How Mona can be ORIGINAL A and NOT Ali's A- Ali's A Team PLL Theory

This theory will explore the possibility that Mona WAS the ORIGINAL "A" but NOT Alison's "A." It would mean that some of Ali's stories in the finale "A Is For Answers" were lies, but the show IS called Pretty Little LIARS. This theory involves Alison having an "A" team that protects her against the other A Team. Let me know what you think!

Mona in UnmAsked- "You had to earn it.. The right to be a part of it." Maybe one A team was trying to protect Alison and was up against the other A team trying to kill Ali. The only thing we saw Mona do to "earn the right to be a part of" the A-team AND have it make sense that it's been confirmed that Mona was the original "A," would be saving Ali's life.

Mona saved Ali's life & earned her right to be on the team. She could have made Ali run away so other "A" thought she was dead to avoid having to deal with fighting against the other "A" anymore. Technically Garrett saved Ali's life that night also; he and Mona BOTH helped Ali fake her death the night Ali disappeared. Maybe Garrett was one Mona's side at one point. He said he was always trying to protect Spencer as well.

The night Ali left town she no longer knew who "A" was anymore. Maybe one of the PLLs still WAS a suspect for trying to kill Ali. Other "A" started bothering the girls after Ali disappeared. Mona started as "A" again to try to figure out if one of the girls tried to kill her.

Mona was seen in the lair in the finale, but it seemed at that point to be more a CREEPY type lair than an evil one. Maybe she was gathering evidence to try to figure out who tried to kill Ali.

Toby told Ali he was grateful to her for getting him away from Jenna. He told Spencer he joined the A-team to protect Ali. If Mona was protecting Ali, it would make sense for Toby to join for that reason. He has yet to explain how otherwise he "protected" the girls in any way while he was on the A-team. Maybe that's because he found out Ali was alive when he joined, and he couldn't tell anyone, therefore he couldn't explain how he protected anyone.

Mona could have lied about when Toby joined the A-team (the timing in her story doesn't make sense with the confirmation that Toby was "pretty eyes") so that the girls would question his motives less.

Ali is obviously trying to figure out who tried to kill her, which could technically mean SHE is on Mona's A-team. The first doll to be seen in the lair was the Ali doll, equipped with a yellow shirt just like the one Ali was wearing the night she disappeared.
--Some fans have suggested that the dolls we have assumed to represent the PLLs might actually be representing different people, such as Mona, Melissa, CeCe and Jenna.

This could explain why Marlene King confirmed that Mona WAS the original "A," yet some fans are reluctant to believe that and have decent reasons for thinking that way.

When Toby discussed Ali being dead with Spencer, he seemed rather adamant about his beliefs. However, when he and Caleb were trying to find "A," Toby suggested that Ali might have been the person who hit him on the head the night of the lodge fire.

Shana could be on Mona's team as well. Mona could have told the girls that Shana is in love with Jenna so that they wouldn't figure out the truth, that Shana was there to help Ali figure out who "A" (in this theory "other A") is.

Obviously from what we saw of the Bell Tower scene, if Ali is on any team, Ian was on the OTHER one. Maybe he was accompanied by some of the NAT club members. Melissa seemed EXTREMELY furious at Ian for seeing Alison, but maybe she had also figured out that Ian had been messing with Ali. According to CeCe's story and later confirmation by Melissa in conversations w/ Spencer and Garrett, Melissa KNEW ABOUT THE VIDEOS. Maybe she also didn't approve of them. She could have been dating Ian to gather more information; Ian was also taking videos of Melissa's sister and her friends, not just Ali. Melissa told Ian in Hilton head, "If you see Alison again, SOMEONE IS GOING TO GET HURT." Maybe we THINK she meant that Alison was that someone, but she really meant whoever was trying to kill Ali. If Ian got caught w/ those videos and Alison DID get killed, Ian would be an immediate suspect.

CeCe said that Melissa wanted the videos the MOST. Ali said that Ian was willing to kill Spencer for those videos and maybe someone killed him for screwing it up. Melissa wanted those videos really badly. Melissa eventually asked Spencer to tell her the version of the Bell Tower story because she wasn't listening the first time. If Spencer included the part about someone in a black hoodie pushing Ian to his "death" (at the time Spencer believed that "A" killed Ian), She could have put together that this meant that Mona and/or Alison was involved in Ian's death AND saving Spencer's life. For all we know, Melissa WANTED Ian dead; their marriage was always very sketchy.

Ian's suicide note was composed of all "A" texts, but we know that he was not dead after Alison pushed him in the Bell Tower. Mona could have finished the job after Alison pushed Ian. It's the only thing that would make sense, b/c Mona was "A" at the time and most if not all of those texts were confirmed to be from her. Who else could have written that note?

Mona told the girls that she didn't know who pushed Ian, but this could be another lie, considering that Mona knew the entire time that Alison was alive and never told anybody. Perhaps she lied to the girls so they wouldn't somehow guess that Ali pushed Ian. Also, Mona and Ali couldn't have Ian alive after having seen Ali alive. Neither Mona nor Alison would be likely to consider him trustworthy enough to keep that a secret, so he had to die after he saw Ali in the Bell Tower.

If Mona DESPISED Alison enough to be HER original "A," then it wouldn't make sense for her to keep her secret for this long, especially after accomplishing her desired social status. Unless Mona WANTED to protect Ali in some way, there is absolutely no sensical reason for her to have helped Ali by not telling ANYBODY that she was not the person found in the grave. It would be an amazing twist if Mona was the first/original "A" playing on ALISON'S team.

Shana said that Jenna was still one of Ali's suspects. That's not what Ali told the girls in the finale.

NOEL has also known that Ali was alive, but Ali trusted him with her secret; after all, he is still alive. He dated Mona and their breakup seemed loud and contrived. He then dated Jenna who, as stated above, Shana said was one of Ali's suspects. Spying on Jenna for Mona? Then Mona reporting to Ali?

Garrett was killed after telling Spencer his version of the story of the night Ali disappeared. He said "SHE WAS ALIVE WHEN I LEFT." This could have potentially blown Ali's cover, and we know that Mona was on the Halloween train. She could have been involved in Garrett's death. We also know that Mona and Toby had a plan to get Garrett out of jail, but this was ruined by Nate/Lyndon. If I'm right and Toby knew Ali was alive also, that could be why Toby wanted Garrett nowhere near Spencer and didn't want to leave her alone with him. Under this theory, Mona and Toby were trying to keep the girls from finding out about Ali, and Garrett just let a major clue slip.

Mona and whoever she was reporting to wanted all of the girls together in the lodge on the night of the fire. Spencer was on the A team at this time. Whoever Mona was talking to on the phone, she said something like "You're finally getting what you wanted. It's finally about to end." We now know that Mona lied to the girls about knowing that Alison was alive. Mona could ALSO have easily been lying to them about not knowing who Red Coat was. Maybe Ali thought that she was ready to come clean to the girls that night and that's who Mona was expecting. We know that Shana was seen with Melissa and Jenna that night, but Shana's playing for team Ali. Jenna was Ali's suspect. How does this work? What went wrong? Melissa found out about the plan because she got a hold of the fake party invitation. Melissa presumably still wanted those videos, and so did Jenna. Melissa could have wanted to meet with Shana about making sure nothing went wrong with Ali's plan, but when she contacted Shana, Shana was at Jenna's house. Melissa could have used the videos to explain why they were going to the lodge that night instead of telling Jenna the truth. However, if Jenna already knew at this time that Alison was alive, which I believe she did, she could have known that Melissa lied to her and figured out what the real plan was.

Jenna could have told OTHER A that she thought Ali was going to be in the lodge, and OTHER A could have set the lodge on fire. I think Mona didn't immediately realize that OTHER A had ruined her plan; she could have thought that Alison believed that Mona ruined the plan and set the fire because of that. However, Alison could have realized the plan was screwed up and therefore it was no longer safe for her to reveal that she was alive that night. Maybe she was hiding. If Mona thought Ali set the fire, it could explain why she blurted out to anyone in earshot that Ali was alive, even though it wasn't safe for Ali. Mona told the girls that she didn't originally understand the "You're mine now, Kisses, A" text. She could have originally believed it was from Ali, learned the truth, then figured out that the text was from OTHER A. Upon coming to this realization, she could have tried to cover up her mistake (saying Ali saved them) with her stories about thinking that CeCe was Alison in the past. The lodge fire was the only time Mona came close to telling the girls that Ali was alive, then she went straight back to lying about it again and keeping Ali's secret.


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