Saturday, November 10, 2012

Documenting PLL theories I've written randomly and forgotten

I was wrong about Toby not being on the A team, but I did say, "unless he is crazy."

Toby is Crazy Theory:

 Maybe Toby DOES have a mental disorder of some sort. In the episode where the girls stole Toby's files from his therapist's office, Jenna told Emily that she didn't want the file getting out because Toby is troubled and she didn't know what he might do... I know we're not sure about Jenna, but SOME of the things she has said are true, so, continuing... She called the police on Toby b/c she didn't want him "running around looking like some criminal." When the girls threw Toby's medical records into the water, we saw somebody fish them out at the end of the episode. Maybe that person was Garrett, who has a secret to tell Spencer about somebody close to her that has everyone fooled. Maybe he DIDN'T mean Melissa when he said "People lie but medical records don't." Maybe he meant Toby, because otherwise we still haven't seen any repercussions from somebody retrieving that file from the water.

I will probably add more to this post as I find these/remember them. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

PLL "Hurt the Ones You Love" A-Team Theory (after seeing 3.13 "This is a Dark Ride"

Obviously, everybody knows that I was going to come up with another crazy, far-fetched theory after the season 3 Halloween episode of PLL.  I have just been extremely busy working full time and studying... but I finally got a chance to write it down.

It's called the "Hurt the Ones You Love" theory, and as always, it's pretty long but totally worth it.  Here we go:

Monday, September 17, 2012

To a daring guy I knew...

I wrote something for a daring guy I knew who chose to leave this world too soon...

The first time I saw you I had no clue what you could be
The first time I saw you I had no clue what you'd do to me.
Then when I heard your voice
you were shouting so loudly,
you gave me no choice
but to hear you; I still hear you now.
If I shut my eyes I can still see your face
so clear;
It's as if you were here,
even though you've gone off to a better place
It's as though you're next to me laughing
as you drag me
into our crazed secret days
You'd pretend to be scared and make fun of the looks on my face.

Come give me another dare
'cause you always were prepared to keep me safe.

Remember when we went jet skiing and you called
it jet falling 'cause we couldn't stand up straight?
You told me life was like a balance beam;
falling wasn't as scary as it seems,
& that the scariest part was the wait.

I swear I can still hear you
though I'm nowhere near you
You still give me dares and you still keep me safe.
Come give me another dare, 'cause you're still prepared up there
to keep me safe.

Monday, September 3, 2012

New Job

I start my new job tomorrow... but I promise to make sure to embrace my love for writing about all different types of topics. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

PLL: Rough Thoughts on Toby's A-Team Involvement

This is my jumbled up blurb of an attempt to explain why it makes sense that Toby would have joined Mona on a member of the A Team, and why he still might be the one who tried to save Emily.

Why is Toby on the A Team?/ Is Toby the one who called Emily saying, “get out,” and if so, why?

--Mona says at the end that she wouldn’t have come out that night if she knew that Nate would get Garrett out.  She chalked it up to even the best plans going awry.  She said that she wished she and Toby got to make the phone call (to Maya’s cell phone) which would make the liars think “OMG Paige is the killer.” 

**Also: Marlene King posted a picture of the scene where Mona says "change of plans" to another person on the "A" team.  Some people think that, that person was NOT Toby, but Marlene King's caption for the photo is "Your first glimpse of @keeganallen as A."  So Mona was talking to Toby when she said that there's a change of plans.  I'm pretty sure this was when Mona realized that Nate had kidnapped Paige and therefore their plans to frame her were not going to work as planned.

Potential explanation: Toby’s reason for being on the A team could originate with the girls accusing him of killing Ali.  Maybe he was being honest when he said that being accused of murdering Ali made him a lot less quick to judge people.  So maybe he was even less quick to judge somebody like Mona.  Toby seemed extremely frustrated with the fact that Spencer was STILL quick to assume that the easy suspect was the killer.  He was really annoyed that Spencer was still convinced that Garrett killed Ali even after she, herself, found and helped turn into the police, evidence that proved otherwise.  

Maybe he joined the A team to teach the girls a lesson about being so quick to assume the worst about innocent people, while trusting the wrong people.  After all, he's "got friends in all the wrong places and misery loves company."

Read more below to see support for this idea: 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Who the hell is going to betray everyone?

Fans of Pretty Little Liars know that ABC Family has revealed and promoted the fact that one of 12 suspects is going to betray everyone.  I am composing a blog post in attempt to figure out who is going to betray everyone this time. I have a feeling this won't be the last time someone betrays everyone, but right now I'm focusing on this particular one.  Long story short, I have narrowed the list of 12 people down to two suspects.  In order of likelihood in my opinion, they are 1) Lucas and 2) Ezra.
**ETA: Ashley Marin is a suspect too: Watch it be really basic... B is for betrayal & as we learned from the braille incident, B= #2. Ashley= #2 on the suspect list when they had it in alphabetical order.

 If you would like to read why, check out my detailed reasoning below. :

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Yeah, bitch! Magnets! Ohh! Breaking Bad 5.01

Fans of Breaking Bad everywhere have had a year to wonder what would happen after the dramatic explosion that was the end of season 4.  Finally, on Sunday, July 15th 2012, the first episode of season 5 aired.

Everyone who had been wondering what Walt would do after the explosion finally got the answer; he grew a beard, changed his name and went to Denny's to celebrate.  Oh wait, that's just something that we now know will happen at some point in the future.  Walt, or as he will go by in the future, Mr. Lambert, will spend his 52nd birthday at Denny's where he will meet up with Mike to do some elusive business deal.  Cue in the "OMG, is Walt in witness protection?" type questions.  At least we know that  Walt lives to see his 52nd birthday.

In this flash-forward scene, Walt meets Jim Beaver, who sold him a gun in season 4, in the bathroom where it looks like they're about to do a shady drug deal.  Instead, the gun salesman gives Walt keys to a car.  Walt opens the trunk to said car and finds guns n stuff.  Walt is seen taking some sort of pill in the bathroom.  It could be that his cancer returned, it could mean nothing, or maybe he's about to waste a bunch of Cartel members in a very Gus Fring in "Salud" way.  We'll have to wait and see.  **Continued below**

Monday, July 2, 2012

Rant on RAP

I am just going to say my piece on RAP (rule against perpetuities) right now.  I know the rule. I get the point.  But I still think it is ridiculous!!  Imagine if you were a lawyer (for those of us who make it through this hell of a bar exam--but I digress) and you actually had to EXPLAIN this to a client.

"Sir, I understand that you want to leave your estate to your brother's widow for life and then to your children.  That's very noble of you.  Unfortunately, you have to think of it this way: you can't leave your estate to them that way because there is this pesky rule that we have to follow.  We have to consider the fact that your brother's wife and your children can walk out the door today and all spontaneously combust out of nowhere.

Plus, your brother is still alive, so he doesn't have a widow.  It doesn't matter that he's married and his wife might live longer than he does.  Your brother's current wife can get hit by a car in 5 minutes and die.  Maybe he'll remarry and maybe his hypothetical second wife will outlive him, but we can't predict the future.  No, I'm sorry, this violates the rule against perpetuities."


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Confessions of a Law School Grad LOOKING FOR A JOB

I am seriously beginning to feel like a machine.  At least in law school I knew that I was working tremendously hard.  I may have hated it, but at least that means I still managed to maintain my feelings and emotions during law school.  I suppose that's a plus.

Who knew that the process of applying for jobs would be the part of my life that would make me feel like I'm losing a small piece of my humanity daily?  Law school sounds so prestigious when people hear about it.  It's EXPECTED (or at least it used to be) that when students graduate from law school, they get jobs somewhat easily.

I spend so much time searching for law firms, trying to find law firms that are actually hiring, perfecting my resume for the 8,000th time, and writing personal cover letters that will likely go unread.  At the beginning, I didn't mind it and I still felt like a human.  However, a few months have passed now and my take on this has dramatically changed.

Unfortunately, the job search process is unbelievably unrewarding.  When I applied to law school, I knew I was getting myself into a painfully difficult three years.  I felt wholeheartedly, that the benefits would outweigh the difficulties.  I never imagined that when I received my diploma in the mail, that my sentiments would be similar to those felt upon receiving coupons to stores where I never shop.

That might sound like an exaggeration, but it is truly the most honest comparison I can put into words right now.  Every day I go through the same monotonous routine of searching for jobs everywhere that jobs can be found.  When I started this routine, I was excited about applying for jobs.  I wanted the jobs that I was applying to, and I wanted to get responses.  I wasn't unrealistic about it; I knew that I would not receive responses from a vast majority of the jobs for which I applied.  I wasn't expecting this harsh reality, though.

I actually am grateful for junk mail, because without those emails, I might believe that something was wrong with my email address.  Nobody responds.  Not only does nobody respond, but my audience has changed.  My audience used to be employers at jobs that I had a genuine interest in obtaining.  Now, I apply to nearly every job that I can find that has some sort of relevance in the legal field.  I apply to jobs that I know I would hate, and I actually find myself wishing I would get a offer at one of those jobs that I know I would hate.

My cover letters used to only consist of honest statements.  Now, they consist of honest statements regarding my credentials, but other than that, I'm fabricating when I dream up reasons why I'd make a good candidate for the job.  I'm fabricating, because I am applying to jobs that I don't want and I am simultaneously trying to force myself to want these positions that don't interest me.  It makes me feel like a hypocrite.

I have never considered myself the type of person to settle for something in life that is inferior to what I really want.  Now, I'm encouraged to do just that.  I'm encouraged by nearly anyone who has ever given me advice regarding finding a job, to send my resume everywhere.  Who cares if I don't want the job?  "A job is a job," is a sentence that I hear constantly.  On days that I send out a lot of job applications, I no longer feel accomplished and productive like I used to.  I now feel like I am wasting time.  I feel like I'm applying for a life I don't want and begging someone to give it to me.

I remember a day when I promised myself that I would find a way to use talent and passion for writing to further my career in some way.  This is a promise I would love to keep.  I would be so happy if I could use my writing for my career one day.  The problem is, throughout this grueling, still unsuccessful, job search, I've completely lost sight of my actual hopes and dreams for a career.  I've trained myself to believe that those goals and dreams are no longer relevant and that if I get a job that I despise one day, I should consider myself lucky.

So, I figured I'd confess the way I really feel about finding a job.  People ask me about it all of the time, so I'm putting it all out there.  This is what's going on in my mind, and I know that it's a major problem.  I'd look for unique ways to solve it, but that's not what I'm supposed to be doing.  I'm not supposed to care about this.  I'm not supposed to be looking for a job that I've worked for, a job where I'd actually thrive.  I'm supposed to just find ANY job.  I don't know how I can produce my best work if I'm not working towards something that interests me.  I know if that's what I wind up doing, I'll always feel like a machine that just performs the same function every day.  People always joke around that one day they won't be needed at the workplace anymore because a computer or a machine will be able to do their jobs.  I feel like I'm going to BE a machine doing my job one day.  I also know that at least one person will tell me that I should take this down because it will hinder my job search, but I'm not going to do that.  My feelings and goals still matter to me and I should not be judged negatively for that.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Want to Work in Writing

I just wanted to share with my readers that I am looking to do something more with my creative writing.  I love to write my own work, but something else I am really passionate about is helping people to enhance their writing.  I personally would love to be on a writing team for a television show or movie.   Even though these thoughts are scattered, my main point is that I want to do something real with my writing.  I want to be able to make a career out of it.  I have TONS of experience helping students and entrepreneurs perfect their writing.  I am able to cater to specific needs.  I just need to figure out how to implement this passion of mine into a reality.  If anyone who happens to be reading this has any ideas for me, feel VERY free to leave them in the comments.


Monday, February 20, 2012

PLL: Why Lucas and Noel might be working together as "A" STARTING FROM THE BEGINNING

**This post now includes theories coming from the entire season 1 (Episodes 1-22)! This post is separated into sections according to which episodes I came up with the theories. I know this is VERY long, so I thought that would make it easier.

Edit: PLEASE SEE THE LAST PARAGRAPH IN THE NOTES FROM EPISODE 12***. It is in bold and italics just like the writing here and it's something I just noticed.


**NOEL and LUCAS as “A” theory

Coverage of Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game

I don't know how many of you watch Pretty Little Liars, but that show and The Lying Game are enough to drive anybody insane (in the best way possible). I am going to start posting reviews and theories of both of those shows on my blog so I can share my thoughts with others.

The first thing I'm going to post is my work-in-progress theory on the possibility of Noel and Lucas working together as "A" on Pretty Little Liars. It's a work-in-progress because it is solely based on what I have discovered by rewatching older episodes with the knowledge I have from the newer episodes kept in mind.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Your Game

I know you're wondering if your aim has worsened as you toss knives
at my back to play your game.
Don't you worry: you've stayed the same.
I just haven't lost my life to your attacks because I've changed.
But you were too busy standing here polishing your spears
to keep track of your target
And now you wonder, "where is she?" Wishing I hadn't disappeared
I'd return if I hadn't gotten so far yet.
I bet you didn't even know how fast I could run
Even though you've seen me race before,
You had a blast making fun of my legs
back at the high school track, well now they're out the door.
So I ask you nicely not to beg
for me to turn around and get burned
'Cause now I've learned the rules to your game.
And though you have the tools to render me a fool
you can't force me to play.
I bet you never thought I'd read the instructions
As if your plots and pranks have taught me nothing.
Guess I've shot down some of your entertainment
'cause I've found it hard to play a game
if you don't have the pieces.
So have fun playing chess
But it'll be a mess when your king releases
all of your pawns and you're all that's left.
Sometimes even the ones with the worst luck
can find a four leaf clover
And now I know that I'm not cursed or stuck
and now your game is over.
And I watch from afar at you with your mouths ajar
shocked at the strength of my skin
For you talked so much and went to all those lengths
Just to make a game that I'd win.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Invisible Teardrop

This is for a good friend of mine who I lost too soon. I just realized I've never posted it anywhere.

The ocean hides the teardrop that you never showed to me
Sometimes I try to visit you by going to the sea
The water seems endless as waves crash to the shore
And separate drops join into one splash and I can't find them anymore
And so I am reminded of how you always hid your tears
Behind forced smiles and claims that you hadn't cried in years.
And so today I dig through the sand continuing my search
I'd give anything to dry that tear that tore you from this Earth.
Your war with this world has come to an end, but you've left so much here with me
And wherever you are, I hope it's peaceful. Peaceful like the sea.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Let Me Save You Part 2 (another poem made with the use of Andrew McMahon titles)

This one's for you... You know who you are.

I was a hostage with a restless dream to wake up and explore
You traveled 'round the globes and maps just to open my locked doors.
You unraveled my racing thoughts, casting lines into my mind
Unlike the people running at full speed, leaving me behind.
You found me as a broken bird who could never watch the sky
You're the astronaut who released me and taught me how to fly
I lived but a little piece of life until you rescued me
I knew nothing of American love 'til you let me see
all the thrills I was deprived of 'til your life with me you shared
You took me dancing with a gun and I wasn't even scared.
You said "I want to save you." Well, your wish has come true
I'm ready for the world now 'cause I can spin through it with you.

Poem constructed with Andrew McMahon song titles

Let Me Save You...

I know you don't want to be rescued
And I'm no heroine but I want to save you.
I'm ready to watch you unravel
On a bad day. I'll help you travel
If you need a holiday from real.
I'll be the astronaut who takes you
Up into space to see every star
Like the time I took you for a spin
after I woke up in a car.
The roads were painted dark blue--
The mixed tape that I made for you
Sat inside the pocket of my jeans
And we slipped into the airwaves
as you told me all your dreams.
I was calm; you were a hurricane
Until I told you, "you can breathe."
This broken heart might feel bruised
But it's not what it seems.
Go ahead, roll down the window
So you can see the lights and buzz
'Cause when I've reached the last straw
Good news will meet me at my window
I'll break myself to help you
So let's sit and watch the sky
Look at me and the moon
And I won't make you cry.

*Originally posted on this blog on 1/4/07, but it's one of my favorites so I wanted to move it up.*

painted personalities

if makeup could modify attitude
& not just appearance
if a paintbrush and a palette
could manufacture perseverance
if lipstick could lead lips
into genuine smiles and laughs
if crying could be stopped
with just cosmetic crafts
if concealer could obscure
all of the blemishes in pride
the plagues of personality flaws
would be so simple to hide.
but altering pigments
can't overshadow pain
emotion cannot be eclipsed
by the shimmer of a stain.