Life from the Top

I think people view the lives of others in aerial view. I think that this happens often times with problems. I might have a problem that seems to have me imprisoned. I might feel as if I'm lying on the ground, completely immobile, held in place solely by this problem. I might feel as if I have no escape route, and all I can do is lie in place until a solution makes its way into my crowded mind.
I might share this problem with another person in order to get some ideas. However, I realize that the two of us would be located in two different areas. I'd sit somewhere on the ground, next to a huge body of water, representing my problem. This problem could easily drown me and I wouldn't even have the ability of swimming to my safety. The person I'd share my problem with would be sitting on an airplane looking out the window. My body of water would look like a blue dot, if the person could even tell that it was colored blue. I've heard the reference of "looking out the window at all of the ants," before as a young child. At that time, I laughed at it, finding it funny that such large objects could appear as tiny as ants depending on the viewpoint.
Now the entire idea makes me think. Certainly if one of my seemily major problems looks that small to someone else, I can find a solution.
It puts me at ease that I can look at life from many different points of view. I just have get on that plane, look out the window, and realize that the world will never revolve around one obstacle.


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