Wednesday, August 29, 2012

PLL: Rough Thoughts on Toby's A-Team Involvement

This is my jumbled up blurb of an attempt to explain why it makes sense that Toby would have joined Mona on a member of the A Team, and why he still might be the one who tried to save Emily.

Why is Toby on the A Team?/ Is Toby the one who called Emily saying, “get out,” and if so, why?

--Mona says at the end that she wouldn’t have come out that night if she knew that Nate would get Garrett out.  She chalked it up to even the best plans going awry.  She said that she wished she and Toby got to make the phone call (to Maya’s cell phone) which would make the liars think “OMG Paige is the killer.” 

**Also: Marlene King posted a picture of the scene where Mona says "change of plans" to another person on the "A" team.  Some people think that, that person was NOT Toby, but Marlene King's caption for the photo is "Your first glimpse of @keeganallen as A."  So Mona was talking to Toby when she said that there's a change of plans.  I'm pretty sure this was when Mona realized that Nate had kidnapped Paige and therefore their plans to frame her were not going to work as planned.

Potential explanation: Toby’s reason for being on the A team could originate with the girls accusing him of killing Ali.  Maybe he was being honest when he said that being accused of murdering Ali made him a lot less quick to judge people.  So maybe he was even less quick to judge somebody like Mona.  Toby seemed extremely frustrated with the fact that Spencer was STILL quick to assume that the easy suspect was the killer.  He was really annoyed that Spencer was still convinced that Garrett killed Ali even after she, herself, found and helped turn into the police, evidence that proved otherwise.  

Maybe he joined the A team to teach the girls a lesson about being so quick to assume the worst about innocent people, while trusting the wrong people.  After all, he's "got friends in all the wrong places and misery loves company."

Read more below to see support for this idea: 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Who the hell is going to betray everyone?

Fans of Pretty Little Liars know that ABC Family has revealed and promoted the fact that one of 12 suspects is going to betray everyone.  I am composing a blog post in attempt to figure out who is going to betray everyone this time. I have a feeling this won't be the last time someone betrays everyone, but right now I'm focusing on this particular one.  Long story short, I have narrowed the list of 12 people down to two suspects.  In order of likelihood in my opinion, they are 1) Lucas and 2) Ezra.
**ETA: Ashley Marin is a suspect too: Watch it be really basic... B is for betrayal & as we learned from the braille incident, B= #2. Ashley= #2 on the suspect list when they had it in alphabetical order.

 If you would like to read why, check out my detailed reasoning below. :