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"I'm doing this because I love you" PLL theory

"I'm doing this because I love you" PLL theory - About Melissa being in charge of "the game"

 Ian said "I'm doing this because I love your sister" to Spencer right before he TRIED TO KILL HER... And there is no doubt in my mind that that's what Ian was trying to do; that was his motive and he said it out loud.. I'm emphasizing this because it's weird.

Melissa argued with Spencer a LOT, yes... But why would Melissa's husband need to prove his love to her by KILLING her sister? Is it because of Spencer and Ian's kiss? Perhaps Melissa has MAJOR jealousy issues to the point that Ian felt the need to kill any girl with whom he cheated on Melissa. Maybe he already knew about Melissa's issues and was scared of what Melissa might do if he didn't kill Spencer.

And perhaps the reason he knew this is because that's the way he had to prove his love for Melissa in the past... when he cheated on her with Alison. Maybe he tried to do away with Ali "because he loves [Melissa] too. After all, Melissa DID warn Ian that if he ever saw Alison again, "someone would get hurt." And she sounded like she meant it. This is interesting because Ian DID see Alison again, and he said something similar to Ali regarding revealing the infamous PLL videos. This would make a lot of sense. What if Melissa never got over that jealousy and she is the one who killed Ian, too?

When Melissa has been asked out loud what she thinks happened to Ali, she's latched on to whichever theory the media believed that week. I think Melissa thought she killed Alison that night, then found out somehow that people thought Ali was alive and she joined and/or formed her own "A" team so she could find out for sure? She could be the one in charge or the person who "stole the game" from Mona. She was the one, according to Wren, who "called CeCe to tell her Mona was in Radley because she knew "CeCe and Mona had a mutual enemy." Remember when CeCe hated Alison and her "she devil" friends for getting her kicked out of school? What happened to that? Suddenly she and Ali are exchanging illegal passports and killing people for each other? Wren is the one who initially told the story about Ali getting CeCe kicked out of school, and obviously he found that out from Melissa. ONE other person (CeCe's roommate) confirmed that CeCe felt this way about Ali and the girls.

I would hope the writers have reasoning for some of the things I've mentioned above. Maybe Melissa had a plan to kill Alison, and she sent people to get REALLY close to Ali, close enough to gain her trust. Before the Shana reveal, Ali believed that some people were helping her. Those people were: Mona (at the very beginning when she thought Mona saved her life, before she knew MONA WAS A..., Shana (and look at how that turned out for Ali), Noel and CeCe... Maybe Noel and CeCe aren't really on Ali's side either. Maybe they were all working for Melissa. Maybe this is her "game."

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You Have Interesting Eyes My Dear... Ali's Eyes On The New PLL Poster Mini-Theory

*Photo Credit goes to the main PLL page as well as the many fan pages who have shared this picture*

Am I the only one who noticed that Alison's eyes were recently focused on in an ending scene that seemed eerily like the old "black hoodie black gloves A scenes," and now her eyes are smack in the middle of the "A" in the poster? The scene I'm referring to, by the way, is the one where Ali was reading the comments online from when she was "dead/missing," and the camera zoomed WAY in on her eyes at the very end of the episode.

"A" having interesting eyes has been an old theme of the show at this point, and I find it interesting that Ali's eyes were emphasized during a would-be "A" ending scene (if those had been happening more often). Also, if we're to assume that Ali's eyes were the ones we saw in the Ravenswood lair when the girls were led there, then that's another seemingly A-related scene focusing on Ali's eyes. Feel free to comment with thoughts!

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Ali's Pretty Little Scar/ Twin Theory on PLL

This is a theory based on episode 5x04 of Pretty Little Liars.

I think Ali's scar could be from the night that Ali crashed Spencer and Emily's sleepover to avoid Jason and his party guests. She seemed very shaken up that night, we saw her crying, and this was never explained. Ali had a similar tone in tonight's episode when Hanna asked her about the scar.

If I am right about that scar originating from the night that Ali crashed Spencer and Emily's sleepover, then that night would also be an interesting time for a twin switch IF the show did decide to take the twin storyline from the books. *I know that the writers have said that Ali does not have a twin, but they obviously wouldn't tell us if she did.* It's semi out of character for Alison to have left a party like that, upset and seeming afraid. The Ali we know hung out with an older crowd all the time and had no problems that.

Also, before Ali arrived, Spencer and Emily were discussing Jason's parties and Ali as if they were not yet that close with Ali. In the books, Ali's twin befriended the girls because she had to quickly make people believe that she was Ali, and to do that she needed a new group of friends, because she wouldn't have known enough about Ali's old clique. I'm also pretty sure that Marlene King has stated that we find out in this season why Ali "chose the girls" as her friends, so that would make sense. This could be why Ali was so freaked out that Hanna and the doctor found the scar; perhaps it can prove that she isn't who she says she is.

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PLL broken laws update!

Check out my newest post on my other blog.. It's a broken laws recap of PLL episode 5x03 (with reference to 5x02)! Click here to see it!

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A Whirly Girly PLL Recap -- Recap of Pretty Little Liars 5x02

Usually I do recaps that also cite & explain the broken laws in Pretty Little Liars, but the most recent episode did not have that many, so I wrote a regular recap instead. Next week's episode will probably have more broken laws and I'll do a broken laws recap for that one!

At the beginning of the episode, the girls take a bus from New York (AKA "Philadelphia") home to Rosewood. Ali nearly refuses to get off the bus. The girls discuss their grand plan for Ali to tell the police the truth, starting with "The Jenna Thing." Instead, Ali lies to Detective Holbrook and invents a fake kidnapper. Ali's dad shows up at the police station. It looks like Hanna was right about Ali being alive!

Veronica Hastings accuses Spencer of having bad judgment for knowing Alison was alive for a month and not telling anyone. When Veronica mentions the girl in Ali's grave, Spencer insists that she was not involved and that she has no idea who the girl is. Spencer finds out from Veronica that Melissa is home, but instead of souvenirs, she brought home attitude and secrets.

Ashley Marin asks Hanna questions about Ali, but Hanna would rather talk about melting cheese than discuss Ali. Mike hears Aria on the phone asking about Ezra, because Aria's door is made out of wood, not petroleum. Aria lies, horribly, about seeing Ezra in New York while the girls were in "Philadelphia."

Spencer and Emily notice that Jason is back in Rosewood when they see him outside working on his car. Spencer wants to leave Planet Alison; she resents Alison for involving the girls in her newest lie. Just like old times, Emily comes to Ali's defense. Ali throws a phone, wrapped in a roll of toilet paper, to show the girls her new text. It reads, "The truth will bury you in a New York minute." When asked who sent the text, Alison draws a question mark on her window.

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PLL : CeCe/Wilden/Ashley Connection THEORY

CeCe allegedly killed Wilden, but Wilden was shot with Mr. Marin's gun which Ashley Marin took without permission. Ashley said that she was trying to pay Wilden off to leave town but didn't have enough money to do so, so she took the gun for protection. Then, according to Ashley, Wilden got the gun away from her. CeCe, if she indeed killed Wilden, got her hands on that gun somehow, and was around to know that there was an opportunity to do this. This is too much to be a "happy accident," so CeCe must have known that Ashley planned to get rid of Wilden. Maybe CeCe was even the reason for Ashley's plans to get rid of Wilden.

Ali said that CeCe killed Wilden and most of the reason was to help Ali. CeCe likely figured out that there was bad blood between Ashley and Wilden. If CeCe killed Wilden to help Ali, that could mean that Wilden had figured out (or knew the whole time and recently threatened to reveal) that Alison was alive. There were rumors (that I haven't seen confirmed, but could potentially make sense) that Ashley Marin knew Alison was alive before the girls did. Maybe CeCe somehow arranged (or told Ashley herself) for Ashley to find out that Alison was still alive, and that this could put Hanna in a lot of danger.

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Why TOBY might have thrown the rock at Ali on PLL ~Theory~

A fan on my facebook page, sent me a few questions about the possibility of Toby being the person who threw the rock at Ali, as we saw somebody do in the season 4 finale of "Pretty Little Liars." While we wait for PLL to return tomorrow night, I figured I'd post those questions and my answers/opinions here!

*FAN Q&A with Noelene Peters. My answers are in bold. Please weigh in, in the comments!*
"There are a lot of Theories going around that A and the person that hit Ali are two different ppl

I think Toby is the one that hit Ali he may have thanked her for saving him from Jenna because he didn't want Ali to catch on to him that he hates her and her friends (in a flash black Ali went to see him and he told her he wish he knew who sent the notes so he can join and help) I think Toby is helping A from season one and he has never been a good guy." 

Regarding the juvie flashback and Toby removing himself from Ali's suspect list--

According to Alison's journal and the flashback we saw, Toby denied being the first "A," but said that he would love to figure out who it was so that he could help the person. How do we know that Toby DIDN'T do this? It could've been Alison's downfall to confront Toby with the "A" notes. When he got out of juvie, he could have somehow figured out that Mona was the person sending Ali those notes and made good on his comment that he'd help "A." 

The night Ali disappeared/the night the rock was thrown at her head, Ali confronted Jenna about being "A" as well. Jenna is Toby's step sister, and that is one of MANY ways that Toby could have figured out that Alison was determined to figure out the identity of "A" that exact night. To take himself off the suspect list, he could have called her and made his "thank you" speech. Telling Alison that he was grateful to her because going to juvie got him away from Jenna is the perfect method to get himself off of her suspect radar. We don't know of anything that changed in between Alison's visit to Toby at juvie and the night of her disappearance, meaning we don't know of any reason that Toby would change his mind about the way he felt towards Alison. We have NO reason to believe what Toby told Alison on the night she disappeared; it could have been part of a calculated plan. 

Also, Mona was stalking Ali at the time Ali visited Toby at juvie. She could have somehow found out about Toby's comment that he'd help "A" if he got the chance. Also, Toby is aware of how Alison treated people she didn't like; he most likely knows about the way Alison bullied Mona at school. It's not that far of a stretch for him to figure out that Mona was "A." After all, we DID see him eventually join the "A" team with Mona, and his reason he provided Spencer for this makes no sense, nor does Mona's timeline of events. Toby has failed to actually provide ANY example of how his time on the A team "protected the girls." 

In the episode where the girls tricked "A" into meeting them at the green house by leading "A" to believe they were fighting, Toby commented to Spencer that she sounded exactly like Alison when she yelled at Emily. That supports my idea that Toby remembers clearly how Alison treated people like Mona. Toby has made other negative remarks about Alison throughout the show too, which don't mesh well with the contention that he was grateful to Alison. Perhaps he never was grateful; perhaps he came back to get revenge for "The Jenna Thing." Maybe his first course of action was to throw a rock at Alison's head.

"1. The girls locker room when Toby hits Ben no one question why he was there."

Regarding Toby getting in the girls' locker room and defending Emily

It is a very "A" type move for Toby to sneak into the girls locker room, unnoticed, and beat the hell out of Ben. Since Toby knew how Alison behaved, he could have even knew of Emily's status as "the weakest link." Also, we saw Emily and Toby talk in a semi-friendly manner in the Halloween flashback which took place when Ali was still alive. Also, he was one of the first people to figure out that Emily was interested in girls. How did he know that? It's possible he even knew that Emily had been in love with Alison; maybe he felt bad for Emily because of how she was treated and decided to befriend her.

"2. After finding out that Em is not into guys he then goes for Spencer why not date someone other than the liars."

Regarding Toby's dating Spencer after learning that Emily was into girls--

This is another good point. Toby made it clear in the juvie flashback that he was not fond of Alison or her "posse." Even if he changed his mind about Emily, he knew that Spencer strongly believed that "killed" Alison. Are we supposed to believe that he's naive enough to forgive Spencer so quickly for the horrible way she treated him until the charges against Toby were dropped? Do we even know how that sweater Toby let Alison wear even wound up at Toby's house? We know that somebody was framing him, but it would be really clever if he actually planned the whole sweater idea on his own so that the girls wouldn't suspect that he was A/part of the A team. 

I don't think that Alison was still wearing the sweater when she returned to the barn and when she was hit by the rock. Where did that sweater disappear to? I don't even think Alison had it with her when she was at the hotel with Mona in the finale, so where did it go, and how did it wind up back at Toby's house? This reminds me of the "A" text Emily received when Toby was hiding from the police, "Thanks for getting Toby out of my way." I always thought it was possible that Toby sent that himself, just like I think it's possible that he was responsible for the sweater being found. Also, Jenna once made a remark that it was Emily's fault that the sweater was found (when she was accusing Emily of calling the cops on Toby). Jenna could have just been acting like a bully, but her remark could possibly have a deeper meaning. Jenna knew that Emily didn't call the cops, since Jenna was the one who did that. If Jenna suspected/knew that Toby had something to do with "A," maybe she blamed Emily for the sweater turning up because she figured out that Toby planted the sweater on himself to make it look like he wasn't "A." 

"3. In season one I can't remember the ep Jenna asked Toby why are you doing this she is going to hate you when she finds out Toby reply was and who is going to tell her. Everyone including me assume it was about the relationship they had now I think Jenna was talking about him being on the A team."

Regarding comments Jenna made to Toby in season 1

Jenna told Toby that if she found out who he really was, she'd hate him. We didn't know it back then, but we DO know now that Alison confronted Jenna and mentioned the threats she had been receiving from "A." Perhaps if Jenna is not involved with "A" at all, she suspected and/or figured out that Toby was one of the people behind these threats. Think about this: apparently Jenna thought that GARRETT "killed" Alison, yet she called the police on Toby and claimed she did this because she couldn't have him "walking around like a criminal." If Jenna knew that Toby wasn't at all involved with what happened to Alison, then what did she mean by that comment? Maybe she called the police because she thought Toby was "A"/on the "A" team. If Jenna "knew" that Garrett "killed" Ali, and judging by the power she had in her relationship with Garrett, she shouldn't have had to worry about Toby ACTUALLY being found guilty of killing Alison. 

"As for why Mrs D never told anyone about Toby hitting Ali with the rock is because Toby knew Mrs D covered his mum death or maybe he knew the patients Mrs D was covering for"

Regarding the possibility that Mrs. D would cover for Toby if he threw the rock--

I have thought about this also. Regardless of what Toby actually knew at the time about what happened to his mother, we know that Mrs. D is on the board of Radley. If she even THOUGHT that Toby knew that she was involved in the cover-up of his mom's death, that's a pretty good reason for her to keep her mouth shut if Toby was the one who threw the rock. 

Revenge entry # 2

Hey guys, for those who watch "Revenge," I did my next broken laws recap for it on my other blog. It can be found here and you should definitely check it out!

I also wrote a PLL theory about Toby that I'll post on here, and will have more PLL posts since the show comes back tomorrow!

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The Broken Laws of Revenge

Hey guys,
I know that it's been way too long since I posted in this blog and I'm sorry for that! I wanted to let you know that over at my other blog (tv recaps+ broken laws), I've officially started covering ABC's hit show "Revenge," and I posted my first entry. Check it out here! Thanks guys, I really appreciate everybody who reads my work!


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I Know What You Did..To Toby's Mom & Ali -PLL Theory

--This theory involves the TV show PLL/Pretty Little Liars. It explores the possibility that Jessica DiLaurentis protecting the person who threw the rock at Ali is RELATED TO TOBY'S MOTHER'S DEATH.-- 
~features: Wilden, Jessica, Peter Hastings, Ali, Jason, blackmail & more~

Let's think about what we know about Jessica DiLaurentis aside from her creepiness. We know that she saw who threw the rock at Alison in attempt to kill her. Additionally, instead of calling the police like your average mother would do in this situation, that Jessica buried Alison in her backyard. There has to be a good reason that Jessica didn't call the police, and maybe it's because a police officer was already present at the scene of the crime. Perhaps Wilden threw the rock at Alison.

A lot of fans are assuming that since Jessica chose to protect the person who threw the rock at Ali, that the person must be someone related to and/or very close to Jessica. However, we could be dealing with something entirely different, something blackmail related. We know that Detective Wilden loved blackmailing people, including Travis's father and Ashley Marin.

Because of the plot line involving Toby's mother, we learned that Jessica DiLaurentis is on the board at Radley, the same place where Toby's mother died. Jessica DiLaurentis is on the board of a mental institution where somebody made a false report regarding Mrs. Cavanaugh's death. Toby thought that his mother killed herself until "A" gave him clues that actually led to something real about how his mother died. Toby and Spencer discovered that it would have been impossible for Toby's mother to have jumped to her death the way she allegedly did according to the false report. Spencer followed up on this information with Eddie Lamb, and she learned that Wilden played a large role in the creation of the false report. Eddie Lamb strongly implied that Wilden gained his promotion from officer to detective as a result of the false report about Mrs. Cavanaugh's death.

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Votes/ suggestions needed

This is regarding my tv and broken laws blog which I know some of you read:

Here is a list of shows that have been suggested the most times for me to add to my broken laws blog. I am going to watch them and see what I think, because I need to like them to write about them, but PLEASE comment with a vote for one on this list OR a show that's not on this list that you think should be. NOTE: I am not planning to add another abc family show at this time because I want to expand my audience. I need your help with this decision! Thank you. :) 

Sons of anarchy
The following
House of cards 
The wire
The 100 (never heard of this one)

Comment with your votes/ a show you think I missed!

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~PLL Aria PArt of "A" teAm - Based on Camp Mona & events shortly after: THEORY/CLUES

**EDIT: Thanks to fan, Cathy Patton for pointing out that Aria was with the girls when Hanna was hit by the car. I have changed this theory around a bit to make it work with Ezra behind the wheel instead, or Mona because she was taking orders from Ezra.**

At Camp Mona, when Hanna was trying to figure out who "A" was, she saw Aria and Ezra. Noel saw them as well. Aria must have known, before Hanna revealed this to the girls, that Hanna saw Aria and Ezra, because this would have been easy to figure out thanks to Hanna's calls to Aria right when Noel was writing "I See You" on Ezra's car. It should have been obvious to Aria that Hanna saw what

 happened between her and Ezra, and at this point Aria was still keeping everything with Ezra a huge secret.

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How Mona can be ORIGINAL A and NOT Ali's A- Ali's A Team PLL Theory

This theory will explore the possibility that Mona WAS the ORIGINAL "A" but NOT Alison's "A." It would mean that some of Ali's stories in the finale "A Is For Answers" were lies, but the show IS called Pretty Little LIARS. This theory involves Alison having an "A" team that protects her against the other A Team. Let me know what you think!

Mona in UnmAsked- "You had to earn it.. The right to be a part of it." Maybe one A team was trying to protect Alison and was up against the other A team trying to kill Ali. The only thing we saw Mona do to "earn the right to be a part of" the A-team AND have it make sense that it's been confirmed that Mona was the original "A," would be saving Ali's life.

Mona saved Ali's life & earned her right to be on the team. She could have made Ali run away so other "A" thought she was dead to avoid having to deal with fighting against the other "A" anymore. Technically Garrett saved Ali's life that night also; he and Mona BOTH helped Ali fake her death the night Ali disappeared. Maybe Garrett was one Mona's side at one point. He said he was always trying to protect Spencer as well.

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Never Turn Your Back on a Hastings. Especially If They're Twins-- Jason and CeCe Twin Theory

This is a theory about the possibility of Jason and CeCe being fraternal twins in "Pretty Little Liars." It's based on some old episodes, and a lot of what happened in the end of the most recent season (season 4).

Here are some clues:

--This started off by my friend, Mary, saying that she thinks CeCe is Mrs. D's daughter and that she believes CeCe threw the rock at Ali's head. Everyone's assuming it must have been one of Mrs. D's children who did this to Alison in order for Mrs. D to protect the person, and this would be a nice
alternative to the obvious choice, Jason. Jason also did say that he saw CeCe there that night.

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RHYMING RECAP: Twisted 1x15 - Danny Indemnity

Twisted 1x15 "Danny Indemnity" RHYMING RECAP

Lacey and Danny are in romantic bliss
'Til a text from Jo interrupts their kiss
Before Danny can turn off his phone's sound
He reads that his father's body was found
Danny's got so much going through his head
But can only tell Lacey that his father's dead.
There's so much that Danny can't let her know
So he tells Lacey that he has to go.

Danny and Jo meet to retrace their steps
Both of them scared of what will happen next.
They return to the scene of the crime
And are surprised at what they DON'T find.
But all of a sudden Danny stops
And points out to Jo that he doesn't see cops
So they go back to where Vikram fell to his death
But his body is gone.. There's nothing left.
Vikram's body is in police possession
But it wasn't found where Danny left him.

Danny goes home with tears in his eye
And Karen and Jack have no idea why
Then Kyle shows up to break the news
Karen and Jack are shocked, but Danny is too.
Danny thinks Kyle knows he killed his dad
But Kyle blames a car crash that Vikram had.
Karen's stunned to hear Vikram's gone
And Danny wants to know what's going on.
Karen identifies Vikram's body-- she's sure
But we still need answers -- so many more.

About a police report, Jo confronts Tess
But she's too overwhelmed to deal with this mess.
Not wanting to look like there's something to hide,
Tess tells Jo she's sad that Vikram died.

Jo and Danny are both freaked out,
This is shady without a doubt.
For Karen, Vik's death means good luck
To the tune of 10 million bucks.
But her happiness doesn't last,
For Vikram left Danny all of the cash.

Danny and Jo discuss the car crash cover
And both of them suspect their mothers.
Then, a scary idea Danny suggests
Maybe this isn't help, but a threat.
Perhaps someone moved the body so
They could blackmail Danny and Jo.

At least someone's happy still
Rico's got a girlfriend and he's thrilled.
Andie seems like quite a catch
She even loves math; what a perfect match!
And Andie's kind, Jo quickly learns
She's involved in Tess's charity for people with burns.

Charlie continues to pursue Jo
Who knows where this will go?
Jo asks Kyle what's up with her mom
But Kyle refuses to tell her what's wrong.

Karen puts Tess in her place
By throwing her casserole in her face.
She doesn't forgive Tess for her lies
And keeping it secret that Vik was alive.

Tess finally tells Jo the truth about Vikram Desai
Jo can't believe she knew he was alive.
Danny watches his dad go 6 feet under
Will he ever tell Lacey? We're left to wonder.

Danny tells Karen it's her money too
So she goes shopping to buy all things new.
Everyone at school knows about Danny's money
And Danny doesn't find their comments funnt.
Danny Warbucks is his new nickname
And Danny's annoyed by his newfound fame.

Vik's death was planned, Kyle starts to suspect
As he questions this supposed car wreck.
Andie tells Danny good ways cash can be spent
So he buys his friends tickets to the charity event.

Everyone's trying to be Danny's best friend,
But he's smart enough to know it's pretend.
Karen moved the body, Danny's convinced
But his lack of proof causes Jo to wince.

Danny buy's a painting and makes an outburst.
After the event, with Jo, Charlie flirts.
Because of his secrets, at Danny, Lacey yells
But nothing she does is making him tell.

Tess finally tells Kyle what's true
She had a baby before Jo and Vikram knew.
He kept her secret and that's why
Tess told no one that he was alive.

Of moving the body, Danny accuses his mom
Who looks like she has no clue what's going on.
Caught up in the moment, while he's so mad,
Danny screams to his mother that he killed his dad!

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Twisted -- Home is Where the Hurt Is... RHYMING RECAP episode 1x14

This episode starts with Danny Desai
Back in the halls at Green Grove High
Lacey worked hard to clear his name
But for Danny, nothing's the same
He's back to walking down the hall
And dribbling the soccer ball
Archie and Scott got expelled for their scheme
And Cole welcomes Danny back to the team
Everyone knows Danny didn't kill Regina Crane
But he's trying to hide his new secret pain.
His dad is really dead this time
And Danny is guilty for this crime
It plagues him even though he knows
That it was either Vikram's life or Jo's.
Lacey introduces him to Charlie McBride
Also known as Green Grove's "new guy,"
But Danny already knows him quite well
From back when they shared a prison cell.
They both pretend that they've never met
And Lacey has no idea Danny's upset.
She talks about the upcoming dance,
So excited that Danny got a second chance
Sarita still doesn't want Danny back here
She's not "team Danny," and she makes it clear.
Danny gets in the new kid's face
Ready to put him in his place
But both of them have something to hide,
So Danny is forced to swallow his pride.
Jo and Lacey have made amends
They're back to being best friends
Jo even says that it'd be great
For Lacey to be Danny's homecoming date.
Rico practices asking Jo to go out
But Danny can tell that he's filled with doubt
He's nervous and has no idea what to say
So Danny throws some advice his way
He winds up taking a new girl instead
After Jo puts the idea in his head.
Kyle is still at work wasting his time
He's trying to locate Vikram Desai.
He still thinks that Vikram's alive
And Tess tries to warn Vikram to hide
Since she has no idea that he really died.
If you're confused, you're not alone in this--
No one expected such a huge plot twist.
Danny can't forget about he's done
With guilt, he's still overcome.
Kyle can hardly believe what he's heard
When he listens to Tess's voicemail--every word
Tess knew Vikram faked his death & Kyle knows
Tess feels so guilty; on her face it shows.
The new guy seems creepy and sly
And a little obsessed with Danny Desai.
Danny's Homecoming King, but gives the crown back
And Karen finds a love interest in Vikram's friend, Jack.
Then at the very end
Kyle learns that now Vikram's REALLY dead.
Kyle's so angry he can barely speak--
We're in for a whole lot of drama next week!

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TWISTED update

Don't forget to check out my entry on the broken laws in last week's "Twisted" episode. There were a LOT of them! Click here to read it!!

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PLL Shadow Play... If I May -- Special Rhyming Recap of PLL 4x19

The most recent episode of "Pretty Little Liars" was a themed, film noir special that took place in Spencer's mind. Since I don't hold anyone accountable for what they do in their dreams, instead of writing about the broken laws, I did my own version of a special recap. It rhymes. :)

Shadow Play... if I May

It starts like any other day
That episode  of Shadow Play
The girls find the stolen diary fast
in a drawer in Ezra Fitz's class!
Mona arrives when the girls left
She still scares them all to death.

Then Ezra and Aria speak
A conversation scary and deep
They talk about Aria's writing
She finds her villain so exciting.

But Spencer's mind cannot stay still
Because she takes too many pills.
Her mind makes time go back so far
We break into a film noir.

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For PLL Fans :

Hey guys,
Check out my update in my other blog on the broken laws in episode 4x17 of PLL, "Bite Your Tongue" 

Frozen Love

snow flakes in the sky
makes it cold, but just outside
in the heart heat hides

so don't fear the cold
though frozen, love can be felt
and melt in the soul

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A Quick One Before You Go

Do you have to leave?
Words you never think you'll say
'Til it's time to go

Time wandered so slow 
But today crashed in with speed
To take you away

There's no way I thought
I'd be grabbing on your sleeve
Begging you to stay --

I'll open your door
And make sure you don't get caught
Setting yourself free. 

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Secret Dream -- Yes I write Haikus sometimes & sometimes when I do,they rhyme

I woke from a dream
Spoke not a word while awake
Hushed hope never breaks.

It's easy to win
With no team blocking your aim;
Dreams are just like games.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

PLL Love ShAck BABy

Hey guys,
Please check out my update in my TV + Broken Laws blog on episode 4x15, "Love ShAck BAby!" It also mentions the laws that were broken in the premiere of season 4B.

Let me know also as always if you have any requests that you'd like me to write about in here!


Friday, January 10, 2014

Mona and Alison: Could Two Enemies Have Started the A-Team on PLL?

This is a "theory" that I've had in mind  for awhile now, so I figured I'd write it down so everybody knows what I'm referring to when I say that I believe that Alison and Mona are working together. It all started for me when we saw Mona's flashback where she ran into Ali/Vivian Darkbloom in Brookhaven. This flashback happened in "Unmasked," during a conversation between Mona and Spencer. Read on to find out why I believe this conversation could be more important than we realize.  It's long, but I promise it's worth it. :)

An "A" For Our Favorite PLL English Teacher, Ezra Fitz: Based on PLL 4x14, Who's In The Box?

This is a theory based on the conversation Mona and Ezra had in Pretty Little Liars, Episode 4x14, "Who's In The Box?".  It supports an idea that I've believed for a very long time now: that Mona and Alison are secretly working together. I compiled my reasons for this and made a separate post. Please check it out here! The following theory will explain why I think Mona's conversation with Ezra could have been a hint that Mona IS working with Alison and that she believes that Ezra is "the one Alison fears the most." Read on to see why Mona's anger that the girls are shutting her out could have led to her seeking out answers on her own, and how that could have led to her suspicions of Ezra.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Do Not Disturb

Here's a poem that I wrote:

Do Not Disturb

Do not disturb, demands the sign
A girl hangs on her locked door
Like it's her choice to be confined
A story she believes no more.

A bare room, her locked door hides
With secrets scattered on the floor
Pieces of pain can shatter her pride
Aches from loneliness have no cure.

So she keeps them to herself
Her secrets on the ground
Telling them to no one else
Tales never to be found.

But how would the story go
If she let the sign come down?
She doesn't need an ending though
There's nobody around.

Nobody's knocking either way
Deep down she knows it, too
Still she hangs that sign each day
Mocking everything that's true.

She likes the quiet, she insists
Wearing her headphones on her ear
Alone by choice, she's so convinced
She doesn't want anyone here.

The lock makes her feel secure
And the sign's just like a crown
For nobody can ignore
She who never makes a sound.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

PLL-- The OTHER Jenna Thing... Why Jenna Might Fear The One Who Tried To Kill Her Worst Enemy

This is a PLL theory that explores Jenna's behavior and points out that she might be afraid of the same person who initially attacked Alison on the night of her disappearance. Read on to find out why Jenna cares so much about what happened to her sworn enemy- a mean girl who BLINDED her.  It also delves into Jenna's involvement with the NAT club, her friendship with Wilden, and how all of this could relate to Alison's disappearance.  Read on to find out why the same person might want Jenna AND Alison dead.