that they found that number in a coat pocket... Maybe Mona was working w/ Jonah's girlfriend & when the girls called, she started to believe that Mona was slipping up --> decided that it was time for Mona to get caught on purpose being "A," but didn't want Mona to go to jail (Mona could've turned her in if that happened) -- so they had the plan for her to go to Radley..

Timeline involving Jonah:

-- 2x11 is the episode where the girls told Dr. Sullivan about "A" & she wound up disappearing & having her office destroyed. Mona/someone on the team found out about this/threatened Dr. Sullivan etc... Dr. S claims that she left town b/c Mona threatened her son.. Maybe Mona had proof Jonah was involved in this "A" thing & Jonah is Dr. Sullivan's son.

--2x19: the girls call that phone number & get the call from the angry GF, meaning this could be the episode where Jonah & his girl realize that Mona messed up somehow.

2x20: Jonah meets up w/ Aria and explains the situation/ his involvement w/ Ali-as-Vivian

2x21: Jonah gives Aria and Spencer the lead to the creepy place where Melissa used to work

2x22: Jonah calls Aria AGAIN giving her the lead to Brookhaven where she meets Duncan THE SAME DAY & we are supposed to believe this is a coincidence? Why the second phone call? Jonah & GF don't want too many people knowing about "A," & in this episode, Mona was actively helping the girls to lie to Mrs. Marin and say that ARIA is "A" so that Mrs. Marin wouldn't look further into it.  Jonah's 2nd phone call to Aria could've been another safety measure for them.

**ALSO, Jonah is an expert on phones, hacking them etc etc and clearly "A" is good at that.  Maybe Ali doesn't know it, but she went to her own tormenter for HELP.  That'd be cool.


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