Twisted -- Home is Where the Hurt Is... RHYMING RECAP episode 1x14

This episode starts with Danny Desai
Back in the halls at Green Grove High
Lacey worked hard to clear his name
But for Danny, nothing's the same
He's back to walking down the hall
And dribbling the soccer ball
Archie and Scott got expelled for their scheme
And Cole welcomes Danny back to the team
Everyone knows Danny didn't kill Regina Crane
But he's trying to hide his new secret pain.
His dad is really dead this time
And Danny is guilty for this crime
It plagues him even though he knows
That it was either Vikram's life or Jo's.
Lacey introduces him to Charlie McBride
Also known as Green Grove's "new guy,"
But Danny already knows him quite well
From back when they shared a prison cell.
They both pretend that they've never met
And Lacey has no idea Danny's upset.
She talks about the upcoming dance,
So excited that Danny got a second chance
Sarita still doesn't want Danny back here
She's not "team Danny," and she makes it clear.
Danny gets in the new kid's face
Ready to put him in his place
But both of them have something to hide,
So Danny is forced to swallow his pride.
Jo and Lacey have made amends
They're back to being best friends
Jo even says that it'd be great
For Lacey to be Danny's homecoming date.
Rico practices asking Jo to go out
But Danny can tell that he's filled with doubt
He's nervous and has no idea what to say
So Danny throws some advice his way
He winds up taking a new girl instead
After Jo puts the idea in his head.
Kyle is still at work wasting his time
He's trying to locate Vikram Desai.
He still thinks that Vikram's alive
And Tess tries to warn Vikram to hide
Since she has no idea that he really died.
If you're confused, you're not alone in this--
No one expected such a huge plot twist.
Danny can't forget about he's done
With guilt, he's still overcome.
Kyle can hardly believe what he's heard
When he listens to Tess's voicemail--every word
Tess knew Vikram faked his death & Kyle knows
Tess feels so guilty; on her face it shows.
The new guy seems creepy and sly
And a little obsessed with Danny Desai.
Danny's Homecoming King, but gives the crown back
And Karen finds a love interest in Vikram's friend, Jack.
Then at the very end
Kyle learns that now Vikram's REALLY dead.
Kyle's so angry he can barely speak--
We're in for a whole lot of drama next week!


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