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The following is a theory that provides a DIFFERENT connection between Ezra and Alison.  It is not necessarily true that the two of them ever dated, and I hope that they didn't.  Read on to see how MEREDITH could be the link between these two mysterious characters on Pretty Little Liars. 

In "the first secret,"  Aria bumped into Ezra in the Hollis hallways.  Directly after that happened, Aria walked into Byron’s office to find Meredith laying on the couch.  I find that juxtaposition interesting.

With all of the “beach hottie” and “ezrA” commotion, a lot of people are assuming that Ezra dated Ali in the past.  Does that really have to be their connection?  Perhaps Alison never dated Ezra at all, but rather was involved in the destruction of one of his relationships.  This is where the above-mentioned juxtaposition between Aria’s scenes with Ezra and Meredith comes in.  Ezra has a bit of a temper from what we have seen and would not likely tolerate an unfaithful girlfriend.  That’s why it would make a great plot twist if Ezra dated MEREDITH in the past and discovered that she cheated on him with Byron Montgomery.

When Alison found out about Byron and Meredith’s affair, maybe Byron was not the only person who suffered her blackmailing wrath.  Who says that Meredith was single while she was hooking up with Byron?  Clearly she had no concern about destroying a man’s entire family; she likely wouldn’t have a problem cheating on a boyfriend.  Maybe Ali threatened Meredith that she would tell Ezra about her secret relationship with Byron unless she paid up.  Perhaps Meredith DIDN’T pay because she expected that Byron would pay Ali enough money to satisfy her -- only it wasn’t enough.

As a result, Ali told Ezra about Meredith cheating on him with Byron.  That could be how Ezra met Ali.  Maybe Ezra didn’t believe Ali at first and blamed her for ruining his relationship; maybe he still blames her -- this was none of her business, yet she got involved and it affected his life in a horrible way. When Ali “died” (since now this is apparently a debated topic), it makes perfect sense for Ezra to “meet” Aria.  Under this theory, Ezra’s ex girlfriend cheated on him with Aria’s father.  Aria would likely have the most information for Ezra (maybe she knew some of the secrets that Ali knew), AND she’d make the perfect tool for Ezra to get revenge on Byron for stealing his girlfriend.  It’s possible that he PLANNED to use Aria for this purpose but then developed genuine feelings for her (for all you Ezria fans out there).  This would explain why Aria rarely gets targeted by “A.”  It would ALSO explain why Ezra seemed more intent on Ella approving of his relationship with Aria than he ever did with Byron.

Ezra could have suspected that Ali was still alive when Byron and Meredith started dating again and “coincidentally,” Jason started asking for money in exchange for information about Ali’s “dead body.”  Perhaps Ezra guessed that Ali was alive and in hiding and this was Jason’s way of helping his sister and collecting the money for her.  The hostility between Ezra and Jason seemed overdone if it was only about Jason’s jealousy.  But maybe that’s not what it was at all.

Why would Ezra want to find Ali now?  If Ali knew one secret in Ezra’s life, maybe she knew more of his secrets -- ones that he really doesn’t want revealed.  Now that he suspects that she’s alive, he wants to find her.

Ezra could have revealed the affair between Byron and Meredith to Ella both, to take away Ali’s power to blackmail him and to get further revenge for what Byron did to him.  Also, it would answer why he would take part in “exposing his relationship with Aria” by sending Byron that note.  Maybe Ezra wanted Byron to catch him dating his daughter; this could have been a method of taunting Byron.

Ali even may have referenced this theory in her journal.  She wrote that she knew that Aria would not tell her mother about Byron and Ella’s affair, but “that was WHY SHE PICKED [ARIA].”  If Aria had told Ella, Ali would have had no power to blackmail anybody.  Since Ali knew Aria would never tell, she insisted numerous times that Aria SHOULD tell Ella; this way Ali seemed like a friend giving advice in a somewhat harsh tone.  She already knew that Aria wasn’t going to tell, but this way, Aria would never suspect her of blackmailing her father.

Lastly (for now), Ali blackmailing BOTH Meredith and Byron could explain why Meredith knew that Byron was being blackmailed when he supposedly was no longer seeing Meredith.  Meredith never liked Aria and her friends; she never gave them any type of chance.  This could be because she knew the entire time that Alison and Aria were the ones who destroyed Byron’s office and framed her for doing it.  Ali’s behavior in Byron’s office was unnecessarily harsh for someone who supposedly didn’t even know Meredith.  Perhaps this took place right after Meredith refused to pay Ali her blackmail money.

It’s possible.  From what I hear, ANYTHING is possible in Rosewood. ;)


Anonymous said…
woahh i honestly like this theory xD it's really different from the other theories i've seen and this one makes perfect sense as well.
Anonymous said…
one of the best theories i have read :D good job
Anonymous said…
very well written. observant. loved it
Aly said…
Thanks guys!!

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