A Whirly Girly PLL Recap -- Recap of Pretty Little Liars 5x02

Usually I do recaps that also cite & explain the broken laws in Pretty Little Liars, but the most recent episode did not have that many, so I wrote a regular recap instead. Next week's episode will probably have more broken laws and I'll do a broken laws recap for that one!

At the beginning of the episode, the girls take a bus from New York (AKA "Philadelphia") home to Rosewood. Ali nearly refuses to get off the bus. The girls discuss their grand plan for Ali to tell the police the truth, starting with "The Jenna Thing." Instead, Ali lies to Detective Holbrook and invents a fake kidnapper. Ali's dad shows up at the police station. It looks like Hanna was right about Ali being alive!

Veronica Hastings accuses Spencer of having bad judgment for knowing Alison was alive for a month and not telling anyone. When Veronica mentions the girl in Ali's grave, Spencer insists that she was not involved and that she has no idea who the girl is. Spencer finds out from Veronica that Melissa is home, but instead of souvenirs, she brought home attitude and secrets.

Ashley Marin asks Hanna questions about Ali, but Hanna would rather talk about melting cheese than discuss Ali. Mike hears Aria on the phone asking about Ezra, because Aria's door is made out of wood, not petroleum. Aria lies, horribly, about seeing Ezra in New York while the girls were in "Philadelphia."

Spencer and Emily notice that Jason is back in Rosewood when they see him outside working on his car. Spencer wants to leave Planet Alison; she resents Alison for involving the girls in her newest lie. Just like old times, Emily comes to Ali's defense. Ali throws a phone, wrapped in a roll of toilet paper, to show the girls her new text. It reads, "The truth will bury you in a New York minute." When asked who sent the text, Alison draws a question mark on her window.

Ali reunites with one of her dolls, in a very Mona-like manner. Ali's dad tells her that he and Jason can't reach Ali's mother. Ali's dad wants to keep her safe, so the police are putting a barrier up on their street. They share a father-son moment, during which Mr. DiLaurentis shows Ali an old picture of her that he has carried in his wallet since Ali's disappearance.

Mr. DiLaurentis tells Ali that he and Mrs. D are divorcing, but Ali says that Emily already told her about it. She tells her dad that she's sorry. Ali starts crying and she looks afraid. Aria has nightmares about killing Shana, complete with Jenna, guns and violins. Hanna calls Aria about Ali's text. Emily and Spencer hadn't told Aria about it yet. Of course, Ali claims that the text is the reason that she lied to Holbrook. Even if the text scared Ali, the text came while she was IN A POLICE STATION.  She could have showed the text to Holbrook immediately, but no, creating a kidnapper seemed like the better choice to her. The girls still believe "A" is dead after Shana's death, but Aria looks terrified.

Alison gets scared each time she hears a noise while she's trying to sleep. Jason creeps in Ali's bedroom when he thinks she's asleep. Kenneth DiLaurentis shows up at Hanna's house. He needs Ashley's help and he asks if Ashley has heard from Jessica. He wants Ashley to read Jessica's emails on her business account; Jessica recently changed her password, and Kenneth can't understand why she didn't come home to greet Ali. He mentions that Jason's brain is not functioning. Hanna eavesdrops on the conversation.

Jason scolds Ali for stepping outside her front door. Ali asks Jason why he hasn't asked her many questions after her return, and she also asks about Jessica's reaction to the news that Ali is alive. Jason describes it as "stunned." A woman shows up with a dog claiming that Mrs. D arranged to adopt the dog that morning. The woman makes sure to clarify that it's a dog, not a pizza, and it's from the animal shelter. Jason protests and denies that Mrs. D arranged to adopt the dog, but Ali insists on taking the dog. Mike discusses Alison with Mona, and Mike tells Mona that he misses her and would love to be her personal bodyguard. Mona bought whistles to help every girl at the school stay safe, because she's so caring and noble.

Spencer speculates that Jenna sent the Ali the text. Spencer goes through Jason's garbage and finds a bag from a bakery in New York, which suggests that he was there very recently. Emily thinks that Jason has been following Ali for Mrs. D, and she theorizes that Jason threw the rock and is preventing Ali from telling the whole truth to protect himself and his mother. Emily thinks that's what he was doing during his time "in rehab."

Aria searches on the internet for news about Shana's death, and she continues getting tortured by an ipod filled with violin music. Emily and Spencer show Ali the bakery bag from Jason's garbage. Ali tells them about him watching her sleep the night before. She asks Spencer if she should be afraid of their big brother. Spencer says that nobody would believe the girls even if they figure out who hit Ali with the rock. Ali claims that she lied to the police to protect Aria. She yells at the girls when they invite her to sleepovers; her last sleepover with them didn't turn out so well. Ashley feels guilty about reading Jessica's emails, but Hanna has absolutely no problem doing it.

Toby's back. At Spencer's, he and Veronica fill Spencer in on Melissa's latest lie. Melissa told her parents and the police that she came home from London because she ran into Toby there. It turns out that Toby never saw Melissa; according to Toby, Wren answered the door when Toby knocked, and told Toby that Melissa was no longer in London. Veronica wants Spencer to stay close to home. When Spencer asks, Toby claims that he went to London to find out the truth from Melissa.

Aria gets furious at Emily for not telling her about Ali's text from "not A." Aria tries to decorate Ali's fake hideout shed. Aria is guilt-ridden about killing Shana, and she confides in Emily about this. Emily reminds Aria that she also killed someone in self defense once, too. What a normal conversation for two high school girls to have!

Any time Ashley Marin leaves the room, Hanna reads what's on her computer about Jessica DiLaurentis. Hanna finds a draft email that Jessica planned on sending to an unknown recipient. It reads: "I can't protect you anymore." This freaks Hanna out. Spencer and Toby "catch up" in Spencer's bed, and Spencer ignores phone calls from her friends. Jason fights with Kenneth because Jason needs to go to Philadelphia and Kevin doesn't approve. Kenneth thinks that Jason is the only person who knows where Mrs. DiLaurentis is. Emily shows up in time to overhear their conversation.

Aria goes home and is less-than-thrilled to find Mona there with Mike. Mona acts shocked that Aria would go anywhere without a police escort after Ali's "kidnapping." Mike gives Aria her ipod that he borrowed for a project. Apparently he was the source of the violin music. Aria confronts Mona about where she was when Ali disappeared. She tells Mona that all of the girls know the truth now. Mona tries to give Aria a whistle, but Aria has no interest in accepting anything from Mona. She's suspicious of Mona's real reason for being at her house. Mona asks Aria about Mr. Fitz's condition, in a taunting tone.

Hanna delivers some information regarding Mrs. DiLaurentis to Mr. DiLaurentis. Emily tells Hanna about the conversation she heard between Jason and his father. Emily assumes that Jason must share the girls' code word for New York, "Philadelphia." Jason bangs loudly on Hanna's car window, scaring both of the girls. He wants them to mind their own business about his mother. Jason drives off really quickly, and the girls follow him, before Hanna has a chance to change her underwear.  Emily and Hanna follow Jason to a dark building, but get scared away by a creepy old man before they can get inside.

Alison visits her own "grave" and Mona follows her there. Ali gives Mona a speech about becoming a better person, and she tells Mona that she needs her as a friend. Mona doesn't share this sentiment and she warns Ali that she's going to wish that she stayed dead. Mona also admits to sending the "New York Minute" text message to Ali, which shouldn't surprise anyone that much.

Spencer goes to Alison's house and speaks to Jason there. Jason reveals that he knows people suspect him for being responsible for Ali's "kidnapping." It seems as though Jason actually believes the "kidnapping story," or maybe he just wants it to look that way to the girls. Ali's new dog discovers Mrs. D's dead body at the end of the episode, which will lead to a lot of drama for the upcoming episodes in season 5. I hope there are more broken laws in Rosewood next week!


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