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PLL broken laws update!

Check out my newest post on my other blog.. It's a broken laws recap of PLL episode 5x03 (with reference to 5x02)! Click here to see it!

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A Whirly Girly PLL Recap -- Recap of Pretty Little Liars 5x02

Usually I do recaps that also cite & explain the broken laws in Pretty Little Liars, but the most recent episode did not have that many, so I wrote a regular recap instead. Next week's episode will probably have more broken laws and I'll do a broken laws recap for that one!

At the beginning of the episode, the girls take a bus from New York (AKA "Philadelphia") home to Rosewood. Ali nearly refuses to get off the bus. The girls discuss their grand plan for Ali to tell the police the truth, starting with "The Jenna Thing." Instead, Ali lies to Detective Holbrook and invents a fake kidnapper. Ali's dad shows up at the police station. It looks like Hanna was right about Ali being alive!

Veronica Hastings accuses Spencer of having bad judgment for knowing Alison was alive for a month and not telling anyone. When Veronica mentions the girl in Ali's grave, Spencer insists that she was not involved and that she has no idea who the girl is. Spencer finds out from Veronica that Melissa is home, but instead of souvenirs, she brought home attitude and secrets.

Ashley Marin asks Hanna questions about Ali, but Hanna would rather talk about melting cheese than discuss Ali. Mike hears Aria on the phone asking about Ezra, because Aria's door is made out of wood, not petroleum. Aria lies, horribly, about seeing Ezra in New York while the girls were in "Philadelphia."

Spencer and Emily notice that Jason is back in Rosewood when they see him outside working on his car. Spencer wants to leave Planet Alison; she resents Alison for involving the girls in her newest lie. Just like old times, Emily comes to Ali's defense. Ali throws a phone, wrapped in a roll of toilet paper, to show the girls her new text. It reads, "The truth will bury you in a New York minute." When asked who sent the text, Alison draws a question mark on her window.

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PLL : CeCe/Wilden/Ashley Connection THEORY

CeCe allegedly killed Wilden, but Wilden was shot with Mr. Marin's gun which Ashley Marin took without permission. Ashley said that she was trying to pay Wilden off to leave town but didn't have enough money to do so, so she took the gun for protection. Then, according to Ashley, Wilden got the gun away from her. CeCe, if she indeed killed Wilden, got her hands on that gun somehow, and was around to know that there was an opportunity to do this. This is too much to be a "happy accident," so CeCe must have known that Ashley planned to get rid of Wilden. Maybe CeCe was even the reason for Ashley's plans to get rid of Wilden.

Ali said that CeCe killed Wilden and most of the reason was to help Ali. CeCe likely figured out that there was bad blood between Ashley and Wilden. If CeCe killed Wilden to help Ali, that could mean that Wilden had figured out (or knew the whole time and recently threatened to reveal) that Alison was alive. There were rumors (that I haven't seen confirmed, but could potentially make sense) that Ashley Marin knew Alison was alive before the girls did. Maybe CeCe somehow arranged (or told Ashley herself) for Ashley to find out that Alison was still alive, and that this could put Hanna in a lot of danger.

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Why TOBY might have thrown the rock at Ali on PLL ~Theory~

A fan on my facebook page, sent me a few questions about the possibility of Toby being the person who threw the rock at Ali, as we saw somebody do in the season 4 finale of "Pretty Little Liars." While we wait for PLL to return tomorrow night, I figured I'd post those questions and my answers/opinions here!

*FAN Q&A with Noelene Peters. My answers are in bold. Please weigh in, in the comments!*
"There are a lot of Theories going around that A and the person that hit Ali are two different ppl

I think Toby is the one that hit Ali he may have thanked her for saving him from Jenna because he didn't want Ali to catch on to him that he hates her and her friends (in a flash black Ali went to see him and he told her he wish he knew who sent the notes so he can join and help) I think Toby is helping A from season one and he has never been a good guy." 

Regarding the juvie flashback and Toby removing himself from Ali's suspect list--

According to Alison's journal and the flashback we saw, Toby denied being the first "A," but said that he would love to figure out who it was so that he could help the person. How do we know that Toby DIDN'T do this? It could've been Alison's downfall to confront Toby with the "A" notes. When he got out of juvie, he could have somehow figured out that Mona was the person sending Ali those notes and made good on his comment that he'd help "A." 

The night Ali disappeared/the night the rock was thrown at her head, Ali confronted Jenna about being "A" as well. Jenna is Toby's step sister, and that is one of MANY ways that Toby could have figured out that Alison was determined to figure out the identity of "A" that exact night. To take himself off the suspect list, he could have called her and made his "thank you" speech. Telling Alison that he was grateful to her because going to juvie got him away from Jenna is the perfect method to get himself off of her suspect radar. We don't know of anything that changed in between Alison's visit to Toby at juvie and the night of her disappearance, meaning we don't know of any reason that Toby would change his mind about the way he felt towards Alison. We have NO reason to believe what Toby told Alison on the night she disappeared; it could have been part of a calculated plan. 

Also, Mona was stalking Ali at the time Ali visited Toby at juvie. She could have somehow found out about Toby's comment that he'd help "A" if he got the chance. Also, Toby is aware of how Alison treated people she didn't like; he most likely knows about the way Alison bullied Mona at school. It's not that far of a stretch for him to figure out that Mona was "A." After all, we DID see him eventually join the "A" team with Mona, and his reason he provided Spencer for this makes no sense, nor does Mona's timeline of events. Toby has failed to actually provide ANY example of how his time on the A team "protected the girls." 

In the episode where the girls tricked "A" into meeting them at the green house by leading "A" to believe they were fighting, Toby commented to Spencer that she sounded exactly like Alison when she yelled at Emily. That supports my idea that Toby remembers clearly how Alison treated people like Mona. Toby has made other negative remarks about Alison throughout the show too, which don't mesh well with the contention that he was grateful to Alison. Perhaps he never was grateful; perhaps he came back to get revenge for "The Jenna Thing." Maybe his first course of action was to throw a rock at Alison's head.

"1. The girls locker room when Toby hits Ben no one question why he was there."

Regarding Toby getting in the girls' locker room and defending Emily

It is a very "A" type move for Toby to sneak into the girls locker room, unnoticed, and beat the hell out of Ben. Since Toby knew how Alison behaved, he could have even knew of Emily's status as "the weakest link." Also, we saw Emily and Toby talk in a semi-friendly manner in the Halloween flashback which took place when Ali was still alive. Also, he was one of the first people to figure out that Emily was interested in girls. How did he know that? It's possible he even knew that Emily had been in love with Alison; maybe he felt bad for Emily because of how she was treated and decided to befriend her.

"2. After finding out that Em is not into guys he then goes for Spencer why not date someone other than the liars."

Regarding Toby's dating Spencer after learning that Emily was into girls--

This is another good point. Toby made it clear in the juvie flashback that he was not fond of Alison or her "posse." Even if he changed his mind about Emily, he knew that Spencer strongly believed that "killed" Alison. Are we supposed to believe that he's naive enough to forgive Spencer so quickly for the horrible way she treated him until the charges against Toby were dropped? Do we even know how that sweater Toby let Alison wear even wound up at Toby's house? We know that somebody was framing him, but it would be really clever if he actually planned the whole sweater idea on his own so that the girls wouldn't suspect that he was A/part of the A team. 

I don't think that Alison was still wearing the sweater when she returned to the barn and when she was hit by the rock. Where did that sweater disappear to? I don't even think Alison had it with her when she was at the hotel with Mona in the finale, so where did it go, and how did it wind up back at Toby's house? This reminds me of the "A" text Emily received when Toby was hiding from the police, "Thanks for getting Toby out of my way." I always thought it was possible that Toby sent that himself, just like I think it's possible that he was responsible for the sweater being found. Also, Jenna once made a remark that it was Emily's fault that the sweater was found (when she was accusing Emily of calling the cops on Toby). Jenna could have just been acting like a bully, but her remark could possibly have a deeper meaning. Jenna knew that Emily didn't call the cops, since Jenna was the one who did that. If Jenna suspected/knew that Toby had something to do with "A," maybe she blamed Emily for the sweater turning up because she figured out that Toby planted the sweater on himself to make it look like he wasn't "A." 

"3. In season one I can't remember the ep Jenna asked Toby why are you doing this she is going to hate you when she finds out Toby reply was and who is going to tell her. Everyone including me assume it was about the relationship they had now I think Jenna was talking about him being on the A team."

Regarding comments Jenna made to Toby in season 1

Jenna told Toby that if she found out who he really was, she'd hate him. We didn't know it back then, but we DO know now that Alison confronted Jenna and mentioned the threats she had been receiving from "A." Perhaps if Jenna is not involved with "A" at all, she suspected and/or figured out that Toby was one of the people behind these threats. Think about this: apparently Jenna thought that GARRETT "killed" Alison, yet she called the police on Toby and claimed she did this because she couldn't have him "walking around like a criminal." If Jenna knew that Toby wasn't at all involved with what happened to Alison, then what did she mean by that comment? Maybe she called the police because she thought Toby was "A"/on the "A" team. If Jenna "knew" that Garrett "killed" Ali, and judging by the power she had in her relationship with Garrett, she shouldn't have had to worry about Toby ACTUALLY being found guilty of killing Alison. 

"As for why Mrs D never told anyone about Toby hitting Ali with the rock is because Toby knew Mrs D covered his mum death or maybe he knew the patients Mrs D was covering for"

Regarding the possibility that Mrs. D would cover for Toby if he threw the rock--

I have thought about this also. Regardless of what Toby actually knew at the time about what happened to his mother, we know that Mrs. D is on the board of Radley. If she even THOUGHT that Toby knew that she was involved in the cover-up of his mom's death, that's a pretty good reason for her to keep her mouth shut if Toby was the one who threw the rock. 

Revenge entry # 2

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I also wrote a PLL theory about Toby that I'll post on here, and will have more PLL posts since the show comes back tomorrow!