Documenting PLL theories I've written randomly and forgotten

I was wrong about Toby not being on the A team, but I did say, "unless he is crazy."

Toby is Crazy Theory:

 Maybe Toby DOES have a mental disorder of some sort. In the episode where the girls stole Toby's files from his therapist's office, Jenna told Emily that she didn't want the file getting out because Toby is troubled and she didn't know what he might do... I know we're not sure about Jenna, but SOME of the things she has said are true, so, continuing... She called the police on Toby b/c she didn't want him "running around looking like some criminal." When the girls threw Toby's medical records into the water, we saw somebody fish them out at the end of the episode. Maybe that person was Garrett, who has a secret to tell Spencer about somebody close to her that has everyone fooled. Maybe he DIDN'T mean Melissa when he said "People lie but medical records don't." Maybe he meant Toby, because otherwise we still haven't seen any repercussions from somebody retrieving that file from the water.

I will probably add more to this post as I find these/remember them. 


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