Pretty Little Liars: Who the hell is going to betray everyone?

Fans of Pretty Little Liars know that ABC Family has revealed and promoted the fact that one of 12 suspects is going to betray everyone.  I am composing a blog post in attempt to figure out who is going to betray everyone this time. I have a feeling this won't be the last time someone betrays everyone, but right now I'm focusing on this particular one.  Long story short, I have narrowed the list of 12 people down to two suspects.  In order of likelihood in my opinion, they are 1) Lucas and 2) Ezra.
**ETA: Ashley Marin is a suspect too: Watch it be really basic... B is for betrayal & as we learned from the braille incident, B= #2. Ashley= #2 on the suspect list when they had it in alphabetical order.

 If you would like to read why, check out my detailed reasoning below. :

Marlene King (and I am NOT one of the people who thinks she is a liar; she did not lie about Mona) said on twitter that whoever the betrayer is, IS on the A team.  For NOW, that makes me rule all of the girls out b/c I think it's too soon in the show for one of the girls to be exposed as being on the A team... I'm not saying it will never happen, but as of now I think it's too early.

 Then they have Byron & Ashley on the list but I just... don't see that.  Regarding both of them, I can't see them hurting/tormenting their kids.  BUT: lots of people have noticed that Aria is the least targeted, & if her father is on the A team, he could be the one seeing to that.  However, you would also think if Byron was on the A team, he would have found some way to screw up the Ezria relationship b/c of his major disapproval. I'm ruling him out for now; I just can't see it.

The only weird thing I notice about Ashley is that she is VERY insistant on this blood test not happening.  I'm trying to think if my brother or I were in a situation like that.  If my mom knew the blood wasn't ours (and it wasn't hers or anything like that), she'd probably just let the test happen to prove innocence.  Does Ashley know more about the blood on the anklet that everyone supposedly just recently found out that the police had been searching for?  I think Hanna has been targeted too much though for Ashley to be involved, unless somebody threatened her into joining the team.  In the books, she leaves and moves to Singapore and some people have brought that up as a clue for her being the betrayer, but I don't agree.

Caleb: knows there's another A out there & is very insistant on helping Hanna stop this A.  Yes, he's into technology & I see why people suspect him for it, but I just don't. So far, there doesn't seem to be anything on Maya's website regarding the A team, BUT nobody had any way of knowing that without seeing the page.  If Caleb was on the A team, he probably would have insisted on working alone to hack into the site instead of doing it in front of Spencer.  That way he could make sure there was no content on the site that would compromise the A team.  Oh, and there's the whole issue that the current A ran his mother off of the road.  It has been confirmed by some of the show's writers that the person who is currently A was the one to cause Caleb's mom's accident, so it can't be some situation where Caleb created a fake accident to trick the girls.  We know that Caleb used to be in foster care and had a selfish b*tch for a foster mother.  He would have to be a complete psycho to participate in a group whose activities included getting his kind, generous birth mother into a car accident.  IF the accident had happened after Caleb told Hanna that he knew about the new A, then I'd consider entertaining a possibility of A getting pissed off by that and retaliating with the car accident.  But that's not the timeline of how this happened.  He's out for me right now as a suspect.

Lucas= a nice "easy way out" choice.  The writers have ALREADY portrayed him as a betrayer, he's been an ass to the people who were once his friends and has been visiting Mona who he "hated."  Not ruling him out; with the pattern of the writers, I think he's a very likely suspect and I am keeping him on the list.
*--this would also be a good way to keep some of the book plot while also adding new material.  In the books it was revealed that Lucas and Mona dated back before Mona and Hanna became friends.  It would make sense if that was true on the show also, especially considering their interaction in the Halloween episode in season 2. BUT it would sway away from the book plot too, because Lucas was never portrayed as a betrayer in the books.

Melissa: clearly doesn't have a problem lying and screwing over her sister.  she was the fake pregnant black swan, which is just very weird.  Her father, Peter Hastings "never met a problem he couldn't buy off."  When she got the "threat package" with the costume, seeing as her parents already knew she was faking the pregnancy, why didn't she just go to her parents about this issue like she does for all of her other problems? It is interesting that she says she was sent there to distract Jenna.  I'm pretty sure it's been said that Melissa is not in the show at all until the winter part of the season starts. Also, Mona seemed to be framing Melissa pretty hard to be an A suspect... She "helped" the girls when they suspected Melissa by staging a kiss between herself and Caleb in front of Melissa.  Then she sent the girls an A text right after, leading them to believe that Melissa was A. She seemed to want herself to get caught on the night of the masquerade ball, but I doubt she wanted to expose a fellow teammate on the same night.

Toby: Currently furious and frustrated because his girlfriend is keeping secrets from him.  He has left town to find out what is going on (because he is not as astute as Caleb is, so he couldn't figure out that the reason Spencer flinches each time her phone goes off is because there's a new A, but whatever), and he got into a pretty big screaming rant before leaving.  Unless he is crazy and staged the whole rant so that nobody would suspect him as new A, I'm going to rule him out.  Why would he get himself involved in a group where he could be subject to more police scrutiny?  He had enough of that when everybody thought that he killed Ali.

Paige: Paige is crazy, has major issues with violence along with a major obsession with Emily. She has told Emily that she would kill someone for spiking her flask.  I am not in any way ruling her out as a liar, psychopath or even possibly a killer.  However, I do not think she is the betrayer.  ABC Family's press release has revealed that Spencer soon reveals a secret, not so good/normal, past between Paige and Ali.  If there was bad blood between Paige and Ali, I doubt she'd participate in a group that DUG UP ALI'S BODY, because she would probably want to avoid drawing negative attention to herself.  Maybe she killed Maya though.  So, I'm ruling her out as the betrayer in this instance, but I still suspect her everything else.

Ezra: All of his recent lies/omissions are certainly making him more suspicious than he was a few weeks ago.  He didn't even tell Aria his real freakin' name after they had been dating for over a year.  That is just bizarre regardless of his reasoning. He also showed a weird fixation with Maya's death at the beginning of this season.  He tutored Emily and made sure to mention how sorry he was about Maya and pressed the issue even after she said she didn't want to discuss it.  Ezra has no reason to suspect that there's a new A; nothing weird or bad has happened to Aria in front of him.  The only thing that this A has done to Aria so far is put an earring in her locker, and she didn't tell Ezra about that.  Why is this relevant? Because I found Ezra's responses to Aria interesting in the most recent episode ("What Lies Beneath").  Aria (completely rightfully so in my opinion) was expressing anger because Ezra did not tell her about the Maggie fiasco.  Ezra then shot back "you waited a very long time to tell me about A and Jenna!"  I find it suspicious that he would bring up A, especially at this point in time.  It makes sense that Toby and Caleb have mentioned A, because their girlfriends are behaving in a strange manner.  Aria has been acting the same way she always acts towards Ezra.  Whenever Aria catches Ezra in a lie, he uses the same excuse: he doesn't want to tell her about negative things that have happened in his past.  Ezra has pretty much been caught in a bunch of lies lately, has been acting incredibly weird compared to his usual behavior, and used A against Aria in an argument about his lies.     Oh AND, after 4 years of not communicating with her and having given up on trying, Ezra suddenly found Maggie, TODAY?  Yeah, that's weird too.  I can't believe I'm saying this, but I am not ruling him out.  Apparently in the halloween episode that will air in October, he and Aria are shown getting along just fine, and but for his abnormal behavior, that would make me rule him out.  However, it's possible that Ezra will present a "good" or "understandable" reason for being on the A Team.  Maybe he was threatened or bribed with money.  He has constantly been mentioning his financial woes, so it wouldn't surprise me.

My 2 final suspects in the order of likelihood in my opinion:

1) Lucas
2) Ezra


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