Friday, October 25, 2013

Alison FitzLaurentis Theory: Could Alison DiLaurentis and Ezra Fitz be RELATED on Pretty Little Liars?!

What if Ali is secretly EZRA'S YOUNGER SISTER?! Recall that in season 1,  EZRA TOLD ARIA in season 1 that his parents had cheated on each other but in the end it wasn't their infidelity that tore them apart.  Ezra wondered if Aria's parents had an "arrangement" similar to his parents' situation.  Maybe Ezra's father cheated on Creepy Diane "FitzScary" with Jessica DiLaurentis.  Perhaps they had a differing of opinion when it came to how Alison would be raised.  Maybe THAT is what tore them apart.

 Perhaps Ezra JUST RECENTLY found out about all of this. The MAGGIE/MALCOLM story seems pointless now that Malcolm isn't Ezra's son -- unless he found out OTHER information when getting his DNA tested.  Ezra jumped at morphing into a father figure when he found out about Malcolm being his "son."  He's the type of guy that would set out to find his sister immediately upon learning that he had a sister.  He could have done exactly that; He could have realized exactly who the sister was (Alison), then FIGURED OUT that Ali was ALIVE but had to KEEP IT FROM ARIA because he also discovered that somebody was out to get Alison and would have no problem taking down her friends to do it.  Next, he created the lair to SPY ON THE GIRLS so that he could have excuses for/ WAYS OF randomly showing up just in time to save the day (Halloween episodes "This is a Dark Ride," and "The Grave Truth," for example.  In "This is a Dark Ride," Ezra claimed that he went to the end of the line to surprise Aria, but HE was the one who seemed shocked.  Maybe that's because he saw Aria get drugged and put in the box from the lair, RUSHED to get there, but since he couldn't monitor what was happening during his drive, assumed the worst: that Aria got hurt or killed.

In "The Grave Truth," he just happened to call Aria right when the girls got to the cemetery (which he likely knew they were going to b/c of the lair), warn her to be careful, THEN show up to drive the girls home when Spencer had a flat tire.  As if that's not enough, right when Alison was spilling that she was afraid of somebody dangerous, she suddenly made the "shhh" signal and disappeared RIGHT WHEN Ezra showed up because "Aria forgot her phone."

Monday, September 23, 2013

Mere-Death + ezrA sitting in a tree....Pretty Little Liars Theory

NOTE: be sure to check out my tv and the law blog within the next few days.  It's long overdue, but there will be a major "Twisted" update.  For now, check out this PLL theory!

The following is a theory that provides a DIFFERENT connection between Ezra and Alison.  It is not necessarily true that the two of them ever dated, and I hope that they didn't.  Read on to see how MEREDITH could be the link between these two mysterious characters on Pretty Little Liars. 

In "the first secret,"  Aria bumped into Ezra in the Hollis hallways.  Directly after that happened, Aria walked into Byron’s office to find Meredith laying on the couch.  I find that juxtaposition interesting.

With all of the “beach hottie” and “ezrA” commotion, a lot of people are assuming that Ezra dated Ali in the past.  Does that really have to be their connection?  Perhaps Alison never dated Ezra at all, but rather was involved in the destruction of one of his relationships.  This is where the above-mentioned juxtaposition between Aria’s scenes with Ezra and Meredith comes in.  Ezra has a bit of a temper from what we have seen and would not likely tolerate an unfaithful girlfriend.  That’s why it would make a great plot twist if Ezra dated MEREDITH in the past and discovered that she cheated on him with Byron Montgomery.

When Alison found out about Byron and Meredith’s affair, maybe Byron was not the only person who suffered her blackmailing wrath.  Who says that Meredith was single while she was hooking up with Byron?  Clearly she had no concern about destroying a man’s entire family; she likely wouldn’t have a problem cheating on a boyfriend.  Maybe Ali threatened Meredith that she would tell Ezra about her secret relationship with Byron unless she paid up.  Perhaps Meredith DIDN’T pay because she expected that Byron would pay Ali enough money to satisfy her -- only it wasn’t enough.

As a result, Ali told Ezra about Meredith cheating on him with Byron.  That could be how Ezra met Ali.  Maybe Ezra didn’t believe Ali at first and blamed her for ruining his relationship; maybe he still blames her -- this was none of her business, yet she got involved and it affected his life in a horrible way. When Ali “died” (since now this is apparently a debated topic), it makes perfect sense for Ezra to “meet” Aria.  Under this theory, Ezra’s ex girlfriend cheated on him with Aria’s father.  Aria would likely have the most information for Ezra (maybe she knew some of the secrets that Ali knew), AND she’d make the perfect tool for Ezra to get revenge on Byron for stealing his girlfriend.  It’s possible that he PLANNED to use Aria for this purpose but then developed genuine feelings for her (for all you Ezria fans out there).  This would explain why Aria rarely gets targeted by “A.”  It would ALSO explain why Ezra seemed more intent on Ella approving of his relationship with Aria than he ever did with Byron.

Ezra could have suspected that Ali was still alive when Byron and Meredith started dating again and “coincidentally,” Jason started asking for money in exchange for information about Ali’s “dead body.”  Perhaps Ezra guessed that Ali was alive and in hiding and this was Jason’s way of helping his sister and collecting the money for her.  The hostility between Ezra and Jason seemed overdone if it was only about Jason’s jealousy.  But maybe that’s not what it was at all.

Why would Ezra want to find Ali now?  If Ali knew one secret in Ezra’s life, maybe she knew more of his secrets -- ones that he really doesn’t want revealed.  Now that he suspects that she’s alive, he wants to find her.

Ezra could have revealed the affair between Byron and Meredith to Ella both, to take away Ali’s power to blackmail him and to get further revenge for what Byron did to him.  Also, it would answer why he would take part in “exposing his relationship with Aria” by sending Byron that note.  Maybe Ezra wanted Byron to catch him dating his daughter; this could have been a method of taunting Byron.

Ali even may have referenced this theory in her journal.  She wrote that she knew that Aria would not tell her mother about Byron and Ella’s affair, but “that was WHY SHE PICKED [ARIA].”  If Aria had told Ella, Ali would have had no power to blackmail anybody.  Since Ali knew Aria would never tell, she insisted numerous times that Aria SHOULD tell Ella; this way Ali seemed like a friend giving advice in a somewhat harsh tone.  She already knew that Aria wasn’t going to tell, but this way, Aria would never suspect her of blackmailing her father.

Lastly (for now), Ali blackmailing BOTH Meredith and Byron could explain why Meredith knew that Byron was being blackmailed when he supposedly was no longer seeing Meredith.  Meredith never liked Aria and her friends; she never gave them any type of chance.  This could be because she knew the entire time that Alison and Aria were the ones who destroyed Byron’s office and framed her for doing it.  Ali’s behavior in Byron’s office was unnecessarily harsh for someone who supposedly didn’t even know Meredith.  Perhaps this took place right after Meredith refused to pay Ali her blackmail money.

It’s possible.  From what I hear, ANYTHING is possible in Rosewood. ;)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Breaking REALLY Bad and Treading Lightly ... Recaps/Commentary on The Final Episodes of Breaking Bad -- **CONTAINS SPOILERS-- DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED 5X09

Too much girl talk on this blog lately? Yeah, I thought so.  I do love "Pretty Little Liars" and "Twisted" a lot, but shockingly enough, there is one show that I'd have to call my favorite over both of them, and above anything else that's ever been on television.  Obviously I'm referring to "Breaking Bad," which contains some of the most phenomenal writing I've ever encountered.  Even though there's such a cultural stigma that television shows have no educational value, I honestly believe that students in English/writing classes could learn a thing or two about writing from this show.  In short, BREAKING BAD IS AWESOME.  

Even though I put this in the title, in case someone decided not to listen to me, I'm going to reiterate: This article "**CONTAINS SPOILERS-- DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED 5X09**."  I would HATE to spoil Breaking Bad for anybody.

Let's discuss what on earth is going on in the episodes of the final season that we've seen so far. That is by no means intended to imply that I know what's going on at all; I'm about as flabbergasted as (CLICK THE FOLLOWING BUTTON TO REVEAL SPOILER CONTENT)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

PLL: Dr. Wren and Mr. Hyde -- Two Contradictory Theories: Wren is a Good Guy and Wren is a Bad Guy

**I would like to explain why from now on, I am using quotation marks around the word "theory."  I should have been doing this the whole time, but at least I'm starting now.  My style of writing "theories," is not necessarily writing something that I think/predict would actually WIND UP happening in the shows; I write ideas that COULD happen, that I believe to be creative, and would make sense with the plot lines. 

I would love to write for TV some day, and the way I write is sort of a baby-step towards writing spec scripts.**

Now, for the "theories" : 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

PLL -- Are The Pointless Characters REALLY as Pointless as we think? (Probably, but this is how I'd make them important)

PLL Theory-- Maybe these "pointless characters" aren't so pointless after all.

1) Did Duncan REALLY think Aria was Ali just b/c she was wearing a red coat? OR did he somehow get tipped off that the girls have the coat and use that as a way to talk to the girls?

 Remember the reason we met Duncan? It was because of that guy Jonah who was trying to help find out who "A" was/ who was sending the texts to "Vivian"  -- Jonah initially gave Spencer and Aria an address that led to that creepy area where that scary old man was.  This REALLY isn't Jonah's problem anymore, but he took the initiative to call Aria and tell her that he traced another burner phone to the area RIGHT WHERE THEY MET DUNCAN?

 Is that a coincidence? OR: (2 options I've thought of so far) : 1) Duncan wanted to talk to the girls/Aria and needed an excuse to meet them etc.  He could've paid off Jonah to make that phone call to Aria. OR 2) Jonah's call was genuine, and the reason the burner phone was traced to the area where they met Duncan is because he WAS the one sending the texts. --Also it is interesting that Jonah and Duncan BOTH supposedly didn't know that Vivian/Ali had died.

Friday, July 19, 2013

It's TWISTED When Someone Confesses To Murder...

For those of you who watch ABC Family's show, "Twisted," I'm jotting down some notes on a developing, probably farfetched (but still awesome) theory.

Danny Desai has openly admitted to killing his aunt and he has served 5 years in juvie for it.  Jo has inquired a few times as to why Danny killed his aunt, and he has refused to give her an answer, although he's remained persistant that he had a good reason.  Whenever he's asked about it, Danny contends that he is withholding the information to protect his friends.  While Jo HAS pressed him on this issue, it is not discussed nearly as often as the other elephant in the "Twisted" room, whether or not Danny is a sociopath.

In the first episode, Danny was given the nickname, "Socio," a name that was the original title for the show before it was renamed "Twisted."  From day one, that has been Danny's nickname, and from day one people have suspected that he is a sociopath.  However, some of the same people who have wondered about Danny's socio-status have received interesting explanations upon exploring this possibility.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Pretty Little Plot Twist If It Were Up To Me (What I would add to PLL based on Melissa's behavior in Episode 4x03)

This is a fun plot twist that I came up with after watching the most recent episode of Pretty Little Liars (PLL), "Cat's Cradle."  I call it a fun plot twist because it's not one that I necessarily believe that the writers will actually use, BUT if they did, it would make sense with the show's current story lines and even fill up some plot holes.

Melissa Hastings returns to Rosewood in this episode of PLL, and she brings a lot of new questions back to town with her.  Her behavior towards Spencer in this episode indicates that there might be a lot more to Melissa's character than we realize.  Melissa even points this out to Spencer herself.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Melissa is finding that she and Spencer have a lot in common, and she thinks that if they know what's good for them, they should both leave town.  It's easy to chalk this up to typical Melissa Hastings weirdness, but I have a better idea.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The PLL Game - What's the game, how many teams are there and who are the players?

**disclaimer: I do not claim ownership or copyright rights to any of the videos in this entry.  All of them are property of ABC Family/Pretty Little Liars/Warner Bros. **

It started off with us wondering who "A" was.  Then when we found out it was Mona, she immediately got us thinking about the rest of the "A Team" when she told Spencer that you have to "earn the right to be a part of it" and then pretty much gave her 2 choices: join the A Team or die.  

Later on, it became about more than the team, but whose side the A Team is on in the ultimate "game"... and what game the players are even playing.  This show makes many references to "the game," but we're never really told what it is... Let's just say that Ali was right in that dream sequence/hallucination/whatever it was in episode 2x24.  "This isn't Yahtzee, sweetie.  This is some seriously messed up stuff."  However, I'm not so sure about her contention that we're "getting warmer."  Let's try, though.  

Saturday, May 11, 2013

PLL: CeCe Drake, Melissa Hastings & Ali : What REALLY Happened?

I was perusing the PLL message board on IMDB's website, and I found a post whose author inquired whether or not CeCe and Melissa are working together on Pretty Little Liars.  I credit the author of that post for triggering me to think about this more.  Here are my thoughts on the subject:

The whole thing with CeCe is weird. We've seen flashbacks of CeCe and Ali where they clearly got along well, one of which took place during the summer before Ali disappeared. If it's true that Ali got CeCe kicked out of school and CeCe hates her for it, exactly when did that take place? It would have had to have happened sometime BEFORE the flashback of Ali telling CeCe that she might be pregnant, and if that's true, why were CeCe and Ali still on good terms during that summer? 

Also, IF we're buying into that story, we're also supposed to believe that (as you said) CeCe started visiting Mona in Radley after finding out that she was in there because MELISSA called and told her. Think about this for a minute. Melissa claims that she got an anonymous text threatening her & that's why she had to dress as the black swan and "distract Jenna." She said she believed the text came from Mona, and when we heard this story from Lucas, he thought the same thing. I have about a million problems with this, lol, so try and bare with me. 

1) If Melissa believes that Mona was threatening her, why would she want to help her later by getting CeCe to visit Mona in Radley? Melissa is, to say the least, not the nicest girl in the world, but would she really want to help a girl who not only threatened her, but spent the past year tormenting her sister and friends? If so, WHY? 

2) If Melissa is working with Jenna, why would she comply with a text message instructing her to distract Jenna? 

3) Distract Jenna from what? In the same episode, we know that Jenna had some sort of plan for that night ("they're all going to be at the party, you know what you need to do"). Don't get me started on that person Jenna was talking to turning out to be Shana; that's a story for a different day. But: 

4) Did Mona find out about Jenna's plan (whatever it may have been) and send those texts to Melissa and Lucas to stop her from going through with it? Did Mona send them any texts at all? Maybe it wasn't her. When Lucas told his story to Hanna, he said that Mona sent him this anonymous text AND he said that Mona tried to run him over. We know that he was incorrect about the second part; we saw that it was TOBY that tried to run him over. How do we know that Mona really sent those texts? Maybe Jenna sent the texts wanting Melissa and Lucas to believe that Mona did it, and this was her way of starting her OWN team. 

5) Am I the only person who finds it odd that Jenna and Melissa would work together when both of them dated Garrett, first of all, and second, Melissa knows Jenna is the reason Garrett was arrested. Jenna screwed Garrett over by turning in page 5 of Ali's autopsy report to the police, and Melissa claims that Garrett is the only guy out of all the guys she's dealt with who was always honest with her. Why on Earth would she and Jenna work together? My only guess is because they both want the videos. 

6) If CeCe hated Ali like Wren says, why wouldn't Jason think to mention this piece of information to Spencer and the other girls? If CeCe despised Ali, I highly doubt she's hanging out with her old friends with good intentions. 

I hope in season 4, this crazy knot that's been tied between all sorts of characters begins to unravel into something that makes sense.  I'm especially excited for Jenna's story; she's been an interesting character from the very beginning.  See my post on my TV & The Law website about season 1, episode 2, of Pretty Little Liars, "The Jenna Thing" to refresh your memories on the beginning of Jenna Marshall's complicated story.  

Theory/Comment on the A-Team, their lack of Communication, and Why Anyone can be "A" in Pretty Little Liars

First of all, I want everyone who reads this blog to know that I've recently started another blog that I think you might be interested in as well.  It is a TV Recaps & the Law website that essentially recaps episodes of TV shows AND includes detailed information about the broken laws in the episodes.  I started with Pretty Little Liars (surprise, surprise), but will be adding more shows.  Come check out the main page here.  The most recent entry is on PLL episode 5, "Reality Bites Me."

NOW, onto my rant about the A Team: 

Did anybody else think it was odd that in the season 3 finale, when Spencer was on the A-Team, it was implied to us that when members of the A-Team communicate with each other, they still sign their texts as "A?" 

We saw Spencer text Toby to meet her at the Grille, and she signed that message from "A." Toby showed up to the Grille expecting Mona, which suggests that he's received similar messages from Mona in the past. 

I feel like this leaves SO much room for abuse. If this is the way the A-Team members communicate, it's no wonder we don't know who's on the team. Do they even know who's on the team? Anybody can buy one of those phones that sends anonymous texts (we've seen the girls do it to Ian in earlier episodes), and therefore anyone can send one of the known A-Team members a text message and sign it "A." Is that all it takes to mess them up? If so, it would be easy for anyone who learned this information to mess with/threaten etc anybody they wanted via text messages and sign those text messages as "A" to guarantee that nobody would suspect them. 

That could be how, if there are two teams, the second one came to exist. Maybe the other team consists of people who have received texts from "A." If that's true, it's possible that some of them might suspect that the PLLs sent them texts from "A." 

The way they showed the scene with Spencer and Toby, anyone in the entire town could become "A" if they wanted to. In fact, I think I'll go to Rosewood now, buy a black hoodie and a prepaid phone and take care of business, lol. It seems so absurd to me.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Finding it Again

This is a work in progress... Sometimes I use music to help me write.  When I do this, I'll listen to songs of all different types of genres played on shuffle & I'll take something from each song in order to create my work.  I might add more to this one; so far I only used 4 songs.

Finding It Again

Is it a doctor that I need?  Will magic prescriptions set me free and make me feel alive?
Or I could search the cinema forever until I'm revived.
No one can take away the treasure that defines me;
for my favorite movie will always remind me.
And if I don't find it on the movie screen,
I'll hear it in the tambourine
that plays my senses back to me 'til I'm once again awake
Nothing will shock me enough to stop me from dancing to my escape.
So even when I'm at my worst, I always know that love comes first and never really leaves.
Nothing is gone just based upon what somebody else believes.