Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Broken Laws of Revenge

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I know that it's been way too long since I posted in this blog and I'm sorry for that! I wanted to let you know that over at my other blog (tv recaps+ broken laws), I've officially started covering ABC's hit show "Revenge," and I posted my first entry. Check it out here! Thanks guys, I really appreciate everybody who reads my work!


Friday, May 2, 2014

I Know What You Did..To Toby's Mom & Ali -PLL Theory

--This theory involves the TV show PLL/Pretty Little Liars. It explores the possibility that Jessica DiLaurentis protecting the person who threw the rock at Ali is RELATED TO TOBY'S MOTHER'S DEATH.-- 
~features: Wilden, Jessica, Peter Hastings, Ali, Jason, blackmail & more~

Let's think about what we know about Jessica DiLaurentis aside from her creepiness. We know that she saw who threw the rock at Alison in attempt to kill her. Additionally, instead of calling the police like your average mother would do in this situation, that Jessica buried Alison in her backyard. There has to be a good reason that Jessica didn't call the police, and maybe it's because a police officer was already present at the scene of the crime. Perhaps Wilden threw the rock at Alison.

A lot of fans are assuming that since Jessica chose to protect the person who threw the rock at Ali, that the person must be someone related to and/or very close to Jessica. However, we could be dealing with something entirely different, something blackmail related. We know that Detective Wilden loved blackmailing people, including Travis's father and Ashley Marin.

Because of the plot line involving Toby's mother, we learned that Jessica DiLaurentis is on the board at Radley, the same place where Toby's mother died. Jessica DiLaurentis is on the board of a mental institution where somebody made a false report regarding Mrs. Cavanaugh's death. Toby thought that his mother killed herself until "A" gave him clues that actually led to something real about how his mother died. Toby and Spencer discovered that it would have been impossible for Toby's mother to have jumped to her death the way she allegedly did according to the false report. Spencer followed up on this information with Eddie Lamb, and she learned that Wilden played a large role in the creation of the false report. Eddie Lamb strongly implied that Wilden gained his promotion from officer to detective as a result of the false report about Mrs. Cavanaugh's death.