RHYMING RECAP: Twisted 1x15 - Danny Indemnity

Twisted 1x15 "Danny Indemnity" RHYMING RECAP

Lacey and Danny are in romantic bliss
'Til a text from Jo interrupts their kiss
Before Danny can turn off his phone's sound
He reads that his father's body was found
Danny's got so much going through his head
But can only tell Lacey that his father's dead.
There's so much that Danny can't let her know
So he tells Lacey that he has to go.

Danny and Jo meet to retrace their steps
Both of them scared of what will happen next.
They return to the scene of the crime
And are surprised at what they DON'T find.
But all of a sudden Danny stops
And points out to Jo that he doesn't see cops
So they go back to where Vikram fell to his death
But his body is gone.. There's nothing left.
Vikram's body is in police possession
But it wasn't found where Danny left him.

Danny goes home with tears in his eye
And Karen and Jack have no idea why
Then Kyle shows up to break the news
Karen and Jack are shocked, but Danny is too.
Danny thinks Kyle knows he killed his dad
But Kyle blames a car crash that Vikram had.
Karen's stunned to hear Vikram's gone
And Danny wants to know what's going on.
Karen identifies Vikram's body-- she's sure
But we still need answers -- so many more.

About a police report, Jo confronts Tess
But she's too overwhelmed to deal with this mess.
Not wanting to look like there's something to hide,
Tess tells Jo she's sad that Vikram died.

Jo and Danny are both freaked out,
This is shady without a doubt.
For Karen, Vik's death means good luck
To the tune of 10 million bucks.
But her happiness doesn't last,
For Vikram left Danny all of the cash.

Danny and Jo discuss the car crash cover
And both of them suspect their mothers.
Then, a scary idea Danny suggests
Maybe this isn't help, but a threat.
Perhaps someone moved the body so
They could blackmail Danny and Jo.

At least someone's happy still
Rico's got a girlfriend and he's thrilled.
Andie seems like quite a catch
She even loves math; what a perfect match!
And Andie's kind, Jo quickly learns
She's involved in Tess's charity for people with burns.

Charlie continues to pursue Jo
Who knows where this will go?
Jo asks Kyle what's up with her mom
But Kyle refuses to tell her what's wrong.

Karen puts Tess in her place
By throwing her casserole in her face.
She doesn't forgive Tess for her lies
And keeping it secret that Vik was alive.

Tess finally tells Jo the truth about Vikram Desai
Jo can't believe she knew he was alive.
Danny watches his dad go 6 feet under
Will he ever tell Lacey? We're left to wonder.

Danny tells Karen it's her money too
So she goes shopping to buy all things new.
Everyone at school knows about Danny's money
And Danny doesn't find their comments funnt.
Danny Warbucks is his new nickname
And Danny's annoyed by his newfound fame.

Vik's death was planned, Kyle starts to suspect
As he questions this supposed car wreck.
Andie tells Danny good ways cash can be spent
So he buys his friends tickets to the charity event.

Everyone's trying to be Danny's best friend,
But he's smart enough to know it's pretend.
Karen moved the body, Danny's convinced
But his lack of proof causes Jo to wince.

Danny buy's a painting and makes an outburst.
After the event, with Jo, Charlie flirts.
Because of his secrets, at Danny, Lacey yells
But nothing she does is making him tell.

Tess finally tells Kyle what's true
She had a baby before Jo and Vikram knew.
He kept her secret and that's why
Tess told no one that he was alive.

Of moving the body, Danny accuses his mom
Who looks like she has no clue what's going on.
Caught up in the moment, while he's so mad,
Danny screams to his mother that he killed his dad!


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