PLL: The Motive Behind The Game: Jason & CeCe

LONG (I warned you): PLL Theory: The Motive Behind The Game: Jason & CeCe

When Jason found out from Emily that CeCe said that she thought that Wilden got Ali pregnant and then killed Ali, then learned that CeCe lied and said she did not know Wilden, he started speculating about something interesting. His IMMEDIATE suspicion was that CeCe had her "own thing going on" with Wilden. Emily asks him why CeCe would lie, why she'd want to protect him. Jason does not buy that CeCe wanted to protect him at all; he says that CeCe was probably protecting HERSELF.

then he wonders if CeCe had plans to meet up with him on the night Ali disappeared, which at the time Jason refers to as "the night Ali died." It's interesting that his mind goes there immediately, without Emily saying anything remotely negative about CeCe. Then we see the infamous flashback of Drunk Jason on that night. He says he saw Melissa and CeCe arguing and in the flashback, that IS CeCe's voice. Jason claims he didn't trust the memory was real AND he did not want to become a suspect for Ali's "murder" and couldn't admit that he was awake for ONE minute at all that night. But there are other things to back up Jason's story. He mentions CeCe planning to meet up with Wilden. The flashback Jason just told Emily about had NOTHING to do with Wilden; it was about CeCe and Melissa. So what does he think happened?

I think this is because he also saw Wilden that night with Ali. Jenna said that Wilden told her he saw Ali that night. Jenna's allegation supports Jason's flashback being TRUE. If this is true, Jason thinks he caught his girlfriend and the girl next door fighting  the night that Ali was pretend murdered. I believe Jenna that Wilden said that. She seemed to be sincere that night. We know that Jenna had been with Jason earlier that night and that she and Garrett were responsible for him passing out and almost becoming a suspect for his sister's murder. And it turns out his sister was alive the whole time and some mental patient was killed and put in her grave. Imagine how you'd react if that happened. I could understand and sympathize with Jason wanting revenge on just about EVERYONE right now. Everybody lied to him in some way and he is slowly learning the truth.

Also he said the NAT club was his idea. Maybe for whatever reason, the NAT club members were afraid of Jason. The NAT club was his idea and he was in charge. Maybe Jason wanted those videos because supposedly Ali was "killed" over what's on them, and he will do whatever he has to for answers. Maybe that's how this "GAME" started. And whatever side Jason's on, CeCe cannot be on the same one, at least I don't think so. She's been lying this whole time. She could have told him everything he needed to know.

CeCe did NOT think this, for obvious reasons, so why would she want the girls to believe that? Especially now that we know CeCe allegedly killed Wilden "mostly for Ali." Now we know that he was paid by someone to suppress Jessica's statement that she supposedly "saw someone in Ali's clothes" with Spencer that night. Please. I will not buy that. Jessica claims that she thought Ali was dead and genuinely seemed to believe that. Also, what about the secret deal she had with Peter? It looked like Jessica was afraid of Peter and would NEVER break a deal with him. She told Ali that night to "never turn her back on a Hastings." The change in the original version of the story was that Jessica saw Ali with Spencer that night and had some sort of deal that included her keeping quiet. So she told the police what she saw? If she DID say that about the clothes, that means she knows more than one girl was in that outfit that night. WHY would she know that? Jason once called Wilden a bully and immediately jumps to the worst conclusion. This sounds like Wilden's on the other team too, supporting my guess that Wilden was working for CeCe. Jason found out about Jessica and Peter, and that he was related to Spencer and Melissa. I'm sure he found out a LOT of information that makes almost everyone in Rosewood look bad. Those bitches ARE going to regret he ever came to Rosewood. Jason could have killed Mona because he didn't want certain things about his family exposed, maybe things involving Bethany.  There's also a lot of reasons I believe that CeCe was responsible for that too though.

PDS was supposedly filled with clues on the story behind A. We saw a pretty bad fight between CeCe and Jason in PDS. They got pretty intense. He must feel SO betrayed by CeCe; it's crazy. I just realized that as much as I believe CeCe would have motive, Jason probably has ten times more! Maybe they're against each other in the game, and if that's true, the game must have gotten interesting after Ali came back.

Jason suggested that Ian turned on the rest of the group and secretly was working on his own, something that was supported in flashbacks. Also it's interesting that someone has been killing off members of the club he started... Jason could have figured out that Jenna and Garrett wrote that note him, therefore he never believed that Toby killed Ali back when everyone else thought this.  Jason could have started off protecting his sister ... He never believed Toby was her killer b/c he knew someone in his club wrote that note to him probably because they "killed" Ali.

Jason knew Ali had a bully; he could have thought it was Spencer initially, during the time he was weird towards her, but found out about Mona being A and started playing "the game" against her. Then CeCe stole the game from Mona.

It is HANNA'S fault Wilden found out about that picture of him, CeCe and Ali. Both CeCe and Wilden had motive to destroy that picture. Hanna blurted out to Wilden that she knew about the boat trip, then we see Wilden forcing CeCe into a car. Another reason for CeCe to hate Hanna. Wilden could have become SO insane towards the end because CeCe was going to kill him if this secret about Bethany came out. He probably held a grudge against Hanna for this too, so if he and CeCe were involved in the fire it would explain them leaving her behind and saving everyone else. Mona could have actually thought she saw Ali save all of them from the fire when she said it, because CeCe looks like her and has masks, wigs, etc. Jason isn't the one trying to hurt the girls in this theory; CeCe is.

It makes sense for CeCe to kill Mona if she didn't want the Bethany info getting out, and it makes sense for her to frame Ali because she still hates Ali for getting her kicked out of school. CeCe was blamed for this and Jessica probably had something to do with that. CeCe might think Jason was involved too.

I think Wilden genuinely liked Ashley even though he was such an ass to her. I think he was trying to warn her of how dangerous everything was getting. He said, in reference to the rumor about himself and Ali, "teenagers aren't aware of the ramifications of the things the say. In a town like this, a rumor like that would be the end of me." He said that there was no truth to it but it would be the end of him anyway. CeCe did say that if Jason knew who Ali was seeing, he would make the guy regret ever looking at his sister. Jason and CeCe were against each other but they BOTH needed him gone. Spencer's Jason's sister too and if he saw Wilden on the train I could understand him getting protective.

Jason has a crush on Aria and is jealous but was understanding about her "not being available." This could be why A has spared Aria as fans keep noticing. What if Jason knew that Garrett had been killed and agreed to help get rid of the body but was LIED TO and did NOT KNOW THAT ARIA WAS IN THE BOX. The guy said "you lied to me!" Then the guy protested against pushing the box anymore. Aria stabbed someone's leg with a screwdriver, Jason's leg was hurt, shown to us deliberately and still never explained.


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