Breaking REALLY Bad and Treading Lightly ... Recaps/Commentary on The Final Episodes of Breaking Bad -- **CONTAINS SPOILERS-- DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED 5X09

Too much girl talk on this blog lately? Yeah, I thought so.  I do love "Pretty Little Liars" and "Twisted" a lot, but shockingly enough, there is one show that I'd have to call my favorite over both of them, and above anything else that's ever been on television.  Obviously I'm referring to "Breaking Bad," which contains some of the most phenomenal writing I've ever encountered.  Even though there's such a cultural stigma that television shows have no educational value, I honestly believe that students in English/writing classes could learn a thing or two about writing from this show.  In short, BREAKING BAD IS AWESOME.  

Even though I put this in the title, in case someone decided not to listen to me, I'm going to reiterate: This article "**CONTAINS SPOILERS-- DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED 5X09**."  I would HATE to spoil Breaking Bad for anybody.

Let's discuss what on earth is going on in the episodes of the final season that we've seen so far. That is by no means intended to imply that I know what's going on at all; I'm about as flabbergasted as (CLICK THE FOLLOWING BUTTON TO REVEAL SPOILER CONTENT)

Come to think about it, I am going to put this entire post in spoiler tags just in case somebody STILL isn't listening, AND because I just learned how to use spoiler tags. Do I get extra points for honesty? I said that I refuse to spoil "Breaking Bad," and as Jesse Pinkman once said, back in what I believe was season one, "My word is my bond." (CLICK THE FOLLOWING BUTTON TO REVEAL SPOILER CONTENT)

 **Fun fact: #TreadLightly has since been trending on every social network I can think of for weeks, and according to my brother, Sam, at a recent Above and Beyond show, when they played their song, "Walter White," #TreadLightly was on the screen.** Thanks for reading, and let me know what you thought of the episode, and if you'd like me to cover a part that I didn't include, in the comments!


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