The PLL Game - What's the game, how many teams are there and who are the players?

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It started off with us wondering who "A" was.  Then when we found out it was Mona, she immediately got us thinking about the rest of the "A Team" when she told Spencer that you have to "earn the right to be a part of it" and then pretty much gave her 2 choices: join the A Team or die.  

Later on, it became about more than the team, but whose side the A Team is on in the ultimate "game"... and what game the players are even playing.  This show makes many references to "the game," but we're never really told what it is... Let's just say that Ali was right in that dream sequence/hallucination/whatever it was in episode 2x24.  "This isn't Yahtzee, sweetie.  This is some seriously messed up stuff."  However, I'm not so sure about her contention that we're "getting warmer."  Let's try, though.  

This show makes many cryptic references to "the game."  Two characters have discussed the game when describing their involvement with the chaos that is this show, and both of those characters brought up "the game" when explaining how their involvement became too much for them.  When Garrett spoke to Spencer in episode 3x13, he contended that he wanted to protect Spencer... "I liked you.  You were the one that I really wanted to keep safe but I wasn't strong enough.  I thought that I had everything under control, but I didn't.  I didn't even know what the game was truly about."  (emphasis added).  **See the following video to refresh your memories about this scene.  

What game were you playing Garrett?  What WAS the game truly about?  

Then we have Mona in 3x24.  When the girls questioned her about the A-Team/Red Coat fiasco, she said, "I made a deal with the devil and she gave me a way in and out of that place.  At first it was fun having a partner, but then the game changed.  She stole you from me."  

** See the following video for a reminder about that scene.

So Garrett didn't know what "the game" was about and Mona thought she did until it changed.

Could Red Coat secretly be in charge of the entire game and hence the leader of all of the teams involved?  Maybe Mona and Toby are on one team working for Red Coat while Melissa, Jenna and Shana are working for her on the other team.  Possibly A Team and N.A.T.? It could explain why "A" trapped the girls in the Lodge and then Red Coat pulled them out..

I was thinking about this game and I came up with a far-fetched (but fun) idea as to what it might be.  Perhaps the game has something to do with the fact that the NAT club members have been put in really dangerous situations with the girls, ones where their lives were all at stake.  Maybe the game is part of some psycho agenda to see who could save the girls without dying and who couldn't.  The examples I'm running with include Jason/Emily in the elevator accident, Garrett/Spencer/Aria on the Halloween train (plus the possibility that NAT was involved in the attempt to push Aria off of the train), and Ian/Spencer in the church.  Maybe there's still more to that scene than we know about (other than of course the fact that we don't even know who killed Ian yet).  Lastly, (for now) there's the Garrett/Ali scene that took place earlier in "the game," where Garrett pretended to kill Ali so that Jenna would think she was dead.  

This idea struck me when I remembered something that Jason said to Emily after the elevator incident.  He told her, "you and Spencer were right about the NAT club.  Someone wants me gone."  This made me think that whoever that someone is, is the one in charge of this crazy game.

** Clip of Jason and Emily on the elevator:

**Clip of Ian and Spencer in the Church:

**Clip of Garrett pretending to kill Ali

What do you guys think? 


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